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William E. Crenshaw, Chairman
Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Dear Mr. Crenshaw,
Considering the recent news release, because of the David Hogg media show, your company’s willingness to cower to the tactics of one of history’s worst chapters,
my wife and I have joined those who will no longer continue with our patronage of your stores that dates back several decades.
For history’s reference, I present to you a story of a young girl who was born near Bad Tolz, Germany in 1932. Her name is F. O. (Full name is in actual letter and the O is not my last name)
Her father, a catholic and former soldier during WWI, knew personally of a so-called populist ‘leader’ and refused to follow him or his visions.
The family was subjected to all the tactics of what was known then as the Sturmabteilung who made it their business to shame and even beat all dissenters into compliance.
They didn’t have something we are all protected by called the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.
The family eventually had to live on the run finding refuge in barns during the winters and haystacks during times it was habitable to do so.
All she ever wanted and dreamed for from life at that time was just a pair of new shoes for her catechism. Even though it was dangerous for them, they still found a way to attend services.
As the Sturmabteilung grew in strength and power, it became evident their tactics were beginning to cause a problem for the ‘leader’ and his Reich and it became necessary to dispense of them because they had become more powerful than the ‘leader’s’ own political party.
How was this done? Reading history will reveal the Night of the Long Knives when the leaders of the Sturmabteilung were arrested and executed to end their power to consolidate it all to the Nazi Party.
Where were they imprisoned and executed? Within walking distance of where Miss O. and her family were living at the time. How do I know?
I have walked the same paths as a youngster from a little village at the edge of the Alps named Marienstein to where the prison was in a town of Bad Wiesee on the banks of Lake Tegernsee.
Miss O. became my mother. She is still with us and has just in the past year felt the need to tell her children what she could not for all these years of the fear of having to live it again by what it brought to bring it out of its long-locked hiding places of her memories.
I recall anecdotal stories of how at first the Jewish stores had to post signs in their windows of their heritage to ward off non-Jews from doing business with them. The shop owner told his children not to worry as ‘it wouldn’t get any worse than this.’
Next, groups of the Sturmabteilung would patrol around these stores to ward off anyone from doing business with them. The shop owner said the same thing to his children.
Then came the Kristallnacht and the store owner again said the same to his children, until finally as they were loaded up into the cattle cars, he kept telling them the same thing.
My father met my mother while serving in occupation at the very SS compound of Bad Tolz that garrisoned the troops who carried out the reign of terror for that area. He went on to serve two tours in Korea during that war.
One of those was at what would become the site of the last Winter Olympics. He was wounded during both tours. Later, he was sent to Vietnam and was at the Embassy for the Tet Offensive. He passed late in 1997 from Agent Orange related cancers.
To follow his example, I too served. I was not sent to Vietnam but instead spent my overseas tour in Tehran from 1972-1974. Finished out my service with the Electronic Proving Ground at Ft. Huachuca Arizona.
My entire life is surrounded with reminders of history. From the ancient world of the middle east, to that of the old west Tombstone close to my last station, and the personal insight of the Third Reich.
My wife’s father served during WWII and took virtually all his memories to the grave with him.
So, as for your decision not to donate to any political or activist groups, that might be all fine and dandy in that you feel you have washed your hands of this mess, but it was you who eviscerated it.
Not some snot nosed know-it-all twerp totally bent on his self-aggrandizement and future power to do the same to even more businesses, just as the Sturmabteilung did so many years ago.
How is that new demand from the Camera Hogg of a $1 million ‘donation’ for anti-Second Amendment shake down groups bouncing around the board room now? Then we see this new 'promotion'. You gave him his springboard.
More to follow . . .
To you, I ask you please rescind that order and stand on your rights to do as you please and not be bullied by a bunch of historically illiterate, or worse, knowingly deceitful malcontents who thrive only on your acquiescence and emotions to further empower themselves.
History sees this tack repeatedly and I would have thought learned professionals should have been wise to this. Maybe not a high point on the road to the graduation ceremonies of MBA’s?
As we have been almost exclusive patrons when possible, your market studies would indicate the value not only of this customer, but also that of all the people we associated with over those decades, and the people they associate with . . . and still do.
I do not support Adam Putnam who has been thrust unjustly into this stunt, but I rigorously stand by your right to freely associate and to give as your corporation deems fit.
That is your God given right and one that my, father, father-in law and I first put our names to protect and defend, so help us God.
A quote from George Santayana, "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained,
as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." And reinforced by Sir Winston Churchill, "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."
Respectfully, END / FERTIG
unroll please.
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