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Mar 6, 2022, 13 tweets

If you think having a p53-inhibiting protein production factory at the very site of the body most affected by p53-related cancers is "nothing to worry about" you really haven't been paying attention

#modernagate #p53gate #spikegate

For reference here is the Jiang paper that showed the p53/BRCA1 DNA repair process was blocked by 90% by spike protein which gets into the nucleus.

You really don't want spike protein in the nucleus, particularly for a long period of time.

This paper in fact showed a double proof of spike protein activity in the nucleus. Not only the pretty picture you see above but also a functional assay that showed that the nuclear mechanism of DNA repair was blocked by 90% by spike protein.

Of course our drug regulators checked to make sure that spike protein from the mRNA vaccines didn't get into the nucleus, and they even published the pretty pictures.

Only one problem. They didn't know what they were looking for, and didn't ask.
[Src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]

What's potentially worse is that one of the most respected cell biology groups in the world showed recently mRNA still active in cells more than 8 weeks after injection, providing prolonged expression of this spike protein.

So, you have a protein being produced in a cell that then induces the exact suppression of cancer protection mechanism that is known to cause ovarian cancer.

A literal carcinogen.

Thank God it didn't reach the ovaries...

Our regulators (EMA, TGA, FDA, MHRA) not only published their "reviews" of the experiments showing this protein in the nucleus but in the same documents showed the distribution of the drug in the liver, spleen and ovaries.

All organs affected by p53-mediated cancers.

[Src: tga.gov.au/sites/default/…]

Well done, regulators. We're proud of you. You have kept that pharma "approval fee" money rolling in.

Someone's gotta pay for the parties after all.
Don't worry about us.
Nobody will notice for 20 years (probably)

I mean, look how long it took for the medical establishment to uncover the Diethylstilboestrol scandal.

And that was when it wasn't corrupt. cancer.gov/about-cancer/c…

Remember that they told these women that DES was safe.

It was - for the drug companies who never received criminal penalties.


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PSA: To the pharma trolls and the 77th brigade (the British army division that uses taxpayer money to suppress dissent against govt and corporations) all references to papers above are government and Pubmed sourced.

You should try it sometime.

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