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Mar 10, 2022, 10 tweets

⚡️Live Tweets / Thread Ahead ⚡️

1/x Looking forward to @WalterDGreason's convo w/
@nhannahjones about the #1619Project: #NHJatMac.

Walter joined @historyatmac at @Macalester this year. I'm proud to call him a friend.

cc: @profsbradley @kayewhitehead

@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel 2/x We are kicking things off. @WalterDGreason and @nhannahjones.

"Walter's work created the space for something like the #1619Project to exist," Nikole Hannah-Jones.

High praise. The #1619Project is incredible. So is Walter's work.

@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel 3/x "I've been working toward #1619Project my entire career. When the 400th anniversary was approaching...I was worried that it would be erased, obscured or minimized. I knew one essay would not be big enough." @nhannahjones

@Macalester's Thread 👇

@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel @jakesilverstein @NYTmag 5/x "To be frank, I do not have hope. I'm giving speeches all across the country about democracy. 36 states have passed anti-history law. That's not a sign of a healthy democracy." - @nhannahjones speaking to @WalterDGreason #NHJatMac…

@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel @jakesilverstein @NYTmag @propublica 7/x "The #1619Project is not about the past. It's about right now. Slavery is shaping our society in surprising ways." @nhannahjones #NHJatMac

Nikole Hannah-Jones also referenced the documentary that @nytimes is working on with @ABC and @hulu.


@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel @jakesilverstein @NYTmag @propublica @nytimes @ABC @hulu @Lionsgate @LionsgateTV 9/9 "This is just the beginning." - @WalterDGreason closing out the #NHJatMac conversation with @nhannahjones.

Shout-out to Laurie from @Macalester College for an incredible series of live tweets. Check out their full thread for great quotes.


@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel @jakesilverstein @NYTmag @propublica @nytimes @ABC @hulu @Lionsgate @LionsgateTV A Bonus 10th Tweet for #NHJatMC

I don't usually add tweets after I finish a thread and add the -30-

But this was too good to pass up. @WalterDGreason, thank you for the kind words. It means more to me than you know.

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