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Jul 16, 15 tweets

i find it extremely weird a lot of meme accounts on Black twitter are actually White. WHITE MEN!

use mugshots from rappers speak aave and joke about black culture

Noah. The owner of N!ggazBackWilin I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP I KID YOU NOT

Brezzy. the owner of OvOBrezzzy 💀

I left others out,

mood to all the non-blacks attacking me cause i called messicans white

"They are meme twitter not black twitter so tech-"

Meme Culture today, came from black twitter! SPECIFICALLY from the kermit the frog meme which Ignited and blew up @TheShadeRoom in 2014! one of the most used memes all time, came from black twitter.
Meme Twitter IS Black Twttr

@NiggazBackWILIN still use the memes from Black Twitter up until this very second. Any other account claiming they are Meme Twitter instead of Black Twitter is weird because Meme Twitter came From Black Twitter. and that's the tea!


Donny. The Owner of sadcrib a WHITE MAN

Any Black Owned Businesss want free promo under this tweet? Just DM me your business i'll post for free ✊🏿
#BlackOwned #BlackOwnedBusiness

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