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Jan 30, 2023, 32 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 1.30 Springtime of China's youth

-Youth reminded to heed the words of Xi
-Young people listen to the party, follow the party
-Young soldiers dream of a powerful military
-Russian weapons good, Western weapons bad
-Pitiful young people in US face bleak future

The big story today is about how Xi has young people all fired up to dedicate themselves to strictly observe party discipline and follow the command of the "commander"

It's somehow fitting that the lead story, dedicated to the awakening of youth in the springtime of their lives, should be footage actually filmed during spring.

Last April, to be exact.

(Just cause it's recycled doesn't mean it isn't a good top story)

The magical moment happened last year when Xi made a little impromptu to the campus of Renmin University.

Just a typical day at college, students casually lined up in the sun waiting for the leader to appear.

The Renmin campus is right next to Beijing's famous Sitong Bridge, where Peng Lifa unfurled his banners, but that's another story.
(not on CCTV)

The point is, daring to mingle with the masses has resulted in such good staged footage for the paramount leader that it can be used again. And again.

"We shall unwaveringly obey what the party says and follow the party's lead."
"We will not disappoint the deep expectations Chairman Xi has for us youth."

Striving to "live up to the times" young people, clearly in awe of Xi's extraordinarily high-self regard, here seem to be mastering the high art of taking selfies.

Chairman Xi's historic visit to this rural town--it's hard to believe it's only been one year--has stimulated wave after wave of positive change.

Judging from the footage, even the most bovine creatures, normally lethargic, are more productive, more active and more aroused than before.

A master of all arts, the Chairman not only paid a visit to a primitive kitchen, but he lifted the lid on the pot to see what was cooking.
"It needs more soy sauce..." his highness is thought to have mumbled.
Needless to say, lunch was delicious.

Xi's visit to Shanxi has been the talk of the town ever since.
"Xi really pays attention to young people...Just hearing him talk makes us want to dedicate the springtime of our youth to sinking deep roots in the fields..."

Looks like her dream came true...

Other young people, similarly inspired by their uniquely inspirational leader who uniquely understands young people, have chosen to expend the fleeting days of youth on the rugged borderlands of the motherland.

Beijing Normal University has a branch campus that was breathless after hearing their school motto expropriated by Xi:
“Learn to Be a Teacher for the People, Be an Example for the World"
Just wow...

And they're still talking about it...
"I still remember when the Chairman..."

As they say in Luoyang, "As the Chairman said..."

Xi thought radiates broadly through the land.
The beam over the Great Hall of the People is particularly bright and laser sharp in keeping with the focused spirit of the 20th.

A great spiritual wave sweeps across China.

The Xi adulation wave is so powerful it reaches an altitude of 5100 meters in Tibet, inspiring young soldiers to defend the motherland.

It's the dream of those in the springtime of their lives to strengthen the army and the country, to loyally follow the commander in chief.

In other "red" news, Chinese tomatoes are especially delicious.

Especially those tomatoes grown in this big greenhouse in Shandong, a greenhouse so big it can almost be seen from space.

Update from the Kremlin...
Special military operation news in full swing, full of fawning photos of lethal rockets, as if Russian weapons were a thing of beauty.

Russia is proudly showing off the "Marker" its new combat robot, said to be trained to detect "American and Western" weapons. Supposedly deployed in Donbas, but the photos here look like factory footage.

CCTV's image of Ukraine fighting back.

Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich, chairman of State Duma, is not pleased with US support of Ukraine.

The US is interfering in Russia's special operation.
They are introducing tanks to the battlefield.
It's ugly.
They are not neutral, they have their finger on the button...

Russia's Foreign Ministry says the US is involved as a participant in the conflict, and these photos supposedly illustrate that.

(Note the Ukraine flag arm patch)

The foreign ministers of Russia and Eritrea agree:
-US seeks hegemony
-US is unilateral
-US is ruining the world
-US is putting humankind at risk

Yet the next story suggests the US isn't even in control of its own country.
For the third day in a row, CCTV sends in a crew to report on scattered police violence protests.

Today's footage, from Memphis, Oakland and Jacksonville, does not showcase the agitprop marchers from the Party for Socialism and Liberation as was the case in previous reports, but turns the camera to individual protesters with hand-made signs.

A mining company in Australia lost a highly radioactive capsule somewhere on the road below.

And that's the news of the day.

Zai jian!

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