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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Jan 13, 2023, 28 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.13 Xinjiang: happy and in harmony

-'World Famous Islamic Figures' put paid to doubters:
"Xinjiang is happy, in harmony, and united!"
-New jet partially powered by Xi Jinping thought
-Travel: Stop picking on Chinese!
-Russia fights back: US aggression in Ukraine

China takes carefully curated delegation of "World Famous Muslim Figures and Scholars" on tour of "controversial" Xinjiang and their testimony suggests they are super impressed by what they see.

Xinjiang might not be perfect, but it sure is close.

"We have been to a few places. We have learned that the people here live in love and harmony...thanks to the Active Maintenance Group, they actively safeguard national unity."

"The people we have seen are really enjoying their best lives and they enjoy being developed..."

On top of that, fascinating, deeply information exhibits curated by the CCP riddled with the latest slogans

Anyone still have doubts?
Think again...

"The happiness! You can feel it!"

And now, Xinjiang delegation, it's selfie time!

The news didn't open with Xinjiang but rather with Xi (of course, of course) and we'll get to that newsy news now.

The top story is about China's made-in-China aircraft.

And guess whose inspiration, wit, wisdom, penchant for pithy aphorisms and firm grasp of implementing scientific principles helped get the home-grown jet off the ground?

"The party chairman pointed us in the right direction..." says a top engineer and engineering institute head.

(A picture dating to September 2022 offers indisputable proof of Chairman Xi pointing the engineers in the right direction)
"Can you make it go up in the air?"

Another responsible official reveals the recipe of the secret sauce:

"...we are thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 20th party congress..."

Really? If that's what powers China's new jet, fasten your seatbelts.

China's exports outpace China's imports
(As Xi has indicated they should)

These beautiful shots of Shanghai are used as evidence to illustrate....

that Shanghai's growth is guided by the chairman's guidance.
"Pudong is a leading example of socialist modernization"

While Europe freezes this winter (CCTV's been saying so) China's got its energy needs covered.
Oil, hydropower, coal, electricity...
(The new shiny pipeline supplying cheap gas from Siberia goes unmentioned)

Sinophobia addressed:
"We hope certain countries will act according to science and in the spirit of mutual respect by lifting the discriminatory restrictions against Chinese citizens soon and work with China to resume normal cross-border travel and exchanges and cooperation."

China Immigration:
People Oriented, Profession, Secure, Convenient

Meanwhile, a great deal of money is being spent on Tibet with ten big construction projects for the people's livelihood.

Kudos to CCTV's drone operator. Some intriguing aerial shots of road and rail transportation.
Night and day rocket launches, too.

Want to see more of CCTV awarding awards to itself?
There's plenty more. More self-applause, too.

note: The deceptively cute rabbits carry banners announcing "a year of struggle" along with "harmony" and the usual cheery stuff.

And now CCTV cedes editorial control to the Kremlin, airing scenes of Russia making the world safe for dictatorship...

Am I the only one who finds these shots gratuitous and pointless?

Ukraine fights back.

But CCTV viewers know the real source of the conflict.
The US is stoking the fire and fanning the flames...

"Not just Russian and Ukraine, and all of Europe, but the whole world is suffering from US policy."

(If only the US were more upright and noble, like Putin's Russia.)

But it's not. It's a bad country and CCTV has pictures to prove it. The evening news closes with crime scenes in the US and strike scenes in the UK.

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