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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Feb 12, 2023, 29 tweets

Xi's Tibet
A big propaganda film on Tibet is about to drop on CCTV. Here's a sneak preview. The pictures are pretty, the production values good, but the truth value is surely open to question.

Happy people dancing all the time.

In other news, China is making great strides in energy production..

Credit for this, and any other significant advances made by the nation at this time, or any time in the last ten years, are due to this extraordinary man.

He has truly navigated China into the New Era

China is a country in blossom...

...full of culture and happy villagers

The rest of the world is not so lucky...

CCTV now has several crews covering the quake in Turkey and a fresh crew in Syria...

The camera crew does a creditable job of recording the dislocation caused by the quake, but the price for this kind of touching coverage in a state such as Syria is steep.

As in China itself, it is imperative to let the local officials set the narrative, get the last word.
An official from Bashar Assad's office says: the earthquake is bad, but what makes it "three times worse" are the sanctions imposed on Syria by the US and EU.

She says the sanctions prevent Syria from providing relief to its people stricken by disaster.

"It's because in the West, they put politics above humanitarianism."

Syria's ambassador to Moscow agrees:

"US sanctions mean that even an ambulance cannot get enough gas to drive and yet the US is still stealing Syrian oil!"

Thankfully, China cares. It's got a rescue team on the ground in Turkey, and they've been graciously pausing work to pose for photos for five days now.

They've been looking at wreckage and pointing at things since they don't speak the language.

They are the pride of China's humanitarian push, and under the loving focus of CCTV cameras, their distinct outfits with bilingual markings in English and Chinese let the world know which country really cares.

And now over to the Kremlin for an update on Ukraine...The bombardment is going well, all kinds of long guns in action.

Russia takes great pride in its military prowess and ability to force its will on others.

But the stubborn Ukrainians. aided and abetted by the US, won't surrender...

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the Seymour Hersh Nord Stream story really has legs.
CCTV, too, has been talking about it for four days straight. They don't give all stories from the US this kind of credence--China TV has yet to mention the balloon story, but they sure like this one.

This anchor for a Russian TV program is excited about the revelations made by that American journalist...

Seymour Hersh is the talk of the town.

Russia thinks it's so unfair!
We demand an investigation!

CCTV quotes a German scholar who says US actions
are nothing short of terrorism. With access to cheap Russian gas cut, the damage to German industry, chemical plants and people is incalculable.
The US has destroyed the lifeline of Germany.

In other bad news for the US, Mexico and Cuba agree that US sanctions are mean.

And Iran is up in arms because the US doesn't care about human rights. They just like to suppress people.

If you think the US is Satan, raise your fists...

Apparently the heavens do not look kindly upon a hegemonic power seeking to thwart the rise of Iran, China and other righteous countries.

An American jet has collided with a shuttle bus at America's Los Angeles Airport!
Thank you for watching this evening.
Zai jian!

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