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EXO-L 🇯🇵 Planet #16
Profile Book: #MINSEOK #XIUMIN

do not repost w/o credit

• your favorite phrase is..
XM: Aigooo or hoho ( what a cutie 😭 )

Evaluate yourself

• Physical strength: 5
• Handsomeness: 3
• Cuteness: 5
• Sexiness: 5
• Being amazing/interesting: 1
• Being stylish: 3

• Birth date: 1990/03/26
• sign: Aries
• blood type: B
• hobby: Tennis and cycling
• skill: I don't know what I'm good at these days lol
• motto as an artist: Let's do our best when we have to!
• What do you like to be called by exo-l japan? xiu-chan.

Minseok’s Favorites

• Fave word: Thank you
• Fave flower: White evening primrose and carnation
• Fave scent: freshly baked bread
• Fave music genre: There are so many that I can't choose
• Fave film/drama: The Avengers

Minseok on life:

• First thing you do in the morning after waking up? thinking about what im gonna do today

• Whats your routine before going to bed? Watching anime

• What inspired/impressed you lately? EXO's 10th anniversary event

• best way to spend holidays? Minseok: eat some delicious food after playing tennis, cycling, and climbing
• one thing you want to try/learn?
XM: i wanna learn how to cook

Shoomie’s top 3

• 3 things that as an exo member you are proud of?
1. Handsome
2. Each member is good at something and has good balance.
3. EXO-L being here

• if you were to pick 3 exo songs to listen in summer?
1. Paradise
2. Kokobop
3. Xiumin & Mark - Young and Free

if you could go back to school what would you do?
Minseok: I wanna play soccer with my friends
• if you were to reborn as an animal what animal you would be?
XM: a horse
• what would you like to do in a holiday with exol 🇯🇵
XM: i wanna try an sports contest

• Your life rhythm
Minseok: Morning person

• when you sleep
XM: there should be a little light

• Finding something that you havent used, in your room
XM: i will throw it away

• where do you like to live in future
XM: surrounded by nature, i like to climb mountains

• which one are you more afraid of “zombies coming or seeing a ghost all the time”
Minseok: see a ghost all the time

• your favorite food “sweets or spicy”
XM: Spicy

• clear weather of rainy weather
XM: Clear

• having few stuff in the house to keep it neat or decorate it with the things you like
Minseok: keeping it neat, i like simple interior designs

• unpacking fast after coming back from tour or taking days to unpack
XM: unpack right after

• When you travel “visiting various places while going around or heading straight towards destination”
Minseok: going to various places

• Watching movies at movie theaters or Watching dvd at home and relax?
XM: movie theaters

Message to EXO-L 🇯🇵

“It's been a long time since we last saw eachother, so I miss you more than anything else. Please stay healthy until we meet again. EXO-L-Japan fighting!”

and thats all for tonight. Thank you and good night everyone!💗

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