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Dec 13, 2022, 29 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 12.13 Never forget crimes of others

-Xi's oldies but goldies: re-runs from last decade
-As for news that is new, Nanking Massacre is mourned throughout the nation on this day.
-CCP never forgets (except when it is in the wrong)
-Scant Covid news
-US is decrepit

For those of you who missed CCTV's wall-to-wall coverage of Xi's legendary tour of the old CCP base in Yanan in October, these highlights are today's top story...

Xi teaching cultivators how to cultivate
(feel free to create your own caption)

And due to the 2012 promulgation of Xi's original and innovative "Eight-points regulation" China has blossomed into what it is today.

Meanwhile, in news dating to this year, patriotic Chinese amass respectfully to remember a tragic massacre in the past.

The Tiananmen massacre of 1989? No, older than that.

The mass killings of the Cultural Revolution?
No, older than that.
1960's man-made famine?
1950's Liquidation campaigns?
1940's party purges in rectification campaign?

It was an evil committed by the Japanese.

The Nanking Massacre of 1937-38.
All massacres are sad. Some are sadder than others.
Some are better remembered than others.
Some are politicized and weaponized for political gain.

All traffic at a standstill in downtown Nanjing. Even the Yangtze River Bridge is showing gridlock.

This is the just about the only massacre the government is good at remembering, so it gets a great deal of crisp choreography and lavish media attention.

Imagine the perfidy of it, turning guns on innocent people! China doesn't do that, does it?
It was atrocious then and atrocious now.

But the Japanese have no monopoly on injustice.

Nanking will never be forgotten. Fair enough.
But seeing the white statue brings to mind the toppling of the Tiananmen Goddess of 1989.
How is that remembered?
It was forgotten and stricken from TV, even before it was over.

Birds of peace are released and flutter about.
It's so sad.

And Nanjing is not alone as a victim. Japanese injustice is remembered at memorials and museums throughout the land.

But try lighting a candle for Tiananmen and see what happens.

Not mentioned in Nanking remembrance is that the CCP was hiding in the hills, biding their time.
Their foes, the KMT, took the brunt of the damage.
But CCP museums teach China's youth only about the CCP's victories.

The heroism of the CCP wiped the slate of history clean. Cities around China remember what they are told to remember.

And the PLA stands guard, with their tanks and their guns and their planes and their border outposts.

The avenging spirit of Nanking even reaches these remote Himalayan peaks.

Watch out, India, lest you become the new Japan.

Meanwhile, China is rocked with surges of innovation, from space rocketry to facial recognition of geese.
Even the animal farms are getting Orwellian.

Brought to you by the CCP, they made all this possible.
Without them, what would China be like now?

How would you distinguish one goose from another?

Now for the news that China's anxious citizens are really waiting for.
What's up with Zero-Covid?
Not much.
A clip of a news conference offers reassuring words. Pregnant mothers need not worry about their babies catching it because of good treatment.

And only 2315 new cases!

CCTV continues to devote valuable news time to vacuous pro-Russian reports on Ukraine.

It's sole purpose seems to be making Russian firepower look awesome and Ukraine look like it's cowering...

Ukraine fights back...

But parroting the Kremlin line wouldn't be complete without noisy complaints about US anti-Russia sanctions that are "a dead-end for Europe,"
...and energy woes.
Here a moving, humanitarian special inside look at the rising price of firewood in a small town in rural Germany.

The US is always at the bottom of the news, and in more ways than one.

Enjoy this pictorial essay of life in the US before you apply for a visa or even think about studying abroad...

And that's the news of the day...
Zai jian!

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