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Jan 24, 2023, 24 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.24 Lingering holiday spirit

-Xi personality cult back in gear
-Local color in a nation united in festive mode
-Russia gets lots of air time and sympathy
-US is adding oil to the fire in Ukraine

The news opens with:
"Wondering what the Chairman is thinking about?"
(my translation)

According to CCTV's visuals, he's thinking about dancing girls...and they're thinking about him.

They're thinking about the time the humble leader visited their humble village.

And pointed at pictures on the wall, including a picture of himself.

He listened. He endured. He touched.

"From the moment He came here, things really started to change...What happiness it has brought to us."

That's me back in 2018.
First He looked at me. The He shook my hand.

Ever since then, we've been dancing with joy...

We will always follow the party...

General scenes of Spring festival glee breaking out across China.

Beijing's Houhai is frozen over, a place for skating, sledding and sliding.

"The "tanghulu" (candied red hawthorn berries) are such a unique Beijing specialty!"

Scenes of Lunar New Year's celebrations around the world.

Russia Cultural Minister wants more exchanges.

Speaking of Russia, it's time for the Kremlin follies.
Here CCTV airs Moscow-supplied footage of Russian advances in Ukraine.

Russia's Foreign Minister says the West is wrecking the chance for peace. They want to hurt Russia.
It's so unfair!

"Adding oil to the fire," chimes in Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. "That's what it is."
Here CCTV skillfully edits in some of its evergreen shots of US weapons being unloaded.
"It's obvious who's doing it."

Another Moscow-sourced story. This about a spat with Estonia that has led to the expulsion of ambassadors.
China reports it from...Russia's side.

CCTV's intrepid Moscow camera crew shoots some real-time video near the Estonian Embassy
CCTV's creative map department comes up with this beauty of a map on which the only two cities named are Moscow and St. Petersburg

Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich, Chairman of Russia's Duma, pays a courtesy visit to Iran.

In a few rare tidbits of non-Moscow-sourced news, Turkey opposes Sweden in NATO, and is really mad about the book-burning protest in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

In a blow to the US dollar, (and US hegemony in general) Brazil and Argentina are looking into a joint currency.

And that's the news on this happy day!

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