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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Feb 17, 2023, 16 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 2.17 See the world as Xi sees it
-Admirers of China from Mideastern nations gather to learn more about the "spirit of the 20th party congress"

China's good Arab friends dutifully take notes, attempting to grasp the essence of Xi Jinping thought, riveted with inspiration while three Chinese officials ramble off the standard rhetoric.

But the big foreign news story today is from Moscow where Volodin Vyacheslav Victorovich, head of Russia's "democratic" Duma, accuses the US of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline

Seymour Hersh is still in the news, as his "bombshell" report still setting off secondary explosions in Moscow and Beijing.

US and Norway are now in the gun-sights of righteous indignation for their act of terrorism.

Meanwhile, Russia's high-tech attempt to rein in truculent break-away Ukraine proceeds apace.

Russia is doing its best to bring the Kiev regime to heel as quickly as possible.

CCTV, though dependent on Russia for nearly all its Ukraine footage and analysis, does like to air a shot from the "opposition" in the interests of being "fair and balanced."
Ukraine fights back.

But Russia gets the lion's share of air time and it blames everything bad on the US and NATO
It's so unfair!

Mick Wallace, an Irish delegate to the EU Assembly's food safety committee currently under investigation for not declaring ownership of three Dublin pubs "says the West is making a war without end...and is not interested in a ceasefire, dialogue or peace."

Meanwhile, the US is still feeling the heat from that train wreck in Ohio.

CCTV, perhaps tired of paying royalty fees for US supplied footage, sent a crew to East Palestine to record some original footage of their own.

CCTV's man on the scene bravely removed the gas mask* he was wearing for stand-ups to camera to conduct interviews with distraught residents of the polluted area.

(*gas mask clip from a different CCTV news show)

The file footage is two weeks old and has been aired repeatedly, but it accords nicely with Xi Jinping's apparent view that the US is one big train wreck and going down in flames.

And it's not just Ohio. This just in, from Florida...

A factory ablaze is not exactly an uplifting way to conclude the news show, unless you see it as confirming the paramount leader's belief that the US is in terminal decline and China is on the rise.

"And that's it for this broadcast"
Zai jian!

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