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The members have different theories about Yoongi and Jimin's relationship, they can’t agree on the nature of their supposedly secret relationship but they all agree the pair needs to stop having sex in places the members can hear them
WARNINGS ⚠️🔞 (please don’t read if you’re not comfortable or do not like any of the following)

- accidental voyeurism (this will be discussed), canonverse (!!!), mentions of everyone x everyone, mentions of members x yoonmin, top!yg and btm!jm

[This is a comedy ficthread]
I. Jungkook

It happened because Jungkook was in a hurry and desperate to pee
In his defense, he went to the bathroom that was closest to the living room and the door was unlocked

They should have been careful with what they do in the middle of the dorm or at least lock the door
Jungkook had only wanted to pee, he basically ran inside the bathroom and even if he heard the shower running he was going to be quick about it. The hyung showering was going to understand, there’s nothing weird with peeing while another member showers. They are all past that
But either way, he wasn’t planning on greeting the hyung inside and make things awkward, so he quietly took his cock out to pee, sighing lowly because finally!!!
but then in the middle of it he heard a broken groan.

And that was when Jungkook should have left the bathroom
Because that groan was clearly one of pleasure. Jungkook could definitely tell. /He knows/

But it wouldn't be the first time he's walked in a member jerking off so he kept peeing, and maybe he was blushing slightly but it didn’t matter. He just decided to ignore it and go
However the groan turned into a hiss, and oh- it was Yoongi hyung. Jungkook could tell his hyungs tone apart. Of course he can.
Jungkook breathed out slowly- in that moment Jungkook was already regretting his actions- Why did it had to be Yoongi hyung out of all of the members???
He had heard Yoongi jerk off before. They all had- at some point in their lives. It didn’t mean that Jungkook was less affected by the sounds (oh, another low groan) that certain grumpy hyung made. Jungkook sighed, he was just going to finish peeing and leave him alone but then-
“Ahh- Jimin, baby, that feels so good-”

And Jungkook froze because
That was clearly Yoongi’s voice but he had said
Jungkook turned slowly to watch the curtain covering whatever was happening inside the shower, realization coming to him and his eyes widened in horror
Jungkook closed his eyes to listen carefully over the sound of the water splashing on the shower tiles and he heard it, a clearly slurping sound and oh my god-
It couldn’t be
Jungkook tucked his dick back inside his pants turning to leave because there’s no way that was happening
The younger was close to the door when

“Hyung, please, come on my face." Jimin pleaded. And that was Jimin, it really was him inside the shower with Yoongi hyung and then Jungkook had the image of Jimin on his knees and cum on his face and the whole day couldn’t get any worse
A loud groan followed by a desperate “Shit, shit Jimin- you're so hot” proved to him the day could indeed get worse, and the sound of Yoongi reaching his orgasm made Jungkook shiver.... he had only wanted to pee,

"We're not done yet," Yoongi said and Jungkook fleed the bathroom
Afterwards when Jungkook thinks about it again, he concludes it all comes down to the need to get off.

Why had Jimin gone to Yoongi hyung and not to Taehyung was something he could dwell on later, after he tells everything he heard on the bathroom to Taehyung, that is.
II. Seokjin

For Seokjin, it wasn't surprising at first,

The members have kissed before, not all of them, but it has happened. Everyone knows Yoongi and Namjoon kissed once, Jimin and Taehyung have definitely kissed, Taehyung was Jungkook’s first kiss, none was ever a secret
So when Seokjin walks inside his and Yoongi's room -which was unlocked- and finds the lights off and he hears sucking and smooching and breathy giggles, he correctly guesses that they are two busy members. He thinks he knows which ones they are exactly (if one is Yoongi)
He decides not to be a bother and turn on the light, he’ll just take his charger out and let them be. They won't even see him walk to his side of the room.

Now, Jin knew Yoongi and Jimin had been making out for the last few weeks, and he wasn’t going to call them out right now.
However he stops midway towards his bedside table when he hears it.

“h-hurts” Jimin hisses and is Jimin in pain?
“Breathe in, you're so tense” Yoongi mutters lowly but Jin can hear it perfectly from where he is standing behind the wall that separates each side of the room
Ok, if Jimin was in pain then Jin should do something about it. He really was contemplating asking them if they were okay when Jimin hissed again but then Yoongi pronounced the words that will forever be scarred in Jin's mind

“I can take it out, let's use more lube, okay?”
Jin can’t believe this. There’s no way he’s listening correctly

“No, no, it’s okay- just let me” Jimin’s voice is high and Jin imagines him moving his hands in the air, anxious, Yoongi answers with slurping and kissing sounds
Jin is quickly searching for his charger in the dark
Where did he left the damn thing? Jin curses and then he hears Jimin taking a deep breath “Hyung, can you add one more?”

Jin hears Jimin's voice perfeclt even if its small and he tenses slightly at how vulnerable it is... but Jin didn't need the explanation of what was happening
Jin finds his charger when Yoongi tenderly whispers "Like it? Is it okay?" and Jin sighs relieved because at least he knows Yoongi is treating Jimin well

“Ah- ah Yoongi,” Jimin gasps and Jin closes his eyes. He didn’t need the vocal reassurance that Yoongi was doing a good job
When more wet sounds fill the room Jin hurriedly moves towards the door, charger in hand, hoping to go out unnoticed but he, of course, steps on a shoe- and he curses internally for the loud noise it makes.

“Hyung,” Jimin warns, his voice filled with tension. Fuck, fuck, fuck
But Yoongi shushes him, and Jin relaxes, frozen on spot

Jin listens to how Yoongi kisses Jimin, moving around the bed. “It’s nothing, Jiminie,” there's rustle of bedsheets and then “Calm down, it’s just us.” Jin is taken aback by how sweet Yoongi sounds, how gentle he speaks.
Jin hears them kissing again and he wonders what to do. If he tries for the door right away then they are going to realize he’s been inside the room, especially now that Jimin is really antsy and that would probably kill the mood and Jimin is clearly in need of a good mood
“I’m sorry I’m so nervous” Jimin whispers and Jin hearts breaks, Yoongi needs to reassure him that’s it’s okay to be nervous!

“It’s okay, baby” Yoongi whispers back and Jin sighs -he hopes not too loudly- “It’s okay to be nervous, don’t apologize, this is about you, not me”
“I also want you to feel good” Jimin confesses and Jin is internally cooing even at this bizarre situation

“I’ll feel good If I know you’re enjoying it” Yoongi kisses him

“You promise it will feel good?” Jimin shakily asks-- and oh my god REASSURE HIM MIN YOONGI!!!
“I promise,” Yoongi whispers "You were liking it right?" There's silence that Jin hopes it's Jimin nodding, "See?" Yoongi has to kiss Jimin again, Jin rolls his eyes "You just have to get used to it, you'll like it"

“Okay hyung, can we try again?” And that's Jin's cue to leave
Jin tiptoes towards the door while slick sounds fill the room, Yoongi is probably opening Jimin up again, slowly, but Jimin’s breathing grows desperate breathing little “Mhps” and “Ah”s. The wet sounds make Jin shiver but the door is so close already, the doorknob just there
Jin is twisting the doorknob when,

“I’m going to add one more” Yoongi warns

“ngh- okay”

And Jimin screeches in pain with the new addition, and God Jin is about to cross the room and smack Yoongi on the head for not making sure Jimin is feeling good. That fucking idiot
But he doesn’t have to because suddenly the screech is replaced by a loud moan, and Jimin must be feeling more than good to make that sound, and the following ones

Yoongi only chuckles “There? Did I find it?”

Now Jin wants to smack the rapper for sounding so smug,
It sounds wet again and Yoongi must be pulling his fingers out to then slam them back inside -and Jin should have been prepared for this

“Ah- ah hyung! Yes! There!” Jimin's voice goes really high,

“Good” Yoongi says and his tone has somehow gotten lower, Jin winces at it
Yoongi must have pressed his fingers further inside because Jimin is whimpering

“Ah! Ah! Feels good!” Of course Jimin would be screamer “Ah hyung!”

Jin closes the door when Jimin’s moans grow louder, there’s no way the pair heard the slam of the door over the younger's screams
It was only when Jin was charging his phone, and scrolling through some random website that he realized: the members have kissed, most of them have, but he wasn't aware of any of the members doing sexual favours to each other. That was a little bit over what's considered friendly
Maybe Jimin asked Yoongi because the rapper was always talking about his experiences with men. Maybe Jimin wanted to explore a bit, try new stuff out and he trusted Yoongi to try it out with.

Yeah, that must be it, Jin thought and tried to forget about the couple in his room
III. Hoseok

The members know lots about each other, know a lot more than is necessary honestly. They know secrets and preferences. They know weaknesses and embarrassing experiences

But what matters to Hoseok at the moment is that they all know Jimin is a virgin, or is he?
Hoseok thinks he must know it more than anyone: since they are roommates there are things bound to be heard. Jimin jerking off, Jimin sultrily talking on the phone late at night to whoever he's currently flirting with, and it doesn’t happen often but sometimes Jimin with someone.
It hasn’t happened in a long time, at first it was with Taehyung when both of them were curious, but nothing again since then. He has found the best friends making out but not anymore

So he’s surprised to wake up to kissing sounds and labored breathing in the middle of the night
To be honest, he doesn’t even want to know who is it, because it probably is Taehyung or Jungkook, they are at that horny age

Hoseok only wants to sleep. He curses himself for not having his earphones close so he can ignore the sounds, he shouldn’t have lended them to Namjoon
He’s considering just let them be and go back to sleep when he hears it

“Ah hyung! Can you- ah” Jimin moans loudly

Oh- so no Taehyung or Jungkook. Weird, Hoseok was mistaken. But it's the answer what really makes Hoseok freeze

“Baby,” And that with no mistake is Yoongi’s voice
Hoseok can’t believe that out all of the members, Yoongi is the one next to him right now.

After a small moan from Jimin, Yoongi warns him “,you need to be quiet, we can wake Hoseok up”

“Ngh, I’m quiet” Jimin hisses and Hoseok rolls his eyes from where he’s laying. He’s not
“Suck them” Yoongi offers what Hoseok imagines are his fingers

And then the slurping sounds can be heard and Jimin must be sucking on Yoongi’s fingers, and Hoseok craves death. If he moves, will they realize he's awake? But that would be so embarrasing, Hoseok closes his eyes
The beds are just one next to each other... why are Yoongi and Jimin trying to ruin Hoseok's night, why couldn't they go to Jin's and Yoongi's room?

Hoseok tries to sleep, but there's a slurping noise and Jimin must be eagerly sucking on the fingers. And Hoseok is picturing it..
And then there's a hollow sound that must mean Jimin got tired of Yoongi's fingers and then the worse comes

“I’m ready hyung” Jimin whispers, but in the silence of the night it sounds loudly, resonating in Hoseok’s ears. Hoseok will die, Jimin is a virgin. What is he doing?
"Sure?" Yoongi asks

And Hoseok should tell him that No!! That he's wide awake and what the hell are these two doing?? Getting down and dirty right next to him, with no sense of shame or respect or privacy

"Yes, hurry!" Jimin whines

"Aish, don't get so bossy" Yoongi chuckles
"You have the condom?" Yoongi asks

Hoseok can't believe it. They are doing it, they are really doing it right next to him. He should have asked for another roomate, Jin hyung wouldn't do this to him, Namjoon wouldn't either. He trusted Jimin, and Yoongi- that bastard
"Yeah, wait"

Hoseok is staring at the wall, his back facing the couple, pretending to sleep while Jimin searches for condoms, CONDOMS! next to him. It can't be, Yoongi hadn't mentioned anything about Jimin to him before, why were they about to bump uglies next to him!!!!
Yoongi's moan when Jimin puts the condom on him brings Hoseok out of his thoughts. this is actually happening and he can't avoid it

He hears them moving around the bed and Hoseok braces himself for what's to come. Yoon and Jimin probably, he hopes fast so his suffering is short
It’s obvious when Yoongi pushes inside by the way Jimin gasps, the way the mattress makes small noises with every movement they make, and if it wasn’t obvious. Yoongi had to make it even more clear for Hoseok and scar him for life

“So tight baby," Yoongi growls "you’re so tight”
Hoseok can’t know in what position they are, but it must be a good one by the way Jimin is whimpering with each slap on skin. Yoongi’s set a quick pace judging by the sounds. Hoseok can't help but wonder, and he feels somehow dirty and guilty for letting his mind go there
Jimin’s moans are getting muffled, so probably he’s hiding his face in his pillow,
Which means he could be on his knees and Yoongi must be giving it to him from behind, and the younger must have his upper body pressed against the bed and the thought makes Hoseok gulp. hard.
He's trying to think of other stuff. Ugly stuff related to his friends next to him so he doesn't feel so hot and bothered anymore. Stuff like Yoongi snorting when he eats too fast, or Jimin smelling terrible after dance, but that only makes Hoseok think of a sweaty Jimin and shit
The fact that they are bringing porn actors to shame next to him doesn't help. He's supossed to be offended at them for being disrespectful not wondering how Yoongi's hands must feel or how Jimin must roll his hips...

Fuck, he's only human, and dicks basically think of their own
It’s getting uncomfortable for Hoseok, so he moves around in his bed trying to find some friction with the mattress, but he must have made too much sound with the rustling of the sheets because Yoongi freezes. There’s no slap of skin on skin anymore, and the moans slowly die down
Its silent for a long moment until Yoongi hisses lowly but it's so quiet that it seems like screaming “You woke him up”

“Did not!” Jimin wails

“I told you to be quiet”

"You're shoving my face into a pillow, asshole!" Jimin bites back

Hoseok freezes. Are they... bickering?
"Otherwise the whole floor will hear you" Hoseok thinks Yoongi is making a very valid point

"Oh come on," Jimin complains "as if you weren't grunting like some tired animal- Ah Yoongi!" Oh, Jimin is being flipped over now. Oh, Hoseok perks up, they aren't on hyung basis anymore
"How about this, huh? No pillow to scream in, can you keep quiet like this?" Yoongi must be really horny, his voice sounds rough and low and Hoseok gulps at the tone he's using to talk to Jimin. "No, no, can't cover your mouth with your hands, Jiminie"

Hoseok is screwed
Yoongi thrusts back inside Jimin -judging by the sound Jimin makes- and they are back at it, and Hoseok knows for sure that Jimin was indeed muffling his moans because now he's got no filter. And this is so much worse, Hoseok feels his semi growing into a full boner, this is bad
“Ah, Ah, Yoongi- Yoongi touch me”

"What did you say?" Yoongi whispers, and since when his best friend sounds so sexy?

"Please," Jimin begs and Hoseok thinks that if he had Jimin underneath him like that then he would touch him the first second he asks for it. Stupid Yoongi.
But apparently Yoongi can't keep his cold game for so long because slick sounds are soon added to the mix of wet noises that are filling the room and Yoongi is definitely jerking Jimin off, Hoseok can obviously recognize that sound, he is very acquainted with the activity.
"Want to kiss you" Jimin breathes out and that was a very distinct pout. Yoongi doesn't answer, they are just kissing again

"You're so pretty," Yoongi whispers between kisses "Look at you, so handsome, so beautiful"

And this time, Hoseok does feel truly guilty for intruding
After a while Jimin warns Yoongi he is close and Hoseok hopes, he pleads to God above that Yoongi will kiss him through it or that he will muffle his sounds with either the pillow or his hands because Hoseok is not ready to hear Jimin having an orgasm, he is not ready at all.
And Yoongi does, he doesn't know with what, he doesn't know if Yoongi pressed his hand against Jimin's lips, he doesn't know if Jimin bit Yoongi's neck to muffle the sounds, or if they were kissing, Hoseok doesn't know, he knows Jimin's body trembled and that he was somehow quiet
It's quiet for a while and then Yoongi whispers "Baby, do you think I can-"

"I'll jerk you off"

"Oh okay, just let me-" Yoongi is probably pulling out because Jimin winces a little

And now Hoseok has to hear his best friend coming, and for some reason he's actually curious
While Yoongi's breathing grows heavy and Jimin moves his hand up and down his shaft, Hoseok comes to term with everything that just happened.

Jimin is clearly not a virgin anymore, he's been hooking up with Yoongi and they are two horny shits that couldn't fuck somewhere else
So, there clearly is somwehere between them, what is it, Hoseok can't know. He would have to ask Yoongi about it but that would be awkward to bring out, but most importantly, he is still hard in his boxer shorts and there's nothing he can do about it until the couple finish
And Yoongi's moans are getting a bit helpless, and Jimin must be doing hell of a good job because Yoongi is doing these little choked sounds, and Hoseok can't help it but lower his hand and press down against his bulgue while Jimin is quietly whispering nonsense to Yoongi,
When Yoongi comes, Hoseok takes in a deep breath. he hopes the pair doesn't hear

And then it's silence, and Hoseok can't bring himself to move, and Yoongi and Jimin don't say anything and he's internally pleading for them to go to sleep so Hoseok can leave and properly jerk off
But Yoongi stands up and he walks towards the door

"Where are you going?" Jimin complains from the bed, they must really believe Hoseok is a heavy sleeper because they don't even try

"Shhh", Yoongi talks lowly "I'll bring something to clean us up," and Hoseok figures Jimin nods
Hoseok turns to see Yoongi as he leaves the room but it goes to hell because Yoongi hasn't left the room yet, he's just standing in the door watching Hoseok and Yoongi just saw him move and he knows he's awake and they look at each other, and the elder blushes and his eyes widen
Yoongi opens his mouth and then closes it, and Hoseok is probably blushing too and they only stare at each other one more never ending second and then Hoseok is looking away and Yoongi walks out of the room, but he knows. He already knows and they will have to talk about this
And it's a couple of hours later and Hoseok left the room after he was sure the couple was sleeping and when he returned Jimin was snoring lightly, but the moment he went to bed Yoongi talked to the darkness

"'M sorry"

"It's okay" Hoseok answers

"Thought you were sleeping"
"I know"

"This is embarrasing" Yoongi groans, "just, don't say anything to Jimin"

"I won't if you don't"

They are quiet for a while then, Jimin's snoring the only sound in the room, their beds are apart and Jimin's in between but Yoongi's voice sounds so close "I like him"
"You have a lot of explaining to do" Hoseok grunts, suddenly very mad that this was how he found out about Yoongi's feelings

"I guess so," Yoongi chuckles "Can it be tomorrow? I'm dead tired, I was a bit- busy just now"

"Don't brag, you idiot" Hoseok smiles and goes to sleep
VI. Namjoon

He knew there was something going on between Yoongi and Jimin, of course he knew, he's the leader. He noticed when Jungkook was feeling jealous of Jimin and Taehyung during Wings promo, he noticed when Taehyung wanted to come out, he notices this kind of stuff
Namjoon actually thought it had to do with Jimin’s voice. Yoongi is always talking about Jimin's voice and how he's making songs for Jimin, When he asks the opinion of the elder about a demo, Yoongi will always say "Try Jimin's version there" or "Do you have a Jimin version?"
So Namjoon clearly tought it all went down to Yoongi's fixation on Jimin's voice. And it wasn't like the elder was doing anything to prove Namjoon wrong.

In fact, Yoongi only made the leader's suspects more real when he asked Namjoon to come by his studio to listen to some track
Yoongi was unmoving in front of the computer, the mixing software was open. Hoseok was sprawled on the couch next to him, completely bored- which meant that Yoongi had been going on about the same issue for some time now, which happens a lot, being the perfectionist he is
"Listen to them, and tell me which version is better"

Yoongi stood up and made Namjoon sit on the big leather chair. The older rapper forced his headphones on Namjoon and pressed play incredibly fast

Namjoon didn't register what was happening until he heard it correctly- moans
Namjoon squinted his eyes and he slowly recognized the voice- that was clearly Seokjin. He relaxed and listened to a whole thrity seconds of moaning and gasping that Namjoon figured were to be used as backtrack to Yoongi rapping

Yoongi and Hoseok stared at the leader expectantly
"Ok, that was interesting" Namjoon says once it's over but Yoongi is already moving and pressing the headphones to his ears again,

"Now, listen to this one" Namjoon sighed as Yoongi pressed play, and then another track of moans filled his ears, this time, of course, Jimin's
Jimin and Jin had a similar yet very different tone of voice, each brought a different texture to a track. Namjoon, personally, thought Jimin's sweet tone of voice went better with Yoongi's own rough tone, working almost as opposites sounds that somehow didn't battle in the mix
Now, he can only choose one track if Yoongi explains the genre of the song, the intention of the lyrics, the instruments, but he hadn't. Yoongi hadn't specified if the moans were to go with his rap, so Namjoon had to judge each track of gasps only on which one he liked better
"Which one?" Yoongi asked when Namjoon took the headphones out

He only had to say which one he prefered personally, Yoongi hadn't specified anything music related. So if Namjoon had to chose one himself, for let's say- a background to one of his songs then he would choose

Hoseok squealed "I told you! I told you!" the dancer jumped on the couch and Yoongi groaned loudly "Jin hyung destroyed Jiminie, he truly owns the moaning technique"

Yoongi ushers Namjoon to get out of the chair and he sits in front of the computer again, glaring at it.
Namjoon sits on the couch next to where Hoseok is laughing "Hyung you're so biased,"

"You're biased!" Yoongi spits back

"No no, Namjoon here just proved to us both that Jin's version is better. You can't hear correctly because you want Jimin's track to be the superior version"
"Well my decision wasn't a proffesional one, you should tell me in what you want to use the gasps and then I can properly chose one" Namjoon reasons and Yoongi in standing again to make him sit down again in front of the computer to listen to Yoongi rapping just as he predicted
"Jin hyung moa- version fits the song better" Namjoon says his veredict after 5 minutes and Yoongi drags him out of his chair as soon as he speaks

"You two are being biased" he grunts and pouts and Hoseok laughs loudly. Yoongi gets like that when he doesn't get what he wants
"Let me explain," Namjoon calmly offers, "Jin hyung manages to remain a pitchy sound when he goes higher, Jimin’s voice however grows thicker when he changes notes. That's why I think Seokjin's version won't outshine your voice”

“But Jimin’s voice is sweeter” Yoongi pouts
Hoseok hums, and Namjoon sits back on the couch because Hoseok has this look on his eyes that means he's about to say something objective related to music instead of only bothering Yoongi

"You could force Jimin's voice if you want it so bad"

"Force it?" Namjoon is taken aback
“Care to explain” Yoongi mutters while working on his computer. He sounds unamused but Namjoon is genuinely curious as to what Hoseok means

"Make his voice high without telling him to,"

Namjoon is confused

“Let’s say if he’s jerking off, he goes high”

Yoongi stops clicking
Yoongi turns his head slowly to where Hoseok is resting on the couch. And now Yoongi and Hoseok are having a silent battle, only staring at each other and Namjoon is anxious, watching between the two and not saying anything

Namjoon awkwardly laughs "What a bad joke, Hobi, haha"
"I'm not joking," Hoseok deadpans and Namjoon gulps "Just record him the next time you two-"

Yoongi throws his beanie at Hoseok's face, "Shut up" the elder hisses and Hoseok snorts

Namjoon is silent until he turns to see Yoongi and finds the rapper blushing madly "Oh, hyung"
"Shut up you too" Yoongi mutters lowly, "You didn't help at all, you can leave now"

Hoseok can't stop laughing and Namjoon sighs, Yoongi's crush on Jimin is cute- as long as it's only a crush- and Namjoon can't help it but think it's adorable how pouty and nervous the elder got
Of course, Hoseok reasoning was out of place but Yoongi seems to really want Jimin on his song so Namjoon adds a little something before he leaves "I'm sure you can find a way to make Jimin sound how you want it when his voice is going up, hyung, I'm also sure he'll try for you"
So a week later when Namjoon is working on some lyrics and he hears a loud moan that is distinctly Jimin's coming from Yoongi's studio, at first, he thinks it's Yoongi trying to get the younger to sound how the rapper needs him to sound. It's probably rehearsal, Namjoon thought
Yoongi's and Namjoon's studios are close to each other, when Yoongi plays music through speakers Namjoon can hear it, when Yoongi watches a series and puts all the volume up to enjoy his sound system, Namjoon hears it. Each time, Namjoon goes to ask him to turn the volume down
And he's about to so do, he's about to stand up and cross his studio and walk to Yoongi's especially because the moans are getting a bit louder, and come on, he's just making Jimin say "Ah Ah Ah" in repeat with no actual rhythm or flow. He's about to do it when-

"Yoongi, fuck!"
And Namjoon freezes. Because that definetly was,

"Ah- There- Yes!" Jimin screams and well, fuck. Yoongi really went there, he really tried what Hoseok said. Namjoon is standing in the middle of his studio without moving, he can't believe

"Why are you slowing down?" Jimin whines
And Namjoon is curious so he listens carefully and he has to walk towards the wall because Yoongi speaks lowly

"I'm trying something, Jiminie," Yoongi says and it's true- he really is jerking Jimin off to get the moans he needs for his track. Namjoon can't believe his hyung
"Oh my god Min Yoongi, if this has to do with your song, I will personal- AH, AH!"

Namjoon's eyes widen in disbelief. What did Yoongi do?

Namjoon is actually impressed because Yoongi got Jimin to reach the note he wanted, high and pitchy. He really is a commmited producer
"Mmmh, I should record you right now," Yoongi says and Namjoon thinks the same, good trail of thought Yoongi hyung! "Get you on my song so everyone hears your sounds" Umh, hyung is kinky,

"You should just shut up and do that again" Jimin deadpans

Yoongi chuckles, "Sure, baby"
Namjoon walks back to his computer, he will not judge Min PD's methods of producing, one has to do what one has to do to find the precise sound for a song even if that means-

"Fuck! Yoongi! So good, it feels so good!"

Doing whatever it is that his hyung was currently doing
Jimin's whimpers get more frantic, and he's not really able to say any proper word, only a mix of "Ahh, please" and "Mhh's" and what seems to be his favorite "Yoon, oh Yoon!" and Yoongi is in fact not speaking at all, which means the elder is quiet or- using his-

Namjoon blushes
He has heard enough,

Jimin's moans go so high Namjoon can only think the singer is prepared to reach some crazy notes for their new japanese album. He will be able to sing the chorus. Yoongi just proved Jimin can do it

Namjoon gets his headphones on and turns all the volume up
Namjoon never mentions it to Yoongi, not until he notices when the two get more bold and when they are doing promo, Yoongi answers one question saying Jimin makes him passionate, Namjoon scolds him by saying he can hear everything Yoongi does in his studio.

The blush is worthy.
V. Taehyung

They all knew Yoongi and Jimin were hooking up. They didn’t want to say it out loud, but it was just there. And Taehyung might be a bit upset because Jimin didn’t say anything, he never did, and they are best friends and Jimin should have said something to him.
But even if he didn’t it was obvious by the way Yoongi’s hands lingered on Jimin’s waist, or how Jimin would go pliant as soon as Yoongi touched him, or how Yoongi couldn’t take his eyes away from Jimin, and especially by the fact that all of them but Taehyung had heard them bang
Everyone had their own opinion of Yoongi and Jimin. Tae knows Jimin wouldn’t just hook up, he wasn’t exploring his sexuality like Seokjin hyung thought, or he wasn’t desperate to get off like Jungkook implied. It certainly didn't had to with music. Taehyung knows better than that
So even if he's not sure of was going on between Yoongi and Jimin he has certain theories. For once, he’s sure Jimin is head over heels about Min Yoongi, because he knows his best friend. He knows Jimin loves hugging Jungkook and getting clingy with Namjoon in front of the rapper
And he knows Jimin does it and then he turns to see Yoongi, see his reaction, each time, and come on, Taehyung is not stupid. He knows what little games Jimin plays.

He knows Jimin gets even more brattier with Yoongi, he whines and pouts more, and Taehyungs knows!!! he notices!!
But he thinks that maybe, if Jimin hasn't said anything to him yet it’s because he doesn’t want to, and Taehyung will not force him to. He just wants to share Jimin’s happiness with him, because he’s sure Jimin is happier. Tae just wished for a little push to make Jimin tell him
The little push to make Jimin confess everything about him and Yoongi to Taehyung, of course, was Taehyung walking in on Jimin riding Yoongi one afternoon when everyone was supposed to be out.

Only that Taehyung didn't realize at first what the couple was doing,
Tae woke up to find several messages from Jungkook, letting him know he was out with the hyungs. The texts were from a couple of hours ago meaning he still had some time alone in the dorm before they arrived

Tae wasn’t expecting for everyone to be out except for Yoongi and Jimin
Taehyung leaves his room, and walks through the big apartment, he's only wearing boxers and he wants to make himself something to eat, he turns around the corner to go towards the kitchen but he stops when he sees Yoongi and Jimin kissing on the couch of the living room.
He stops moving before they can see him, he can barely see their bodies from where he's standing but he can tell Jimin is sitting on top of Yoongi. He’s been too intrigued about the pair to turn back to his room, so he just stays there near the corner, hoping they won't see him
Jimin is kissing Yoongi sweetly and they are hugging and Taehyung thinks it's adorable. He tries to hear if they are talking but it doesn't seem like it they are just kissing a lot

Taehyung can't see Yoongi's face, he sees more of the back of his head and Jimin gripping his hair
“Jimin, ah- you’re so good to me”
Yoongi whispers but Taehyung hears it perfectly.

He watches how a smile grows on Jimin’s face, and he detaches himself from Yoongi, blushing “Yeah?” And Jimin moves his body and oh- that looks like he’s rolling his hips, “How good?”
Judging by the way Yoongi groans it’s definitely a roll of hips and Taehyung tenses a little becauae he’s watching his bandmates grind on their living room

“Don’t fish out for compliments” Yoongi snaps back and Jimin chuckles, rolling his hips again and again

“Just humor me”
Yoongi hums and he starts kissing Jimin’s neck, Taehyung looks closely because neck is a no-territory. When he and Jimin used to make out neck was a huge no and now when Jungkook stays over in his room after playing videogames, they also know necks are a no. Because of the marks
Jimin is moving his body up and down slowly, lazy, just like Yoongi leaves kisses on his skin, there are only wet noises and Taehyung is holding in his breath but then Yoongi breaks the silence

“You’re the best to me, always so good,” more neck kisses and “no one can compare”
“Ah- Yoongi” Jimin starts moving a little faster

“Only you can make me feel this good, Jimin- only you” Yoongi whispers, his voice getting low and raspy “You know so well how to make hyung weak, ngh fuck-“ Taehyung bites his lips strongly at the strangled sound Yoongi makes.
“Yeah? You like this hyung? Am I doing good?”

Taehyung shivers at Jimin’s tone, it’s so airy and thirsty, and he’s sounds so damn horny -Tae knows how Jimin sounds when he’s turned on, but this is on another level- They are only humping, why are they so hot and bothered?
“Yes, Jimin yes, hyung likes it so much,” Yoongi groans, “hyung would do anything for you, baby, you know?”

“Ah- Ah-“ Jimin nods frantically “Yoongi-“

“I’m so crazy about you, fuck Jimin, look at you,” Yoongi sounds desperate and Taehyung has to look away, he has to.
They are kissing again and Tae is going to turn away because this is so wrong, he shouldn’t be watching, they are awfully intimate and they are so into their own little world, Tae is only intruding... he has to turn away but he can’t

Not when Jimin throws his head back like that
They are still grinding on each other, on a slow pace, but they must be hitting all the right places because they both seem trashed,


“Mmh?” Jimin is still gripping Yoongi’s hair, Taehyung can’t know from where he’s standing at but he bets his knuckles are white
“What is it?” Jimin whispers and he’s smiling and leaving small kisses on Yoongi’s face and Taehyung can’t see Yoongi’s expression from the corner of the hallway but he’s sure he’s also grinning

Tae is sure because when Yoongi says “I love you so much,” it’s clear he’s smiling
Jimin is beaming, and Tae is really far but he’s certain his best friend looks incredibly beautiful right now “I love you too, you fool”

And Taehyung coos, because he was right! Yoongi and Jimin are crazy about each other! It’s not about sexual frustration! Taehyung was right!!!
And maybe Taehyung cooed louder than he intended because he looks up to meet Jimin’s horror filled eyes

“Tae-“ Jimin says shakily and Yoongi whips his head super fast and then the elder is also staring at him with crazy eyes “We thought everyone was out...” Jimin breathes out
Tae sighs and-screw it! they know he’s here and he knows they are there

“I was sleeping when the rest went out,” Tae takes a step forward and Jimin’s eyes grow bigger. “So you’re a thing now?” Tae points at them and Yoongi throws his head on the back of the couch defeated

He takes another step forward and Jimin moves his body to stop him and he winces when he does it, Yoongi looks up concerned

“Come on guys! I just heard you confess your never ending love! Don’t pretend,” Taehyung pouts “I’m happy for you two! I support it!”
“Tae, love, I’m really happy right now because I’ve been dying to tell you and now you know but-“ Jimin closes his eyes and breathes out, he calms down and “, but don’t come forward” Jimin pleads

Tae frowns “Dude, you’re just making out, chill, we’re past this” Taehyung snorts
Tae walks forward “This is something huge! You’re together, you’re in love, I’m your best friend” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows and

“Tae don’t!” Yoongi warns as he walks closer and Taehyung looks down because he just stepped on something- fabric- He looks down and sees it, jeans
ripped and washed out blue jeans, Yoongi’s jeans, and a little bit further grey boxers and then black sweatpants with white stripes, Jimin’s dance sweatpants and then he realizes that if he looks up, then he’s probably going to see Min Yoongi buried inside his best friend.
And of course, he’s Kim Taehyung, he has to look up. And Yoongi and Jimin are desperately trying to cover themselves but the naked skin is printed in Taehyung’s eyes and mind

“Ah Shit! Noo! My eyes!!!” he screeches

“Taehyung, get out!” Yoongi growls

“I need bleach, Jesus!!!”
“The living room!! Our couch!!!” Taehyung complains

“Taehyung get the fuck out!” Jimin screams back

“I eat there!!!”

Yoongi squints his eyes, offended because they have told the kids a thousand times already “Don’t eat on the couch!! That’s dirty”

“Don’t fuck on the couch!!”
Taehyung turns around “Goodbye, I hate you two! Unsanitary, disrespectful,” he wants to be dramatic so he whips his head back “I am disappointed” but he’s greeted with another flash of Jimin’s thighs and ass and shit, he shouldn’t have been dramatic. “BYE” Taehyung flees the room
Tae is hiding underneath his blankets when Jimin gets inside his bed. Jimin curls next to him resting his head on Tae’s chest, sprawling his legs over Taehyung

“Cockblocker” Jimin accuses bitterly and Taehyung chuckles

“Sorry, you were getting it good and I didn’t realize”
“It’s okay, I can get it any other time I want” Jimin beams and Tae flicks him off. They are silent for a second and then Taehyung finally asks out loud

“You gonna tell me all about it?”

“It’s a long story,” Jimin pouts nervously

“I have time” Taehyung smiles and Jimin starts
VI. Everyone

It’s Yoongi’s birthday, and Jungkook has his phone out. Hoseok has the cake and Seokjin is lighting up the candles

“Where’s Jimin?” Namjoon asks sleepily, it’s almost midnight but they decided to stay at the building to surprise Yoongi as soon as his day starts
Taehyung is resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder, they are all very tired. “He’s with Yoongi hyung”

And then they all go quiet, half the candles are lit up, and the matches Jin was using start to burn up. The elder is the only brave enough to ask, “You mean, right now?”
Tae hides his face on the crook of Jungkook’s neck and mumbles “Yup,” The younger tenses “He came over a couple of hours ago”

Kook lowers his phone and Namjoon frowns. The leader asks “So Jimin is inside there right now?”

“That’s what I’m saying” a sleepy and grumpy Tae answers
They all turn their heads towards the door of Yoongi’s studio. It’s four minutes until midnight, the cat on the carpet gives the five members the middle finger “Go Away” it warns

Hoseok moves from side to side with the cake, his eyes never leaving the door “Do you guys think-?”
Seokjin sighs “Yoongi knew we were greeting him at midnight”

Namjoon stares at the door “There’s only one way to find out”

Jungkook eyes widen “No, no, we’re not going inside until we’re sure they are not naked”

Hoseok whines “But Yoon’s birthday!”

“I want to sleep” Tae adds
“Wait- let’s just,” Namjoon calms the members down “let’s listen”

The four members stare at each other and Taehyung tiredly nuzzles against Jungkook’s neck. “Just be quiet,” Tae whispers and the five shut up

And it’s quiet, it’s awfully quiet. They nervously look at the door
“Do you hear anything?” Joon asks and Jin shakes his head slowly

“Maybe they are being quiet” Jungkook supplies. A moment of silence and then Hobi snorts

“Jimin?? quiet? Yoongi lays a finger on him and he’s already screaming ‘Oh hyung! faster! harder!’ pftt, he can’t do quiet”
Seokjin rolls his eyes at Hoseok, “well it’s a minute until midnight, we walk in or we don’t”

“They could be- i don’t know, cuddling or something.” Namjoon tries

“it’s true, there’s no suspicious sound...” the maknae shakily adds and Tae nods as much as he can from Kook’s neck
“Kookie, the password~” Taehyung singsongs and the younger detaches himself to walk forward and stand in front of the lock

“You guys are sure?”

“Fuck it, we gotta celebrate our man at midnight,” Hoseok shrugs “do it Jungkookie”

and Jungkook presses the series of numbers
“Okay okay, move losers, I’m going in first” Hoseok stands in front of the door with the cake “Film this Kook”

And the maknae lifts his phone and goes to the camera, “I really hope there’s nothing dirty going inside there, I’m not one for erotica film”

“GCF Porn” Tae chuckles
“It’s midnight!” Seokjin warns

And Hoseok starts singing followed by a tired Namjoon and Jungkook presses play. They loudly sing happy birthday announcing their presence. With the password already in Hoseok only needs to push the door and he does, and then it’s all a blur-
The recording goes a little like this:

Hoseok on frame singing outside the door, Hoseok walking inside the studio, Namjoon on tow disappearing from frame and then a loud scream- Jin’s face filled with horror and finally Yoongi’s clear and loud “Put that damned phone down!”
The video ends when Kook lifts the phone up trying to get away from whatever was happening inside Genius Lab and the camera catches Tae laughing “Now I’m not the only one with cursed eyesight” and before Jungkook stops, Jimin adds with a hoarse voice “Don’t post that on twitter!”
Jungkook does post it on Twitter, it’s Yoongi’s birthday after all. But he cuts it before Namjoon even gets inside the frame, just to make sure.
“I’m only forgiving you because it’s your birthday Yoongi,” Hoseok wails.

They are awkwardly sitting on different places of Genius Lab, Yoongi on his leather chair wit his sweatpants up and secured covering everything. Jimin is settled on his lap, raging blush on his cute face.
Taehyung and Namjoon are devouring the cake sitting on the floor but the leader coughs a bit after eating a big chunk, “We need to talk about this, as a team”

Yoongi groans and his face goes all shades of red, he hides behind Jimin, “please don’t make this more embarrassing”
“It’s my birthday, I don’t want to talk about it” the rapper pouts from behind Jimin’s back

Hoseok laughs and his head shakes from where he’s resting it on Jin’s lap in the big couch “I love this- I’m scarred for life and will love to delete the image from my mind but i love it”
Namjoon ignores Hoseok and turns to the couple “You two seriously need to tone it down” Joon scolds them and Jimin looks guilty for once

“Or let us join” Hoseok barks and he gets a slap on the forehead from Seokjin

“It’s your fault for barging in my studio!” comes the defense
“We’re talking about other places of the dorm! Like the main bathroom!” Jungkook adds from the floor, and Yoongi and Jimin cough and blush

“Or the rooms” Jin deadpans

“Or the living room” Taehyung happily adds while muching on cake

“Okay, Okay, we get it!” Jimin stops them
Yoongi still complains, and Namjoon banters back and they go at it for some minutes. Jimin lifts himself up from Yoongi’s lap to eat cake on the floor next to Tae but after a while he stands up again and walks to a grumpy Yoongi who is still discussing to feed him some cake
Yoongi opens his mouth and lets Jimin feed him, he muches and then he smiles “Thanks baby”

“Taste good?” Jimin beams and Yoongi hums in content, they stare at each other and Yoongi pulls Jimin closer to kiss him on the lips

“That’s better”

And all the members scream in disgust
“We are not done yet,” Namjoon accuses the couple “but since it’s hyung’s day we can talk about it later”

“Thanks” Yoongi sighs

“Okay then!” Seokjin stands up almost throwing Hoseok out of the couch “We’ll let you finish your job Jiminie. It was very inconsiderate of us”
Jimin and Yoongi blush, again, for the millionth time that night and just stare in silence as the members leave the studio. They stand frozen on spot, until Taehyung squeals “Gukkiee, can I also get a birthday blowjob~ I’ll be quiet like hyung”

And they burst out laughing
~this might be the end or not, i’m not sure yet~ but as for now it is the end, so don’t ask if it’s over🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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