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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Jan 2, 2023, 16 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 01.01 Nothing new in the new year

-First five stories all about Xi, not that's there anything else worth reporting on in a land of 1.4 billion facing crisis if not catastrophe.
-Russia bombs away at Ukraine
-Program ends with China beauty palette cleanser

Top story is an article in Qiushi exaggerating Xi Jinping's numerous alleged accomplishments.
A party publication whose name ironically means "Seeking Truth"

Second big story is that Xi wrote a letter of congratulations to the Economic Daily...
...And the third big story of the day is yet another Xi letter that hardly warrants mention.

As if that isn't even Xi news to start off the New Year with, there's a recap of his already legendary New Year's message which was strongly and enthusiastically received in all quarters...

Everywhere instant acclaim, but perhaps nowhere more so than Hong Kong where it is felt that Xi saved them with his wise policies.

Flag-raising on first day of New Year full of crowds grateful to be living under Xi's wise guidance

And wait, just when you thought you couldn't enough, CCTV is airing a show on His accomplishments later in the evening!

Tractors ply bumper crops, nature abounds, wires go everywhere, dancing automatons cheer CCP accomplishments.

And now in world news....
Russia fires away at Ukraine as usual, and CCTV coolly reports Russia's "accomplishments" as usual, using Russian footage and Russian explanations as befits a friend.

Russia claims its bombs find only military targets, and sometimes foreign weapons depots, and it's a rare day that CCTV shows any damage.

CCTV does make brief mention of the Ukrainian claim that some projectiles hit Kiev, but this is quickly followed by a sleight-of-hand explanation...

The US is the ultimate source of the conflict....

Regular CCTV viewers knew that already. The nightly "US fans the flames" segment of the news is usually followed by "bad news from a bad country." (TM)

But today, perhaps as a palette cleanser, or desire to start the New Year right, CCTV closes the program with "I love China."

The sun is almost always rising over China...
...or is it setting?

running horses...

Happy New Year!

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