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Nov 22, 2022, 32 tweets

This will be my thread on all the undercover FBI assets I have located posing as violent and racist conservatives.

My studies include Charlottesville, January 6, the "Justice for January 6th Rally", various Patriot Front events, the Youngkin bus hoax, and other "racist" events.

Bottom left are Patriot Front members, who worked the Glenn Youngkin bus hoax. The Lincoln Project took credit for staging this event, but it was actually the FBI. These are their people. You can see two of these same individuals at some staged "racist" rally. (top)

This is the FBI asset I call "Big Nose". He was present at both Charlottesville and January 6th. He is also a Patriot Front member.

I accidentally nicknamed both of these FBI agents "Moustache Man" Both were present at both Charlottesville and January 6th. Special shout out to Rolling Stone. I'd have never found that guy without their help. 😄

I saw this woman posing as a racist at an obviously staged FBI event. I began searching for female FBI agents, and located her within 10 minutes.

Patriot Front and Charlottesville - FBI

Charlottesville and Patriot Front - FBI

Patriot Front and Charlottesville - FBI

This weasel works for some politician as a staffer or something. (Charlottesville)

I joke that this FBI agent likes to hold a pole in one hand and a can in the other. I think this is the Justice For Jan 6th rally and Charlottesville. The 1st image may be a different event.

This girl is everywhere. I can recognize her by her large thighs. She's the same girl at the Youngkin bus. This is Patriot Front and Charlottesville, here.

Here is this agent actually wearing an FBI uniform. I believe I located this same agent at the George Floyd protests in NYC with a shaved head. I actually recognized him by his physique, and later matched the face.

My friend @PAHAU6 believes this agent is secretly a Monchhichi, but I have not concluded my investigating into this possibility at this time.

Here is a third FBI agent from this picture of Patriot Front that I found marching in the Charlottesville false flag. (bottom left)

George Floyd protest in NYC

So yeah. My ear biometrics say these ears match. If I'm right about this match, this shows the FBI is playing both sides of the aisle, and procuring violence in both GOP and Dem circles.

We already know this is true, because Officer Jacob Pedersen of the St Paul Police Dept. was identified as "Umbrella Man" in Minneapolis, by his ex-girlfriend. The George Floyd protests were mostly peaceful until this scumbag started smashing up the Autozone.

I will add many more later, but here is a 25 minute video I made on these FBI agents.…

Before I proceed, I'd like to explain that I normally study the many fake characters of the Illuminati. People like Lady Gaga even use *time* to mask their identities.

Finding these FBI Bozos that aren't even in disguise is a joke for me.

This is the fake Founder of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau, marching in Charlottesville with an FBI agent from JFJ6.

Patriot Front and Charlottesville - FBI

99% sure on this match. There is a 4-year difference between pictures, giving him plenty of time to grow out his beard. Their cheeks are what you should focus on.

Pretty sure about this match. Their noses are just too similar. That's the Glenn Youngkin bus hoax and Charlottesville. First guy is definitely Patriot Front. The Lincoln Project was lying about staging that event. It was the FBI.

This literal FBI agent in his uniform, looks too old to be the Patriot Front member, but if you zoom in on both of their broken noses, it becomes clear they are the same man. Let's not even talk about those Dumbo ears.

You should recognize "Big Nose" in this picture. He was in Charlottesville and J6. I always assume the "team" around these agents are also FBI assets.

The staged racist hoax parade is hilarious, because every racist flag and banner in the photo is freshly unfolded and you can see all the crease marks. This "nazi" 🤡 was in Charlottesville.

Here's a better closeup of Patriot Front members that were involved in the Glenn Youngkin bus hoax, perpetrated by the FBI and not the Lincoln Project, as they falsely claimed. #TextbookSedition

This is the same guy. He's waaaay up top in the middle of the picture.

I call this FBI agent "Man Boobs" lol

These men may not look like the same person, but it's actually the one match I am most positive of. Their ear biometrics are a perfect match. He is featured many times in this thread. 100% proof the FBI is inserting their agents into staged hoax events to frame us as violent.

A call the 3rd man in this picture "Moon Head". He smashed a window at the Capital on Jan6, but couldn't get in. Eventually, others gained access through the same window. I'll post that match when I find it. I need to locate the video.

Collab with @grandoldmemes. He plopped that 2nd photo in my DMs without saying anything, and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do with it. lol

Here is a very rare uncropped and original version of the Jacob Pedersen comparison. This cop literally started the George Floyd riots.

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