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Oct 4, 2023, 8 tweets

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"Ep. 28 Trans, Inc: genital mutilation is not just a fad. It’s a full-blown industry __ Chris Moritz has been following the money."




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04OCT23 2

"Follow the money …"



04OCT23 3

"What they’re doing to the children in this country for profit is beyond anything comprehensible by anyone with an ounce of morality"


"It’s unbelievable and criminal!"



04OCT23 4

"How did we become not just a police state but a perverted police state—“China plus drag queens”? I made a movie about this"



04OCT23 5

"Here’s the official trailer for “Police State.” Please watch and share! Movie is in theaters Monday, October 23 and 25. Virtual premiere is Friday, October 27."



04OCT23 6

"Well done for covering this"


"He’s going deep on everything that people want to see and hear."



04OCT23 7

"Transgender experimental mutilation and other dangerous treatments are clearly a new profit center for "children's hospitals."



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