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Nov 2, 2022, 19 tweets

#NoPandemicAmnesty Mega Thread

They want us to forgive and forget what they did during the pandemic. We shouldn’t.

Here’s why:

One of the saddest parts of lockdown policies was the thousands of people dying alone in nursing homes & hospitals. Relatives said goodbye through skype. Funerals were limited. @PsychToday says these policies “caused deterioration of their [patients] mental and physical health.”

Perhaps the most horrific footage exemplifying the true nature of people being trapped in nursing homes, left to die alone, are these two heartbreaking videos:…

One of the most infuriating parts of the lockdown and mask rules imposed on us was watching the elected officials who created those rules, flout their own rules with no shame.

Thousands of small businesses were forced to close for good due to lockdown. Businesses were deemed “not essential” by people who pretended they knew more than us. Those that dared defy and open their doors racked up thousands of dollars in fines.

Speech delays, social delays, developmental delays, behavioral issues, and learning loss are another result of lockdowns, school closures, and mandatory masking. The impact of this is likely to last for years to come.

While the rest of the country moved on, mask rules were still only being enforced for the people least affected by the virus. Kids. From the NFC championship game to taping masks on kids, these are some of the craziest instances of the sheer insanity and hypocrisy.…

During Covid lockdowns, many mental health professionals were warning of an uptick of mental health issues in children and teens. Some reports say there were more covid suicides than covid deaths in kids. These parents will never see their children again.

It seemed as almost every day we were treated to a new plane video. Stewardesses who were once just the sweet people who handed you a soda now got free reign to terrorize their passengers over masks. But was wearing any mask fine? Nope… not if it was pro-Trump or anti-Biden.

One of the most egregious examples of insanity is this heartwrenching video of two people moving close to comfort their mother during her husband’s funeral. They are quickly instructed to move to keep social distancing rules. This happens in a society gone mad.

Let’s talk about some of the influencial blue checkers who wanted us dead & celebrated our deaths. This was followed by thousands of their followers echoing the same sentiment. These people now want amnesty. We shouldn’t offer amnesty to people who literally want us dead.

They brainwashed and fearmongered so much to the extent that people started forcing animals to wear masks.…

There were many accounts of people who were denied life-saving operations and treatments due to their vaccination status, including a 6-month-old baby.

Let’s remember the media hypocrisy. I created this viral thread last year. After watching our country burn down for 6 months, Republicans gathered in DC to support Trump. They were labeled superspreaders who wanted to kill Grandma while BLM protesters got a free pass.

We went from 15 days to slow the spread to getting fired for declining a vaccine. Doctors, nurses, teachers, first responders, service members, and more- all lost their jobs over refusal to inject a vaccine that didn’t even stop transmission.

After demonizing and lying to us for 2 years, it turns out “the science” was dubious. Masks don’t work, 6-ft rule was “arbitrary,” and vaccines not only don’t prevent transmission- but they were never event tested for it!

These are perhaps the most memorable images that perfectly sum up the covid response and hypocrisy:

This perfectly represents how the "elites" thought of us peasants during Covid. They have a different set of rules because of course, they're better than us.

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