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Jul 24, 2022, 12 tweets

I'm an 18-year-old college student. I just had the privilege to interview Tucker Carlson for 40 minutes.

We talked about how porn damages young men, why anti-white sentiment is so pervasive, why marrying early is the best, and much, much more.


Tucker’s advice for young men?

Drop out of college. Get married. Have more children than you can afford. Seek responsibility and adventure.

Tucker: Banging 40 people in your twenties is not that fun. It’s easy and not an achievement. Feminism has convinced women they have to be like men and sleep with you. It’s all fake. It’s why everyone is so unhappy. Add meaning to your life and you will be happy.

Tucker: Porn is clearly bad and dehumanizing. It’s also clearly very profitable. So who are these people who are getting rich from porn? And why don’t we know their names? Why aren’t they answering for the damage they are doing?

I mentioned that all the major porn websites are owned by the same company, MindGeek. It’s a secretive company that you don’t hear much about, despite being so powerful.

Tucker: Someone is probably making billions of dollars from destroying the country. What’s his name?

I asked Tucker why he thinks there is such an effort to demoralize and demonize white men.

Tucker: What’s the endgame? If people were doing this to any other group, that group would think people wanted to hurt them. I don’t think this ends in a good place at all.

Tucker: If you make identity politics mandatory, you’re going to get white identity politics. Why wouldn’t you? Once everyone has an identity, white people are going to create identity politics on their own. Why wouldn’t they? Do our leaders want that? Why are they doing this?

I asked Tucker if he thinks the purpose of anti-white sentiment is to create a reactionary response that can then be used as a pretext to crack down on Americans even more.

Tucker: Of course. And our leaders use race hate to distract from their looting of the American economy.

I asked Tucker what advice he has for young people.

1st: Try your very hardest to find a mate. Marry that person. Have as many children as you can. It’ll be chaotic and difficult—so is everything worth having. “It’s too expensive!” BS. People have families in Burkina Faso.

Tucker’s 2nd piece of advice for young people:

Read books. Actual, physical books. Set aside an hour every day. Any book written before WW2 has a kind of ease about it. There’s less self-censorship. This was a much freer country before WW2. It’s very obvious in the literature.

Tucker’s final piece of advice for young people:

Seek beauty. People go to a super depressing concrete office building and sit under fluorescent lights for 9 hours. That sound they hear is their soul dying. Beauty uplifts people. It’s your personal, direct connection to God.

My interview with Tucker Carlson was filled with insight and wisdom that is woefully scarce. You’re guaranteed to take something from it.

To watch/listen to the entire unfiltered, unscripted 40-minute interview:


Audio: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/18-…

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