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Aug 16, 2022, 6 tweets

🎨ERC721K: Dynamic On-Chain Images and Metadata

A new framework for constructing, rendering and evolving NFTs (ERC721) using composable SVGModules and real-time DataStreams.

Code: github.com/erc721k

1/ SVGRegistry

The magic happens here. Custom `bytes` instructions are relayed between the NFT<>Registry<>Module instances.

1. NFT encodes dynamic instructions
2. Registry relays encoded message
3. Modules decode/parse instructions

Encoded instructions in 🔼 dynamic SVG out 🔽

2/ SVGModules

Modules contain SVGs, SVGElements and DataStreams (balanceOf, delegatedAmount, ENS, etc...) and can be called by any ERC721K instance.

NFT Artists/Designers can share on-chain assets! Have an interesting design pattern? Module. Unique data stream? Module.

3/ DataStreams

Data is everywhere on-chain. DataStreams wrap any public smart contract method with a ERC721K data adapter interface.

Want to fetch ENS profile information? Done. Delegated chance on PoolTogether ptTokens? Easy.

Pick a source. Write adapter. Stream NFT traits.


Demo contracts with dynamic emoji characters wrapped in <svg><text></text/></svg> elements.


What's next? Partnerships 🤝 to build the core catalog of SVGModules that communicate with popular DeFi and DAO protocols.

If you are interested in a partnership you can reach me through the contact form below 👇


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