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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Jan 2, 2023, 36 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.2 Weaponizing Xi Jinping thought
-Remember the carefully coded bromides of Xi's New Year Message?
-China's youth hears the call and responds with fervor!
-China's military: Ready to kill and be killed, powered by Xi thought and the spirit of the victorious 20th!

Just another day of world-class journalism on the flagship news program of China's biggest TV station.
Today the main topic is:
The historic speech Xi gave the other day....

It got me so fired up to hear Chairman Xi mention youth in his New Year's address...

(recap of said address and the fervent, fevered popular reaction on the part of China's youth and the military constitutes first third of today's nightly news broadcast)

The word is out, the country is mobilizing. Xi Jinping thought is the catalyst for the new year of the new era.
Have you heard the word...?

Xi, the man who brought China a bumper harvest in a world short of grain.

(note: biggest cause of grain shortage is Russian aggression which China tacitly supports.)

Hearing Chairman Xi's speech really blew my socks off.

Chairman Xi spoke about us youth in his ennobling New Year's speech.

Xi Jinping pointed out to those of us in the medical profession that the epidemic prevention and control has entered a new phase...

As an ordinary young dude from the Hong Kong-Macao-Guangdong Greater Bay district, I was deeply moved by Xi's call.

As Xi said, we must continue to struggle...

Nankai University student responds enthusiastically to the call to implement Xi thought in the New Year.

What's going on here? Some kind of brainwashed cult of stiff automatons? What are they staring at?

Oh, that explains it.

The PLA is especially enthused by Chairman Xi's call to fight and sacrifice...

And their secret weapon to guaranteed victory?
Xi Jinping thought.
Not quite a spiritual atom bomb, but close.

Inspired by Xi, the PLA prepares to fight in the Tibetan borderlands...

Inspired by Xi, they prepare to fight at sea by Taiwan

Roll over, Sun Tzu!
Inspired by the militant wisdom of Xi Jinping, the military is ready to fight for every last dripping inch of the motherland...

"Xi's New Year speech was so inspirational!"

"As a pilot of the New Era..."

If Xi says jump...we jump.

"Military readiness"
"Dare to fight, be confident to achieve victory!"
"Vanquish all enemies!"
"Guard our sovereignty"

Again, CCTV provides yet another view of China's most amazing "secret weapon"

It's spellbinding! So inspirational to hear!
When Chairman Xi Jinping mentioned the military in his own words it whipped up the most enthusiastic response!

As Xi suggests, the PLA should be ready to fight on the beaches, to fight in the snow and mountains, to fight on the seas and oceans...

Meanwhile, dancing minorities ring in the new year

Back to Xi news.

The CCP's pandemic response owes no small measure of its success to Xi's expert guidance. Not only are his slogans good for whipping up military resolve but can used to solve medical emergencies too:

"Stick to victory!"
"We will surely be victorious in the end"

"Dawn is in front of us"
"We will vanquish the pandemic"
"We are the white-suited fighters..."

And now in important global news. World leaders hail the victorious New Year's Speech by his excellent highness Xi Jinping.

Brazil, Western Switzerland, Zambia and Russia weigh in, congratulating Xi and praising him.

The Lao prime minister, who owes China big time for the subsidized railroad, even has the lingo down:

"Under Xi's lead, China embarks on a new journey."
"The Belt and Road is good for the world."

CCTV's nightly quota of Russian artillery shots, as provided by Moscow.

Ukraine fights back.
CCTV says Ukraine struck a Russian assembly point.
Kiev says it intercepted incoming missiles

But the experts say it is all NATO's fault

CCTV zeroes in on the culprit preventing Russia from achieving a quick victory, and thus peace, in Ukraine.

But isn't China just wonderful?

CCTV closes with "love ya' China"

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