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May 22, 2022, 10 tweets

It is that time of year when i'll start getting questions from graduating #ophthalmology residents about the best ways to prepare for #retina are some of my favorite resources

Going through the @aao_ophth BCSC Retina book is a great way to start. All the important topics are covered here to some degree. A good grasp of the information in this book will help build a foundation.

There are plenty of retina textbooks out there. Truthfully you likely won't have time to go cover to cover but you can pick out topics for a deep dive. Ryan's Retina is a classic AND may be available online for free through your medical center library

You want a good Retina Atlas. They are several beautiful ones out there, two of my favorites are the Gass Atlas and Yannuzzi Retinal Atlas. Great for thumbing through after long days in clinic or OR.

All of these resources help with the clinical aspects, but what about getting ready for retina surgery? Plenty of great videos and online teaching resources. Friend and colleague @AvniFinn helped edit this book, full of practical tips on the mechanics of retina surgery.

Just stumbled upon this online resource. The authors hear deserve several rounds of applause 👏- tons of step-by-step instructions including instruments required, setup instructions, indications for surgery, gas dilutions etc. And it is all free!

The @aao_ophth ONE Network has thousands of surgical videos (as well as journal article summaries, interviews with experts, etc.) and is of course freely accessible to all #AAO members. Tip of the cap to @AjayKuriyan who runs the Retina section.…

Retina is a small community of exceptionally talented individuals. Listening to other retina docs is a great way for trainees to pick up practical knowledge. The @VitBuckleSoc website has plenty of expert multimedia content geared towards trainees.

How about getting familiar with the literature? @RetinaPodcast is a must! High-yield and easily consumable podcast for retina docs at all stages of their career, especially trainees.

This list is by no means comprehensive and i'm sure I have forgotten a bunch of great content, so feel free to chime in with other useful resources

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