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Colac - Beech Forest - Crowes VR 2' 6" railway
Some old photographs in my Grandfather's collection. Not the best quality but hope of some interest.
On this occasion a NA was doing the honours.
Ferguson (127 1/2 miles) was on the Beech Forest - Crowes line.
P G Dow c. 1940s.

NA at Crowes (130 miles)

View from Crowes station
Most southern railway station on Oz mainland
Bass Strait in the distance

Beech Forest (124 3/4 miles)

Gellibrand (112 1/2 miles)

Between Kincaid and Stalker

Colac narrow gauge 'station'

Earlier photograph ...
This is probably c. 1930s. The UP train from Beech Forest has recently arrived judging by the pax movements. I suspect this was an opportunity photograph on a trip on the 5' 3". Taken from footbridge.

Gellibrand 1960. I was fortunate to do a couple of trips to Weeaproinah before the line finally closed.
Mighty R class to Colac and then G class Garratt on the 2' 6".
R724 at Spencer Street
(will always be Spencer Street!)
Wonderful days ...

Looking towards Beech Forest, line to Crowes bottom right, line to Colac left.
P G Dow c. 1940s

On the Beech Forest - Weeaproinah line.
Near Ferguson.
P G Dow 1960 (photo stop).

Ferguson taken from the train.
Shelter has detoriated compared to the earlier photograph in the thread.
P G Dow 1960

Colac - Beech Forest - Crowes

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