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Nov 6, 2021, 18 tweets

A couple of years ago I weeded this book from the school library, but not before I took some photos of. Then I forgot about the photos until I had to clear space on my phone. Here, for your tweeting pleasure, are some of the greatest hairstyles of the 90s. #hairstylefile

I like to call this one the Sydney Opera House, although it was tempting to start the whole NSW V Victoria Scallops war again...

Staying with the Australian theme, I give you The Wave Rock:

But I ran out of OzInspo. Here's The Bramble: hope she doesn't find any faeries in there, mean little buggers that they are.

I mean, this has to be The Lady Godiva, right? (Psst, lady, you forgot your clothes.)

Turning to 90s America iconography, here we surely have what can only be called The Kramerette.

And let's not forget the male-identifying folk among us: a round of indraw breaths for The Reverse Eshay:

Look, I actually quite like this one. I tried for decades to get my hair to look like that. I don't know why she's dressed up as if she's about to serve canapes, though. Let's just call it The Double Dip, because who hasn't been guilty of that.

Bananarama had a lot to apologise for:

The Before and After Sydney Summer Storm:

Be seduced by The Medusa 😬

The Dread Pirate Bob:

The Mum I Forgot My Lunch No Darling It's On Your Head:

The Johnette Derp

The Wendy's Special:


And finally, I give you 🥁🥁🥁 surely a tribute to the queen of 90s weirdness, The Juliette Lewis Chandelier!

Holy crap I just checked and the pub date of this volume of delights is 2003!!! Oh well, they all look very 90s to me. Enjoy.

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