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: jungkook has controlled the weather around him since he was a little boy, but it was always resembles how he feels, lonely and cold. until one day he meets a boy who needs cheering up. suddenly jungkook learns how to fill his world with color again

( fluff, angst )
Jungkook’s world was different from what people would call “normal.” When he was a child, around four or five if you want to be semi exact, he learned that he could control the weather around him, but only within a five mile radius, never more. Any type of natural weather you
could think of, Jungkook could create. But with every storm he creates, there’s an equal conscience on his strength based on how strong his storm was. No matter what weather it was he always started his picked weather around 10:30 am and ended it around 8:00 pm.
It was a tedious cycle that Jungkook hated but couldn’t let go of, keeping it up now for eleven years. He didn’t know why he can do the things he can do, but it doesn’t change the fact that he still can DO those things. He never fails to be amused by people around him when
he makes a bright sunny day into a rainstorm within 20 seconds. Maybe that’s why he enjoys it so much. His few friends always tell him it’s just because he’s stuck living in the past, but he refuses to believe that. He’ll NEVER go back to his past.
Doesn’t matter what he sacrifices, he’ll do anything to stay away from the past.
“Hey Guk,” Jungkook’s morning walk was interrupted by his best friend. Honestly it wasn’t even interrupting anymore, Namjoon had Jungkook’s walking route memorized long ago.
“What’s the forecast for today?” Namjoon glanced at the younger boy as they walked side by side on the chipped pavement.
“Mmmm.. I don’t know, maybe just warm rain.” Jungkook heard namjoon slightly chuckle beside him. This isn’t his normal routine, and he knows that.
“W-wait, no lightning? No wind gusts?
No freezing cold rain where you have to be wearing FIVE jackets just to stay warm?!” Namjoon was just laughing and teasing him at this point.
“I already sent out that high wind storm yesterday! I'm just- changing it today.”
He knows Namjoon won’t believe the words that just came from his mouth, he knows all about Jungkook’s situation.
“It was to strong?” He paused and grabbed Jungkook’s arm to stop him from walking farther.
“Wasn’t it?”
“That’s why I’m doing a warm rain, I can regain strength by not making the rain cold.” He looked at Namjoon who had a concerned look on his face. He knew how much he meant to Namjoon, and he doesn’t mean to make things more complicated.
Sometimes he just gets so angry and forgets just how fast his strength can be drained from his body.
“Was in necessary to add the hail?”
“Jungkook. Answer me.”
“No. No it wasn’t bu-“
“Fucking enough already. Just because you feel like this doesn’t mean you can keep putting others in danger, especially putting yourself in that much danger.”
“Look! I’m here! I’m fine! Back off Namjoon! I can control it, you don’t know me!”
“Don’t even start. You out of ALL
people should know that I know you, sometimes better then you know yourself. It was ELEVEN years ago! Let it go Jungkook! I don’t get see the sun more than 4 hours on a normal day! Stop thinking about yourself so much and let the rest of us have a good day for once!”
Namjoon was looking at Jungkook sternly now, slightly regretting what he just expressed. Both boys smiles long faded. Jungkook has always thought their friendship was weird, the constant fighting made it seam like they were being forced to get along.
Jungkook knows that Namjoon is just worried, but as always Jungkook puts on his defensive act. He doesn’t like being babied, everyone babies him, and they have for eleven years. Namjoon respects that but still ends up being the one who babies him the most.
Except Namjoon doesn’t do it out of pity like most people, it’s out of love. Not only being nine years older then him, but also his been his guardian angel, Namjoon takes great pride in making sure Jungkook is doing well on both physical and emotional levels.
But now that Jungkook is nineteen and in his own home, he needs to accept that Jungkook can make his own decisions. But he needs to be here when Jungkook makes bad decisions like this.
“You know damn well why no one in this stupid town has hardly seen the sun for eleven years.”
Jungkook’s eye were now filling up, making his vision blur.
“Jungkook, you know I didn-“
“Just go away! Leave me alone..” He wiped away the single tear that fell out his eye, gently sliding down the obvious scar on the left side of his face.
“Ok. Please stop by, I’ll make super."
“tssk” and with that Jungkook walked away. He didn’t like leaving Namjoon like this but sometimes Namjoon forgets that he promised to never bring that up again. What happened that night, eleven years ago. It made Jungkook furious but empty at the same time,
like he was the only one who could keep the biggest promise to himself.
“Fuck off Namjoon." Jungkook gave a childish chuckle at the thought of his friend actually keeping his mouth shut for once.
“that’ll be the damn day” another unintentional mumble escaped his mouth.
He knew he’d still end up at Namjoon’s house later for dinner. He always warms up eventually.
And in that moment Jungkook made the irrational decision to start his weather plans early, with a swift lift of his hand, turn of his wrist, and flick of his finger it started to gently sprinkle.
Rain was one of the easiest things for Jungkook to guide, he grasped the ability to conjure the single warm rain years ago. Head held high, Jungkook looked at the display in front of him. The trees, grass, and flowers all fought to resist the weight of raindrops as they made
collision with the ground before the ground. The sidewalk in front on him was dotted with dry and wet spots, quickly becoming a darker shade of it’s original form. People and animals alike scampered and rushed to get into a dry area,
completely unaware that it could’ve rained today.
“Idiots.” Jungkook thought that after eleven years people would know that it at least RAINS every day here. Thanks to none other then Jungkook himself. He smiled.
His world is filled with the amount of light it was going to get already, nothing could change it. An abrupt force to his back sent Jungkook tumbling towards the ground, he swore he could hear someone grunt besides him.
He heard correctly
“Oh my! Please forgive me! I din’t mean anything, I wasn’t watching where I was going! I’m so sorry!” Jungkook attempted to look at the owner of the voice but just as they fell, they were back on their feet and running in the direction they started in.
Jungkook pushed himself up and brushed his jeans off, it didn’t do anything. His jeans are soaked. Looking up he saw that the person who ran into him, now running into a cafe across the street, appeared to be boy his age. or younger.
He was running to fast to catch that much information. But the one thing that he did catch was that he was crying. His sobs as he ran were to obvious for Jungkook to ignore.
Sure he was cold hearted when it came to people he didn’t know but he didn’t want to be responsible for the boys crying.
“Fucking hell..” a most over exaggerated sigh left his mouth as he leisurely made his way across the park, delaying going towards the cafe.
The moment Jungkook walked into the cafe, the strong smell of coffee choked at his lugs. Almost immediately his eyes started searching for the boy. After a couple minutes of scanning every person in the room it hits him that he’s not in here.
Irritated that he wasted his time, Jungkook was about to leave, but right before he does so, something catches his attention, a line is starting to form at the boys bathroom.
“Bingo.” It took longer then expected for the boy to exit the bathroom,
at least twice did someone pass Jungkook rushing out of the cafe to the book store next door to use their bathroom. Jungkook glanced at the clock above the register. Thirteen minutes have already passed and he was starting to get restless.
In his head,he was already planning out tomorrow’s weather plans, which he doesn’t normally do but with spare time he decided to just go with it.
“I-I’m sorry” a familiar voice rips Jungkook’s thoughts away.
Almost immediately after Jungkook looked up, their eyes locked one another.
The boy was fascinating. His small brown eyes were shy and curious, it made Jungkook wonder how many times the boys curiosity got him in trouble as a kid. They didn’t look happy though, red and puffy, Jungkook could tell that he forced himself to stop crying.
A look Jungkook’s mirror was well familiar with. Something about this boy had Jungkook intrigued. The way his jawline and mouth were shaped, it made it seam as if it was unnatural for the boy to not be smiling. He scowled at the thought of anyone ever being really THAT happy.
It’s just not possible in Jungkook’s book, he hardly even noticed the boy walking towards him until he was looking up at him from his chair.
“I want to apologize again. I should’ve been watching where I was going and It’s my-“
Jungkook watched as the boy fought back another wave of tears.
“Are you ok?”
“Oh yes, of course! See? No scratches.” the boy turned his hands to ensure Jungkook that he was ok. Jungkook chuckled.
“I meant emotionally, can you tell me why you were crying?”
“I don’t want to be a burden to you..” the boy dropped his head
“Sit down”
You heard me”
“O-ok” the boy hesitated at first but eventually sat down in the chair across the table from Jungkook
“Do you come here regularly?”
“Y-yeah, mostly on weekdays when I go to practice.”
“O-oh I uh- I dance.” the boy seamed flustered to admit such a thing
“Really? What type of dance?” the boy stayed silent
“No?” still no answer
“Can I at least get your name?” this time he got a reaction out of the boy, he looked uncomfortable as he flinched at the question.
“Uh.. J-Jimin..”
“ J i m i n” Jungkook took his time practicing the name off his tongue before standing up
“Hun, I like it.” and with that Jungkook got up and paused next to Jimin
“Stay here.”
“Um.. ok” Jimin frowned but stayed put out of curiosity.
After seeing that Jimin wasn’t going to get up and leave, Jungkook awkwardly walked up to the register where the owner of the cafe was reading a book. He didn’t notice Jungkook walk up, which made an irritated smile appear on the raven haired boy.
“Uh excuse me. I’d like to buy something.” The owner looked at Jungkook and gave a mischievous grin.
“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there! How may i help you sir?” Jungkook chuckled bitterly and ran his tongue on the inside of his bottom lip.
“I’d like to get Jimin what he normally gets here.” The owner’s face dropped.
“Yes. Jimin. Whatever he gets most often please.” The owner had concern written all over his face as he looked back to the table where Jimin was, and then back to Jungkook.
“Jiminie!” Jungkook almost pissed himself at the sudden scream the owner gave. He looked back at Jimin, who was just as startled.
“Is this guy bugging you?” Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“Uh.. No, not at. He’s my friend actually, I met him a couple weeks ago in the park.” Jungkook froze.
“Is that so? What’s his name?”
“Jin-ah! Are you saying I’m lying? His name is Jungkook, stop asking me so many questions and get him his order!” Jungkook watched in awe as Jimin turned back around as if Jimin really had known Jungkook for weeks. A sigh from beside him drew his attention away from Jimin.
“Is there anything else I can help you with?”
“Yeah, get off my ass. Just bring it to the table.” Jungkook was irritated that the owner would pull something like that on someone he was clearly close to. He sat across from Jimin again
“So Jiminie,” Jimin’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink making Jungkook smile
“How’d you know my name?”
“You and your friend were- uh.. fighting in the park last week.. he mentioned your name.. and I uh- just remembered it I guess?”
Jimin let a nervous chuckle escape his mouth. Jungkook laughed at the kid, not a lot of people could make him laugh but this Jimin kid had Jungkook beaming.
droplets of Jimin’s drink landed on the sleeve of Jungkook’s hoodie.
“That’ll be $5.95 sir.” Jungkook could only glare at the owner as he handed him what he owed
“Wah! Jungkookie! You didn’t have to!”
“I-I wanted to, don’t worry about it” Jungkook could feel like heat rising in his face. No one has had a nickname for him is years. It felt- nice..
“Oh- and there’s someone outside for you.” Jungkook turned to the window and saw the top of some very familiar yet unwanted mint hair.
“Jungkook?” he looked at a worried Jimin
“I’ll- I’ll be right back, don’t leave. Please?”
“I won’t” Jimin smiled at his new friend and took a sip of his drink as Jungkook stumbles to get out of the cafe.
Jungkook needed to get rid of the boy outside.
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