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金培力 CCTV FOLLIES at Fulbright, Knight, Nieman Fellow.

Aug 1, 2023, 9 tweets

During this time of trouble, the restive populace is sure to be calmed by this new publication highlighting Xi Jinping's penetrating insights into high-level science

Yet another publication by the world's greatest freelance writer:
Xi Jinping Thought on Strong Military

Why read it once when you can read it three times?

The next ten minutes is devoted to some reassuring, inspirational shots of Xi Jinping who has total control of the military and wants the world to know it.

Finally some news about the flooding, which saw water overflows but was met in timely manner by authorities.

Under Xi's firm guidance, the rescue efforts exceeded all expectations

Evacuation and road repair handled smoothly.

This is the most graphic image shown of the floods. Raging waters, rubble on bridge but under control.

Sure, the rain was heavy, but at least it's not a heat wave. The US Southwest is smoldering and mountains are catching fire in California.

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