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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Mar 18, 2023, 27 tweets

CCTV FOLLIES 3.18 The world is China's garden
-Global Civilization Initiative glows bright
-Let spring not bloom just in China but the whole world!
(Does anyone remember what happened the last time China let one hundred flowers bloom? )

The words are all about peace, harmony, and humanity, but the pictures tell the real story.
China is keen to get the economy jump-started so they can get kicking in global trade

Even as CCTV reviews Xi's days-old meeting, it illustrates the theme with trains and empty docks.

Of course, there is also praise for the paramount leader. Prominent personages in South Africa and Serbia weigh in, as do influencers from El Salvador and Albania: Xi is the man humanity needs.

Cyril Ramaphosa: "We fully agree with Xi's initiative."

So why so many pictures of idle infrastructure?

The vice-chair of England's communist party (Marxist-Leninist) speaks of China's Xi in glowing terms:
"Comrade Xi's important remarks stress development, cooperation and mutual respect."
A Chinese comrade who specializes in the "Chinese way" stresses the key role of China's CCP.

"The most profound influence I get from hearing Chairman Xi's remarks on the Global Civilization Initiative is that a single flower blossoming does not equal spring. One hundred flowers must blossom for the world to be a garden."
(editor of Nigeria's "New Dawn" newspaper)

Chinese tractors anticipating spring...

More news about key meetings.

The Western press fraudulently claims that China has high youth unemployment, but CCTV respectfully disagrees.
Look at all the job fairs being held this spring!
So many jobs!

"This year there are so many enterprises..."
"This provides an awesome platform..."

Not only are there convenient information booths, but you can now search for a job on your phone!
On your own!

But it's fun to go the job fair in person because you might get to see this cute robot dog scampering around.

China is leading the drive at the UN for a new consensus on so-called "human rights"

Now, in world news, a look at Russia's push back against NATO expansion. We get to ride aboard one of Russia's attack helicopters which is doing a crack job of defending itself.

Russian rockets fly into the blue sky.

Gloomy Ukraine fights back

But it's all the fault of the US which is stoking fires and fanning flames with its heedless support of Ukraine.

About that pipeline blast? The Kremlin has questions.
How come Russia isn't being invited to investigate?

Russia says it's just not fair!
Savvy foreign observers agree. The whole thing is a nefarious plot to weaken Russia.

US banks going bankrupt!

CCTV's West coast crew gets some amazing shots...

Not to be outdone, CCTV's East coast crew nails it.

Dow Jones, Standard & Poor and Nasdaq all tanking

UK passport officers strike!

More uplifting news from the USA...

And that's the end of our broadcast!

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