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Feb 24, 11 tweets

Excited to have our much-improved 1000-genome 🌾 pathogen paper appear in @NatureComms today. This has been a mammoth effort by @AliceFeurtey! Made possible by 24 amazing co-authors sharing decades-worth of collected strains and genomes across the world.


Inspired by the amazing work by the Arabidopsis thaliana community including @PlantEvolution, @magnusnordborg, @joybergelson and many more: Our panel retraces the global spread of Zymoseptoria tritici, a major fungal pathogen of wheat from its origins in The Middle East.

The historic pathogen “jumps” from continent to continent precisely tracks the spread of wheat leaving distinct marks on the pathogen gene pool.

Some regions present though more complex mixtures of genotypes due to multiple contact zones and very recent spread events.

We have long been fascinated by the highly dynamic genome of this species. #TEs

Check out @OggenfussUrsula’s work on TEs and incipient genome expansion: elifesciences.org/articles/69249

@badet_thomas’s machine learning approach to structural variation creation: nature.com/articles/s4146…

With @AliceFeurtey’s work, we have now the clearest picture yet how a loss in genomic defenses likely triggered renewed transposable element activity.

We also asked the question how a single species can cope with the broad range of climates in which wheat is grown across continents.

We used genotype-environment association mapping based on the 1000-genome panel. A number of promising loci contributing to climate adaptation can now be further characterized.

We are very excited by the era of 1000-genome panels to retrace short-term evolution of pathogen species, the global spread and consequences for climate adaptation. Surely, more pathogens will follow in short order.

We were very fortunate for the amazing support of a global community of scientists working on Zymoseptoria tritici who shared data, strains and know-how.

Thank you! @CcileLorrain, @McdonaldMeganc, A. Milgate, @petersolomon99, R. Warren, @guido_puccetti, @ScallietG, @S_Torriani

T. Marcel, @wheatpath, J. Alassimone, A. Lipzen, Y. Yoshinaga, C. Baum, K. Barry, I. Grigoriev, S. Goodwin, A. Genissel, @MFSeidl, @EvaStukenbrock, @henri_lebrun, G. Kema and B. McDonald.

Thanks for your trust and openness!

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