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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Jan 9, 2023, 15 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.08 Ode to tighter party control
-Party seeks to extend central authority deeper and more extensively into all walks of life!
-China did a great job with Covid
-World experts beam with admiration, plaudits aplenty
-Russia complains Ukraine won't observe cease-fire

Xi calls for "all-out efforts to safeguard national political security and social stability" in his remarks on the work of judicial, procuratorial, and public security organs.
CCTV proudly relates the good news about increased policing and centralized control.

Turns out China's Covid controls were not just precise but almost perfect. "It's not that we gave up control... "

"'s that we followed science and carefully fine-tuned it to new circumstances with scientific precision."
"We have found the way to better coordinate effective control with economic and social development..."

The whole world is watching China with unbridled admiration with plaudits rolling in from S. Africa, Peru, Cambodia and Brazil...
"China's Covid prevention and control is extremely successful" says Peruvian expert
The guy from Brazil adds "we're very interested in China's market"

CCTV crows about the latest installment of CCTV's gripping in-house documentary, now airing nightly as a series.
"Always Blow the Charge" is essential viewing if nail-biting episodes about the party's militant readiness to respond to the clarion call is your kind of thing.

In other news, Thailand can't wait for Chinese tourists to return.

Riveting news from Russia:
Russia is trying to keep the peace and observe a cease-fire, but Ukraine keeps ruining it!

Today's scenes of Russian footage from the front are careful not to show the rocket's red glare.
They're cooling their guns, minding their own business, and only shooting lethal rounds if necessary.
(in someone else's country)

But Ukraine continues to provoke so they must push back.
Photo illustrating Ukraine provocation below based on recent file footage of unknown date and provenance.

But as is well-known to veteran viewers, the bad things happening in Ukraine can all ultimately be traced back to the US which provides money and material support.

The "US fans the flames" and "stokes the fires" of discontent. They created the "Ukraine Situation"

This expert's erudite comments, coincidentally enough, are in complete keeping with CCTV's oft-repeated talking points:
-US trying to weaken Russia
-US bringing hardship to Europe this winter
-US scheming to sell natural gas to Europe
-US sanctions to Russia unfair

Capitalist England faces a militant wave of strikes by proletarian workers.

And that's the news of the day...
Keeping watching CCTV to learn more.

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