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Dec 2, 2021, 9 tweets

The government has published this document on post-vaccine myocarditis.

Read between the lines folks, and note the things they gloss over......


They major on this being apparently "rare", but fail to mention that complications from Covid in younger age groups are also incredibly rare.

At least they don't repeat the ludicrous claim that myocarditis is more frequent after infection.


Choice of word "majority" is interesting. Remember these documents are written by committees. They are political, it's all about how far can they go to appease political masters without actually lying.

"Majority" is very different from "small proportion".


I doubt they wanted to admit the fibrosis point but the evidence from the US was quite clear on this.

Ditto - no follow-up is available.


Hence they have to admit we have no idea what happens to these poor young people.


In terms of incidence, this is MUCH lower (certainly for dose 2) than previously estimated from US and Israeli data, as confirmed in documents submitted to the FDA:


In terms of the dose 2 point...has anyone remembered that JCVI could not recommend these injections AT ALL for healthy 12-15 year olds?

But now apparently the JCVI is discussing dosing intervals between doses 1 and 2.

Where's the reasoning and recommendation for dose 1?


Another bizarre statement which would be of absolutely no comfort to parents of a child suffering this.


Some more detail here on the misrepresentation of incidence rates, thanks to @ClareCraigPath


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