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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Mar 12, 2023, 30 tweets

A minority member of the People's Congress expresses her thrill upon learning the result that dear Chairman Xi had been "chosen" for another term.

Students from rival schools, Beijing U and Tsinghua U students put aside their school rivalry to agree: Xi's victory is warmly welcomed by all students, especially at Tsinghua, where this earnest young fellow can't imagine life for instant without Xi in the driver's seat.

Young people support the party and consider themselves lucky to be living in Xi's New Era.

Enthusiasm and devotion for Xi are especially evident in Tibet.

What's there not to like?

Young people these days....all they talk about is Xi.

The military is especially well-indoctrinated.

Xi's good soldiers are ready to fight at the drop of a hat, as devoted and loyal to him as to the flag, but I repeat myself, for nation and THE NAVIGATOR are almost one and the same.

Xi has weapons of mass destruction in his arsenal

The Air Force has his back...

So does the rocket force.

The military is pleased to part of Xi's New Journey

The next few scenes look like prep for an invasion of a nearby island...

Storm those beaches...

It is clearly futile to resist...

Remote border outposts are vigilant under Xi's watch

And Chinese-made drones have military applications.

In foreign news, the world is full of praise for Xi Jinping and his heavenly kingdom.

In other foreign news, Russia continues to fire away, bringing indiscriminate destruction to Ukraine.

CCTV would like to kindly thank its sponsors in the Kremlin for this footage.

Being fair and balanced, CCTV, for the first time in a year of unrelentingly odious Russian cockpit pics, shows a Ukrainian airborne attack in action.

As CCTV tells it, Czechs want peace with a Russian accent, or should I just say, "MIR"
No complaint about Russia's invasion, per se, just a complaint about Ukraine being armed by the west.

Hungary's Viktor Orban says it's war, war, war with the West, but luckily, in this world, there is another view.
China wants cease-fire and negotiations!

(as soon as possible so that pal Putin can hold onto as much of his crazed, ill-begotten gains as possible)

CCTV has no practice covering demonstrations in China, so its Tokyo-based crew goes to town covering this Japanese protest about Fukushima.

Judging from this crack footage, they like covering demonstrations and are pretty good at it. Any chance they can practice these skills back in the motherland?

Speaking of the motherland, let us now close on a dreamy, floral note...

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