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New year. New vibe. New photography thread.

Revered in photographic circles, Vladimir Lagrange had a considerable impact on modern photojournalism in Russia.

The photographer was 24 when he won his first trophy at an international photo contest in Budapest.

Since then, the photographer made a lot of waves working for Soviet and foreign magazines, including Paris Match.

Photo: The 'granny', 1961 © Vladimir Lagrange

A journalist by trade, Lagrange's black-and-white images derive their power from their child-like simplicity and earthiness.

Solfeggio class, 1968 © Vladimir Lagrange

Dancing "twist", 1964 © Vladimir Lagrange

In 1987, Lagrange was one of 100 photojournalists from all around the world, whose shots were included in the book, “One Day in the Life of the Soviet Union”, published in the US.

The high-class hairstyle, 1963 © Vladimir Lagrange

The Goalkeeper, 1961 © Vladimir Lagrange

In 2002, Lagrange’s was awarded the country's main photo award - the Golden Eye of Russia for his contribution to photography.

Doves of Peace, Moscow, 1962. © Vladimir Lagrange

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