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Feb 25, 2023, 5 tweets

Don't just compare #Cyrus the Great (کوروش بزرگ
; 𐎤𐎢𐎽𐎢𐏁) to rulers before him

This is not a convenient fact, so it's is ignored by modern authors: Compare him to what came after:

Romans had no issues destroying what there was in Britain, Germany...: old beliefs...


See e.g., Boudican revolt.

Centuries later authors had to invent the magical world of "western civilization" by connecting Greece to Rome, Rome to various parts of the world. Now it's basically skin color & religion that connect such widely different cultures in


Hungary to Scotland, But can't let Turkey into EU cause they're not Christian & white enough!

Arabs had no issues force converting Egyptians, Central Asians... to Islam, and forcing people to speak Arabic in various places. They didn't need to write a cylinder to pretend!


Mongols had NO issues destroying everything and murdering everyone, No issues I assure you.

White people had No issues murdering, raping, robbing land, force converting indigenous people all over the world, among other atrocities.

England had no issues destroying


cultures & places in name of "civilizing" societies.

Cyrus & the Persians Respected other cultures, other religions. Cyrus Respected other people. He had no reason to "pretend"

This is not Convenient for writers today, so they have to go to great lengths to Rewrite "history".

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