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Nov 14, 2021, 18 tweets

Yesterday’s rally in Melbourne shows fascists and Nazis beginning to insert themselves more visibly into the movement and taking advantage of anti-lockdown and anti-mandate anger as Melbourne starts to open back up.

.@CraigKellyMP's bodyguard yesterday was neo-Nazi Stuart von Moger, who was a prominent member of Lads Society. Von Moger and his fellow neo-Nazis in Lads Society also did security for Lauren Southern during her 2018 tour.

Stuart von Moger, a former soldier, provided weapons training to Antipodean Resistance and Lads Society at a camp at Mt Terrible in March 2018. Video posted by National Socialist Network founder Jacob Hersant (currently on bail for armed robbery, affray, violent disorder).

Mt Terrible March 2018. Neo-Nazis Oscar Izard (a current serving member of the ADF and an original Antipodean Resistance member), Jacob Hersant, Ryan Lindfors-Beswick (“Ulf”), a Finks member who was just evicted from NSN’s “Race War HQ”, and Stuart von Moger.

Proud Boys were in the crowd again yesterday. They were previously heavily involved in clashes with police at last November’s anti-lockdown rallies and continue to show a keen interest. This is concerning given the key role that Proud Boys played in January 6 US Capitol riot.

Andy Nolch, convicted of defacing a memorial for Eurydice Dixon, and a noted misogynist, livestreamed yesterday for The Unshackled, a far-right fake news blog run by Proud Boy Tim Wilms. Here is Wilms with current National Socialist Network leader (ex Proud Boy) Jarrad Searby.

Brad Ingram and other members of National Socialist Network have attended recent rallies. Here they are dog whistling to anti-Semites with ‘Who?’ placards (an obscure reference to Jews).

Melbourne’s far-right are planning to step up their on the ground involvement with the anti-vax/lockdown/mandate movement. Serial pest and convicted antisemite, racist harasser Neil Erikson has promised "a lot of boys and a lot of special guests" at the next Melbourne Rally.

Neil Erikson's chat group are excited.

Yesterdays’s calls to ‘sack, jail, and hang’ Dan Andrews and the parading of mock gallows are proof that the far-right has succeeded in pushing violence as a political solution through online chats, across a movement whose weak leadership refuses to confront them.

An organiser in Melbourne yesterday on stage chanting "Hang Dan Andrews".

Anti-vax bow & arrow incident - what's to blame? by @tom_tanuki

Yesterday's events clearly drew inspiration from the Jan 6 US Capitol riot/insurrection and QAnon conspiracies about rape and satanic pedophiles. Last week in Aotearoa New Zealand we also saw calls to hang Jacinda Ardern, and protestors brandishing nooses at protests.

Meanwhile, politicians across Australia are having their homes and offices targeted in violent attacks. VIC Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick’s house was picketed by protesters and death threats against officials have increased alarmingly.

What will the movement ‘leaders’ do to ensure that violence doesn't escalate at the next rally on November 20, given previous rally involvement by Proud Boys and neo-Nazis, and their declared intentions to attend?

The greatest threat this movement represents (other than to public health and safety) is a terrorist attack, either by a lone person or an organised small group. Similar warnings should be made in Australia: newshub.co.nz/home/politics/…

We mislabeled this: from left to right is Jacob Hersant, Oscar Izard (currently serving in the ADF), Ryan Lindfors-Beswick (“Ulf”) and Stuart von Moger.

Do you think it was something we said.

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