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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Feb 8, 2023, 20 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 2.8 Xi rejects Westernization!

-To be replaced with Xi Jinping thought!
-In keeping with spirit of the 20th and Xi's wisdom!
-Ukraine update from Kremlin war room
-Update on China aid to quake
-No news of US today (balloon still taboo)

Xi's propagandists, still bristling from historic "desecration" of Tiananmen Square by those allegedly pro-Western demonstrators, uses the Square, Great Hall, and Xinhua Gate as unassailable icons of CCP power, erasing inconvenient memories that challenge the sanctity of his rule

"We have established Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of our party" -Party School cadre

CCTV illustrates Xi's vision of China's New Journey in this New (non-Western) Era vividly in pictures:

-Dancing ladies dazzle in non-Western dress
-Smiling men catch fat fish in pristine lake
-Captive baby calf massaged by rapturous hands
-The ecstasy of the cabbages

The central conceit being that all good things in China, great and small, can be traced back to Xi Jinping's mutterings inside his bunker in Zhongnanhai.

Alas, Xi brings such joyous tidings to China...

And CCTV offers convincing proof of Xi's good reign, keeping to his mandate to tell China's story well in this gripping TV narrative about what looks to be an ordinary parking lot.

"You see, look at the spaces in this parking lot"
(all four spaces are taken)
"And bear in mind, there's also an underground parking lot nearby which is basically full"
"There used to be only a few cars there are more!"

Meanwhile, a very good friend of Mr. Xi is pursuing a bloody war in Ukraine, but CCTV gives us the safe and comfy view from the Kremlin driver's seat.

Important-looking men in important-looking chairs staring at important looking screens

A hybrid meeting of diabolical minds, looking for new punitive ways to crush resistance and pacify Ukraine.

The esteemed General Sergei Shoigu is at the helm at behest of leader-for-life and master strategist Putin.

Powerful military men listen attentively as word comes from on high. Their minds are in the heat of battle, they can practically smell victory from their snazzy audio-visually equipped multimedia war room.

Ever wonder where CCTV gets its Ukraine footage from?
Wonder no more. This is the source, the motherlode, PR central for the special military operation is here.
(a special thanks to Russia's Defense Ministry for sharing with Chinese viewers these amazing shots)

The Russian footage, as loyal CCTV viewers know from daily viewing for almost a year now, shows one Russian big gun after another.

Lately, the footage has expanded from stock photos to include actual shots of action with no context in addition to the usual glistening missiles and guns.
The take-away message is that Russians are taking control of Bakhmut.

For the anti-US diatribe, CCTV ups its game, offering an artful medley of views of the US Embassy in Moscow. Still trying to figure out the symbolism of the noble Russian spire between ugly US buildings.
US provokes, fuels, meddles and extends "the conflict"

Russia has been for peace all along, right from the start, and the US is ruining it.

Note to those new to CCTV: It's Ukraine's fault for not rolling over, Zelensky's fault for resisting, and the fault of US/NATO for stubbornly coming to the aid of a territory coveted by Russia

The big news in earthquake coverage today is that a team of rescuers from China flew on the big Air China jet visible in the background to Turkey to offer help.

Yesterday, a lengthy news segment showed these Chinese heroes marching in formation and packing for the journey. Today's program is more action-oriented, mostly about arrival and unpacking.
Still at the airport.

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