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Apr 11, 2023, 9 tweets

Think about this

At 14:30, US30 open UK time, based on m15 LONGS were the only option


Used m5 and m1 tma / rsihisto to time my long scalps

M30, H1 bearish divergence coming in?

MTF analysis tells me what to do

I never assume, I follow charts and scalp what I see


Yellow line is the linechart high, look at the new tma and rsihito long momentum bars

You shouldn't sell against that, drop to a lower tf and trade when it tells you to

The point I'm trying to make here is that the tma and rsihisto never lie

If h1, m30, m15 are telling me I cannot find a valid sell trade I MUST just wait for the best looking valid long trades

The, h1,m30,m15 DONT have to look PERFECT for longs, just bullish NOT bearish


+++ just look for as near perfect m5/m1 setups that agree with the higher TF bias

It is not a science, YOU just have to work out the best way to make ONE winning trade a day

Price will move at market opens, work out the correct bais & scalp it

#GreenPips #3cr #3crsquad

Timing is everything, I watched the h1 close bullish, then the new m15 close bullish and took another long to the R1 pivot

Traders trade, Scalpers scalp, Scammers sell courses #3cr

Thinking aloud so that you may think for yourselves

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