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May 27, 10 tweets

after Chat GPT arrived, dozens of existing @ycombinator startups suddenly decided they're "AI-powered" to attract gullible investors ... behold the pivots and the B.S. that is the silicon valley startup economy .. 🧵

Juicebox in November vs. Juicebox today .. now with AI

MagnaPlay two months ago vs. MagnaPlay today .. now with AI (and a totally new pitch)

Fini two months ago vs. Fini today (now with AI)

Stellar app two months ago v. Stellar app today (now with AI)

Pump (lol) in October vs. Pump today (now with AI)

Knowtex a few months ago vs. Knowtex today (now with AI)

Uplink in January vs. Uplink today (now with AI)

check out the @ycombinator funded startup Reviewify, which promises to use AI to fix your code. on left is reviewify. on right is chat gpt. hmm

could give many more examples but probably best to stop here. especially after SVB/ First Republic, it may be worth asking how many of these extremely well-funded startups are using AI branding to rip off gullible investors

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