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Jan 22, 2023, 20 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.21 No News from Russia

-A slow news day, but not without its dull rewards
-But way, way too much praise for Xi
-Not enough focus on the people of China
-The personality cult is taking root abroad
-No Russia-supplied news for first time in almost a year.

It's Chinese New Year's, not Xi's birthday, but it seems that all CCTV wants to hear about is Chairman Xi and the historic speech he gave the previous day.

"As Chairman Xi pointed out in his remarks at the New Year banquet yesterday..." (Uyghur from Xinjiang)

CCTV even interrupted people eating to get the daily quota of Xi bites.
In Macao, just hearing his words was enough to make one well-dressed woman pledge the springtime of her youth in support...
At which point CCTV editors cut to the happy rabbit...

Hong Kong? "Xi's words are motivational and full of power," says this pleasant man in Hong Kong
Taiwan? Can't get enough of it.
This professor in Taiwan, inspired by Xi, sees an awesome year in cross-strait relations

The Chunwan special gets special mention of course

CCTV boasts it will be widely watched by foreigners in foreign movie theatres and places like Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
overlooked detail? Theatre looks empty, and the
the screen carries a warning about CCTV:
"Additional information available at the Department of Justice"

More accolades roll in. This man on the street interview in Brazil features a "huaqiao" who was so moved by Xi's speech he can quote lines of it verbatim.

In Thailand, they're still talking about Xi's speech.
"Listening to Chairman Xi speech made me so proud as an overseas Chinese..."

The head of the Confucius Foundation in Russia is
all-in with the spirit of the 20th party congress.

"Xi's speech was so inspirational, it really lit a fire..."

International accolades continue to roll in...
"Wow. Like how about that victorious 20th party congress!" (Brazil)
"In Chairman Xi's speech, the words that really got to me were...." (Thailand)
"In sum, Xi's accomplishments last year were really something..." (Singapore)

"We believe in Xi Jinping's leadership (Zambia)
"This is the year to implement the spirit of the 20th" (Russia)
"Happy New Year to China" (WEF)
Happy Spring festival and Rabbit year" (UN Human settlements)

"I wish you all a happy New Year" (Argentine President Fernández)
"Xin nian kuai le" (Canada PM Trudeau)

(Both leaders direct their comments at Chinese people in general and leave big-ego Xi out of it.)

A charming teacher and student send greetings the traditional way (Brazil)

When CCTV shows the globe spinning, it usually means the Moscow-provided Ukraine update is next, but not on this special and auspicious day.
Just nice New Year's cheer and soft propaganda.

Great Wall at night
Guomao in Beijing

Two sides of the river in Shanghai and Nanjing Road

CCTV also offers a stunning view of Xinjiang, seen through red-tinted lenses... Urumuqi and Kashgar get in program with the obligatory cheer.

And in icy, snowy Harbin in Heilongjiang, cold temperatures (recently reached 50 below) can't make the happiness go away.

Xin nian kuai le!

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