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Dec 7, 2021, 21 tweets

The results are in. πŸ“Š

We surveyed players across the league on everything from the most underrated player to the most fashionable, best stadium environment and more.

Welcome to the first-ever Player Voices Poll.

First up, guys shared their opinions on competition on the pitch.

Kicking things off: Carles Gil takes the πŸ‘‘ as most difficult to defend with @RaulRuidiazM in second.

When it comes to fitness level, guys are looking to this trio.

But,Β @DiegoChara21 is considered the gold standard. πŸ’ͺ⭐️

No doubt about it, these two are difficult to beat.

According to the players, @_milesrobinson_ and @thewalkerzim share the title of toughest defender.

The kids are alright.

Players see @Ricardo_Pepi9 and @TajonBuchanan as the young guns of the league.

If there's one thing guys agree on, it's that they don't want @Lucazelarayan31 taking a free kick against their team. πŸ‘€


Players aren't fans of having to face @headdturnerr and @TimMelia28.

A guy players think deserves some more recognition?
➑️ @darlingtonnagbe

(and don't forget @MattPolster and @_BrianWhite42 either)

Players are spilling the β˜•οΈ on clubs and stadiums.

When it comes to environment, #ATLUTD earns top honors. 🏟

The place with the best pitch?

Players were split between Red Bull Arena and Exploria Stadium. ⬇️

If guys had to choose, you might find them suiting up for the Five Stripes. #ATLUTD

(But don't sleep on #LAGalaxy or #LAFC either)

When it comes to road cities, it's all about the West Coast. 🌊🌴

Up next in the Player Voices Poll: player personalities.

If guys are looking to laugh, they're looking to @2Fast2Farrell or @DaxMcCarty11 to deliver.

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ for @brad_stuver, @LampStrong and @ZarekValentin for their commitment to giving back to the communities they live and play in.

It's called fashion. Look it up!

@KellynAcosta is always serving looks. πŸ§₯

Who would do the best job of running things from the sidelines one day? The players are going with @DaxMcCarty11 βœ…

And another one for @DaxMcCarty11:

Guys will always stop their scroll to see what Dax is up toπŸ“²

Last but not least, players shared their opinions on life off the field.

If they aren't chilling on a beach somewhere 🌴 you can find them close to home during the offseason. 🏑

When it comes to screen time, players are guilty of spending it on the 'gram. 🀳

Outside of MLS, guys are looking to @KingJames and @Cristiano for inspiration.

If they aren't playing or watching ⚽️, you might find our players catching some @NBA action. πŸ€

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