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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Feb 7, 2023, 20 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 2.7 All calm under Xi's control

-Xi gives a speech about his accomplishments
-Applause and plaudits massive
-Dairy and farm sectors good
-Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
-China ready to provide aid
-US fans flames in Ukraine
-US in flames in Ohio

CCTV provides multiple angles on the sustained applause.

Giant dairy farm in Gansu is the lead domestic feature, followed by one of CCTV's favorite tractor shots.

Earthquake coverage begins with some of the same pictures that have shocked the world

And CCTV has a Turkish-speaking journalist on the ground which hints at the reach of its infrastructure and scope of its talent.
If only they were allowed to do journalism...

CCTV also has a stringer on the ground in Syria, offering a gritty standup inside the disaster zone.

But CCTV, being a mouthpiece for the CCP, can't help but turn the focus back to China.

Did you know that China has an amazing orange-clad rescue squad?

The search and rescue team, filmed in China, gets more coverage than the earthquake in two countries.
It's the kind of self-promotion PR move the party elders and senior editors couldn't resist.
Nice patch. Nice flag.

See how the rescuers march in formation around the parking lot in China!

See the determination on their faces...

Watch them as they eat, attend meetings and begin to pack things.

Watch them as they enter an empty airport terminal
Admire how they lug their luggage.
Watch them march up the ramp.

All modesty aside, China is giving a huge amount of money.
But, in all fairness, China is not the only country helping.
Russia is helping, too.
(Iraq and Iran, too.)

Speaking of Russia, the news jump-cuts to artillery in the field. (footage courtesy of Russian MOD)

Russia patiently seeks to pacify Ukraine.

But the US is ruining the chances of a swift victory by lending aid to the Ukrainians. Those tanks!
The US is roundly denounced in Iran for creating conflict.

West Bank Jordan River clashes between Israel and Palestine result in casualties. (Israeli footage)

Germany rocked by strikes and high prices at the checkout counter.
(see what happens when you sanction Russian gas and dampen enthusiasm for Chinese imports?)

But the world news wouldn't be the world news without an update from the US, which as CCTV sees it, is up in flames.

Derailed train in Ohio emits toxic gas

The US is a hopeless mess.

And that concludes the day's news.
Zai jian!

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