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Jan 6, 2023, 34 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.05 The spirit that powers China

Xi's New Year's address addresses China's needs
-The Spirit of 20th as applied to rocket science
-No Covid stats
-Uplifting scenes as youth respond to Xi's call to serve country
-Bad news from bad US
-Good news from good Russia

The problem with Xi getting so much attention in the news is that telling Xi's stories well, well, there's just so much to tell!

For those who want to hear more about the "spirit of the 20th" as it applies to rocket science, CCTV has you covered.

The same spirit can be seen coursing through the nation's ports and animating trade:

"We shall proceed to whole-heartedly to fully implement the spirit of the 20th!"

Whether it comes to developing "pilot free zones" or robots building driverless cars or city modernization with Chinese characteristics:
"We must thoroughly implement our party's "spirit of the 20th!"

There are traces of the 20th everywhere. CCTV takes us to rural Shanxi where the ineffable spirit of the 20th can be found prowling in neglected rural courtyards. It can be seen in application everywhere, as sweepers sweep, screws are screwed in, and "Exit" signs are installed.

It's on the lips of local cadre brimming with newfound righteousness.
It floats above tall buildings, it descends to children's playgrounds...

Its inspirational effects can be seen in smiling faces, in the play of children, in choral groups and even on the basketball court.
More over LeBron. Who needs the NBA stars?
The 20th is the real juice.

A communist courtyard is a sight for sore eyes.
Even old people are happy (and unmasked)
"Things are getting better all the time..."
"Our lives have become happier and happier"

The secret?

"We must firmly implement the "spirit of the 20th" !!!

So much good news today.
And there's more!

On the one hand China devours vast amounts of energy, burns oil and dirty coal and strip-mines vast tracts of land.

On the other hand, it's an ecological paradise! Look at those snow capped mountains.
The green trees in the chart below are not just pretty pictures; they represent green trees in reality.

Oh, most fertile motherland, how can I sing thy praise?

You are so abundant, so clean, so green, so full of friendly monkeys conversing in trees and indigenous cuddly bears being cuddly.
(sorry Winnie, you're too English)
And the mists over the pristine hills?
...don't get me going.

It's a thing of beauty to see a river dammed and backed up for miles, flooding entire towns while depriving downstream residents of water.
But, oh, the power it produces. The power...

As if an entire nation bathed in the glow of the victorious 20th party congress wasn't electrifying enough, there are still people talking about the afterglow of last year's successful Winter Olympics.

"It's so exciting to be in the same place!"

Hark! Who is that intrepid soul riding a motorbike in the countryside?
A barefoot doctor making a house call?
Yes, but they don't go barefoot anymore
Not having enough to attend to in the cities, China's doctors are now fanning out across the vast countryside to make house calls

And anti-fever medicine is so plentiful it's being sold at a steal. But wait, there's more good news!

China's youth have taken note with pride that they were personally mentioned in Xi's New Year's homily and are now responding to His call to serve.
Doctors and nurses under age 22 on are on the front lines. And what's more, they don't tire easily.
"They are truly New Era youth."

More accomplishments, too numerous to mention.
Not sure what the penguin bit is all about, but hey, it's CCTV.

And now to the war that shall not be called by its name, CCTV again leads off with soul-stirring Russian footage.

More CCTV scenes of Russia in action, making the world safe for fascist authoritarianism, one step at a time.

Xi's forever pal Putin and Russia's brave invasion force (special operation) have hit some bumps in the road because the US and NATO are helping Ukraine.
It's so unfair!

As CCTV's crack investigative team reports, the real cause of the conflict is Western unilateralism and the nefarious way the US has prodded NATO into expanding east. The US and NATO should correct their wrong ways at once!

Just to show how cold--blooded Western calculations are, the Euro will thrive even though the lines are long at gas stations due to sanctions on Russia.

In other news, the US is suffering what can only be called divine retribution as it is hit by bad weather.

News alerts:
-a downed telephone pole has been sighted in California -a shop had to close for business due to power failure.

And it's not just California.
Nevada, Minnesota, Louisiana and Kentucky have been hit.
(Not a hint of glee or schadenfreude, because
CCTV cares so much about humanity!)

But we have some good news, too. Vladimir Putin held a virtual power meeting to celebrate the launch of a ship!

Vigilance to defend the Volga motherland is no vice.

And Russia's unfreedom is not free.
It has to be actively defended with rocketry.

Unfreedom for all.

It's just one shot away...

In other anti-American news, Mexican President Obrador rails against US interference. He's got a point but not sure about the "every country should be able to do as it pleases" part

(Is it any wonder Mexico found "no trace" of fentanyl precursor chemicals shipped in from China?)

Let's call it a wrap, shall we?

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