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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Mar 3, 2023, 19 tweets

Foreigners flock to China to learn about Xi Jinping's contributions to human civilization and global development.

Xi Jinping's New Era Chinese-style modernization is deep, profound, lofty and a bit difficult for non-Chinese to grasp, but with attentive note-taking and proper inculcation, they, too, can aspire to Chinese-level civilization guided by the spirit of the 20th party congress.

The "Chinese Marxism and Its Modern Effect" (only for Chinese students of Class 1) looks especially enticing.

-I really want to see how China does it.
-Chairman Xi Jinping encourages Chinese-style modernization...setting an example for global humanity.

Chinese-style modernization is a hot topic at China's South-South Institute.

It's really out of this world

"XJP modernization is for the benefit of the entire world, especially countries that seek to accelerate autonomous development."

"Chinese style modernization is a new stage in the civilization of humanity."

China has so much to teach mankind

200 years ago, Napoleon said that China was a sleeping giant...

But in the New Era...the giant has awakened!

(though it looks like he could use a cup of coffee)

Chinese communism is the light of the world.

In this, our New Era...Chinese-style modernization is contributing to the construction a new theoretical system

Minorities in full costume, swans, wild horses and cranes are used to illustrate a globalization expert's point:
China's cooperative global push reflects well on Chinese-style modernization.

In fact, China's way "is the only correct way" to "build a strong country and rejuvenate the nation."

China is a leader in clean energy.

(If you don't think about the coal and gas used to create electricity for all those snazzy EVs. China has been guzzling Russian oil and gas at record rates and it's the biggest burner of coal in the world)

At this point, CCTV loses the thread and just starts recycled scenic shots to go along with the dreary narration.

Nothing like the insertion of a few dreamy sunsets to underscore your point, whatever the point is.

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