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THREAD: I am going to do a mega thread today based on research and tips I got about Keith Davidson. Time to connect some dots. 1)
I will start with this EXCLUSIVE from the Smoking Gun. It is a very long, detailed article. It includes more details than you can imagine about our crooked lawyer friend Keith Davidson. I will break down the important points and add additional info. 2)…
Hilton filed a federal lawsuit against a Web site that was selling access to her personal belongings., let visitors view Hilton’s bank records, personal diaries and home videos for a $39.97 fee. 3)…
Paris was granted an order for the website to be taken down. BUT THEN (according to TSG) "For four months, the Hilton material remained offline. Then, in early-June, Paris Exposed reappeared, offering a $19.97 “relaunch special” subscription. 4)
"According to sources and server records obtained by TSG, the site’s relaunch was shepherded by a programmer whose prior experience included work for the sites and" 5)
OFFSHORE SHELL COMPANY- DAVIDSON: "Hilton’s attorneys returned to court and sued several new defendants, including Green Brothers Limited, an offshore entity that was the web site’s new registrant. The shell company, formed on island of St. Kitts, was represented by Davidson" 6)
SHAKIN' DOWN CELEBRITIES SINCE 2007: "While Davidson sought to minimize his role with the outlaw web site, two sources with detailed knowledge of the creation of Paris Exposed described the attorney as the driving force behind the business" 7)
Also in 2007, @MichaelAvenatti filed a $10 million defamation suit against Hilton on behalf of actress Zeta Graff, who alleged Hilton planted negative stories about her in the New York Post. Hilton settled that case for an undisclosed sum. 9)…
Next up! Come on down, Tila Tequila. Anyone else remember her MTV dating show in 2008? I do. 10)
2010: she filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and his lawyer, Keith Davidson, over a sex tape. Cause, well, they may have been playin a little game with extortion 11)
I’ll get to Blatt who was also mentioned later. 12)
From TSG: Tequila’s allegations against Davidson came at a sensitive time for the attorney, who was in the middle of his 90-day suspension for professional misconduct. So Davidson moved quickly to extricate himself from the lawsuit. 13)
Basically, he paid off the boyfriend and then told Tila he would give her the tape and drop the lawsuit. BUT, he had some conditions. 14)
Language in the settlement agreement needed to state that no attorney involved in the matter “has breached any ethical duty...including without limitation any application of the California Rules of Professional Conduct.” 🙄 15)
Six weeks after Ms. Tequila’s lawsuit.....Next up! Wait for it.....come on down Tiger Blood and Mr Winning! 16)
To be continued tomorrow... sorry! Caught up in mom duty and other stuff tonight. 17)
From TSG: 18) Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit accusing the attorney of conspiring with a client--porn actress Capri Anderson--to fabricate details of a purported assault in a bid to “shake down Sheen for at least a million dollars.” 18)
"When Davidson initially contacted Singer, Sheen’s counsel, to discuss an “urgent” matter, he was under suspension." 19)
"When Davidson subsequently spoke with Singer over the phone and made a $1 million demand on Anderson’s behalf, he was under suspension." When Davidson arranged with Good Morning America to appear with Anderson on the ABC morning show, he was under suspension." 20)
more info on this case 21):…
So Sheen apparently dropped that lawsuit but we are not done with SHEEN-DAVIDSON yet. Remember back in 2011 when Charlie was especially cray cray and had his “goddesses” living with him? 22)
One of those goddesses was this porn star 23) 👇🏻…
SHEEN-MONTGOMERY-DAVIDSON. Ok, so TSG has a lot of great information about this in their EXCLUSIVE. I will try to sum it up for you in a few tweets. 24)
Kira was one of his goddesses. She, apparently, also had a drug problem. She found out Charlie had HIV through either his own admission or seeing his medications. She freaked out of course because unprotected sex. 25)
Kira confided in a friend because she was afraid she was infected. That friend contacted this guy named Blatt. (More on him later) Blatt called Keith Davidson, the celebrity chasing lawyer with the info. 26)
SHAKIN DOWN A PORN STAR FOR $: “Montgomery, who later tested negative, signed contingency fee agreement that called for her to receive 60% of any monetary settlement from Sheen. Davidson would get the remaining 40%. The lawyer would also be reimbursed for expenses he incurred”27)
Things that make you go hmmmmmm👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻28)
Davidson immediately sprung into action. SHEEN-HIV-IT IS A SECRET- $$$$$$. He was gonna get Kira into rehab ASAP. “Montgomery asked if rehab would interfere with her claim against Sheen, Davidson said he replied that, “it would probably help prove damages.” (TSG) 29)
Kira successfully got clean. Davidson got his settlement. 2 million bucks over 5 years. Dude must have been on cloud nine. He was gonna earn 800k for keeping Sheen’s HIV status a secret. So, he was gonna share with Blatt and the original friend as a thank you for referring. 30)
BUT THEN! A smart and clean Kira fired Davidson. She hired a new lawyer who was going to call him out on some stuff. Sound familiar @MichaelAvenatti? Just asking. 31)
Counselor Bral, her new representation, wasn’t playing with Davidson. He accused him of malpractice, mishandling his proceeds from the settlement, questioned his ethics and lots of other yummies. 32)
TSG: “We had to threaten him to pay it all back or we were going to the Bar,get his license taken away.” Davidson decides to cede his share of the money, likely influenced by the fact his law license had been suspended 4 years earlier and he was afraid of it happening again. 33)
Thus far, we have our celebrity chasing lawyer, Keith Davidson, involved in suits regarding Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila, Charlie Sheen, his law license suspended, extortion, sex tapes, shaking down porn stars for money and we aren’t even close to being done yet. 34)
“It is difficult to quantify the number of sex tape matters that Davidson has handled. But for about a decade, the lawyer has been immersed in celebrity skin, from actress Minka Kelly to Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer.” 35)
Side note: there was a mini me sex tape??? 36)
You guys are going to love the next one. Apparently, back in 2012, Davidson got his hands on a KANYE sex tape. Yeppers. There were 2 tapes being shopped around. Davidson was looking for $$$ for one of them. 37)
TSG- In the 2016 song “Real Friends,” a bitter West rapped, “I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin’ bitches on / Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him.” 38)
Remember this? Our buddy Peter Thiel paid for Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker and he won? 39)…
It will probably, at this point in the THREAD, not shock you that Keith Davidson was ALL up in the Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal. He sure was! This is a LONG, crazy story that will take many tweets to explain. But, trust me, it is worth it. 40)
2012 was a busy year for SEX TAPES AND DAVIDSON. Word started circulating on the interwebs that there was a sex tape of the Hulk with his friend Todd Clem’s wife, Heather. In addition, it was alleged he made some racial comments at the end of the tape. Yikes! 41)
Turns out, there were 2 sex tapes of the Hulk and Heather, one with the racial slurs. But, how did they get out there? Enter Matthew “spice boy” Loyd, a former intern of her hubby Todd. Seems he grew dislike Todd and then came into possession of said tapes. 🤔 42)
Loyd went about trying to shop these videos around with a few websites and a certain TV show. (This is super important, and I will tie it all in later.) he wasn’t having much luck cause the Hulk knew the tapes were out there. 43)
From TSG: Then Gawker happened.

On October 4, 2012, the web site published a 1:41 excerpt from a Hogan-Heather Clem sex tape. The footage was accompanied by a blow-by-blow description of the entire 30:17 video from which the clip was taken. 44)
This is where the story gets ABSOLUTELY cray cray. Remember I mentioned a little celebrity “news” tv show. Let’s revisit this article 45)…
When the Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump emerged in the home stretch of the 2016 election, it should have been a gift from the tabloid gods for TMZ.

Instead, the celebrity gossip website went into overdrive to help Trump. 46)
It shouldn’t have been a surprise: It was the result of a cozy relationship between TMZ founder and boss Harvey Levin and Trump, who called each other throughout the campaign 47)
Levin got personally involved in the story of one of the many women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

After Jessica Leeds accused Trump of groping her on an airplane in the late 1970s, Levin personally called airlines to determine what happened. 48)
ALSO two days after adult film star Jessica Drake accused Trump of sexually assaulting her, TMZ wrote she “might’ve pulled off the ultimate publicity stunt—announcing an online sex shop 1 day before accusing The Donald.” 49)
LEVIN- TRUMP The two men have known each other since at least Trump’s Apprentice era, and Levin quickly became a “number-one Trump fan,” according to another close Trump associate, due to Levin’s attraction to power, flamboyance, celebrity, and wealth. 50)
Trump would come on TMZ Live [a video webcast] in 2014. Harvey and Trump have had a relationship for many years that grew closer as the election approached. I wonder how much of it was Trump exploiting Harvey.” 51)
IMPORTANT 2016: Throughout the 2016 campaign, Levin and TMZ also maintained relationships with senior people in Trumpworld, with Levin often going out of his way to shoot the breeze with senior officials. 52)
BOOOOOOOOM Additional points of contact for Levin included veteran aide Hope Hicks and Trump’s longtime executive assistant Rhona Graff, three 2016 campaign sources said.

Levin also was tight with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, multiple former TMZ staffers said. 💣 53)
🔥🔥🔥( how much ya love me now, friends. 🤣)
“Cohen helped Harvey with his TV show and they bonded over both being a lawyer. They spoke routinely,” a source said. 54)
Ok, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here with how TMZ fits into it all. I’ll come back to this article after I connect some more dots. Let’s go back to how DAVIDSON-TMZ-HULK HOGAN fit into it. 55)
Many of you have tweeted at me asking how Keith was getting all of those clients. There are several ways including the dude Blatt who I mentioned earlier and will come back to later. But, what is really important here is his inside connection at TMZ. This guy, Mike Walters...56)
TSG- "For years, Walters was Davidson’s most important entertainment industry contact. As head of TMZ’s news operation, Walters had access to the gossip industry’s single most valuable commodity: the web site’s e-mail and phone tip lines." (well ain't that something) 57)
Those two really were BFF's: "While Walters was sending business to Davidson-including a nearly disastrous referral in the Hulk Hogan sex tape case-the lawyer was providing legal services to the TMZ employee and at least one of his family members." 58)
Turns out Walters is just as slimy as Davidson. "Soon after Gawker uploaded the Hogan video, Walters contacted Loyd. The two quickly agreed on a deal. Loyd would send clips from his tapes and a transcript he had created. TMZ would pay $8500 for the material.." 59)
TSG - In an October 9 post, Walters reported on the final minutes of one of the Hogan videos. “Moments after the deed is done and Hulk leaves,” Walters wrote, Todd Clem entered the bedroom and declared, “If we ever did want to retire, all we’d have to do is use this footage.” 60)
Seems harmless enough, right? Actually, Walters purposefully left off the end of the sentence which included the racial slur. THEN, he called up DAVIDSON with the dirt so they could profit off the Hulk's racial comments. Yes, SCUM ATTRACTS SCUM. WALTERS- DAVIDSON 61)
TSG - According to Loyd, who sold TMZ the Hogan sex tape excerpts, Walters recommended that the radio host hire a “good friend” of his: Keith Davidson. The lawyer, Walters explained, was experienced in negotiating the sale of sex tapes back to celebrities. 62)
WALTERS - DAVIDSON were working TOGETHER to extort the Hulk out of money over his racial comments. Gee, does this sound familiar at all to you? Two corrupt folks making a little plan to make some money off a sex scandal all the while "protecting" the victim? 63) 👀
Taking Walter's advice, Loyd hires Davidson to negotiate his payday in exchange for handing over the tapes. "After speaking with Loyd, Davidson immediately sent Houston, Hogan’s attorney, an e-mail with the subject line “Hulk Hogan Tape.” 64)
The 2 lawyers went back and forth a bit over negotiations. Little did Davidson know, the feds were involved and they were paying attention. Hogan and Houston had gone to the FBI. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 65)
TSG- "On the same day that Hogan and Houston met with the FBI, the wrestler sued Gawker for $100 million, charging that the posting of the sex tape excerpt was an invasion of privacy that left him humiliated and stricken with severe emotional distress." 66)
WHOOPSIE DAISY "After consulting with a federal prosecutor, FBI agents opened an extortion investigation targeting Davidson (and his unknown clients) one day after Hogan and Houston filed their in-person complaint." 67)
🔥"Documents from the FBI’s undercover investigation, a related state criminal probe, and the Gawker civil litigation paint a devastating portrait of Davidson as a lawyer who allegedly directed his clients to lie in an effort to facilitate a six-figure settlement from Hogan." 68)
See, Loyd and Davidson lied about how he got the tapes AND they set up a chick Loyd knew to be the owner of the tapes in order to keep Loyd anonymous. It backfired BIGLY. 69)
Over a few months, FBI listened in on Houston and Davidson's negotiation phone calls. During his conversations with Houston, Davidson said that his clients were responsible for providing Gawker with the leaked Hogan sex tape. 70)
"During a call between Davidson, Loyd, and the chick, the subject of Gawker leak was discussed. Loyd recalled repeatedly telling Davidson that he had nothing to do with providing the tape to the web site. Davidson, he said, replied, “We have to admit it. " 71 LYING LIAR FACE 71)
It gets worse: When the chick was interviewed by the FBI, this is what she said about Davidson: He told her that, “I needed to say...that I was the one who sold the video to Gawker.” He “advised us explicitly that if we didn’t claim to have sold to the Gawker.. 72)
that the whole deal possibly wouldn’t go through.” If they did not claim responsibility for the leak, she told federal agents, “the sex tapes would lose their value.” She said that she asked the lawyer if “the selling of the tapes was extortion.” 73)
Davidson, she said, replied that he had frequently done similar deals and that “the tapes were purchased and property that is purchased” can be legally resold. When an agent asked her why she thought to ask Davidson about extortion, she answered... 74)
that the sex tapes “could hurt [Hogan] and they were trying to get [Hogan] to pay for it.” She, in FBI reports notes, “further stated that’s what she understood extortion to be.” (TSG) 75)
Long story short, Hogan's lawyer, Houston, sets up a meeting with Davidson at a hotel in Florida to seal the deal. "The settlement agreement Davidson carried with him included the admission that his clients had provided Gawker with one of the sex tapes. 76)
"The document was a template Davidson had used in other celebrity cases (and would employ in the @StormyDaniels matter) 👀77)
Davidson shows up to the hotel room. Meets the Hulk and his lawyer. Houston asks Davidson if the tapes were stolen. Guess what Davidson does? No lie, he asks Houston to talk privately in the bathroom. I shit you not. (pun intended) 78)
TSG- Inside the bathroom, Davidson admitted that the sex tapes came from a former employee of Clem who hated the shock jock. “I don’t know if they’re stolen,” said Davidson. “And, quite frankly, I don’t want to know if they were stolen.” OH OK! 79)
IDIOT CRIMINAL - "While Davidson made this admission out of earshot of Hogan, Houston was carrying an FBI recording device in his pocket. Perhaps Davidson should have turned on the faucets before declaring that he was unaware whether he was arranging the sale of stolen goods."80)
They sign the agreements. The tapes are given back to the Hulk. Davidson gets his first payment of 150,000 bucks (2 more payments were to be coming later.) and THEN........ 81)
Then the front door and the door into the adjoining room opened and in flooded FBI agents. Hogan and Houston left, while Davidson and the chick Loyd set up to accept the payment were separated by agents. 81)
Knowing he just screwed up BIGLY, Davidson gets him a lawyer, Brian Albritton, a white collar defense lawyer who once served as United States Attorney for the judicial district that includes the Tampa-St. Pete area. 82)
THE DEFENSE: Albritton would compile a 58-page presentation for federal prosecutors describing Davidson as an “ethical and trustworthy attorney” who negotiated a legitimate commercial deal with Hogan’s lawyer.... 83)
THE FEDS: "After seven months reviewing the evidence against Davidson, federal prosecutors decided not to file charges against the lawyer. " 84)
THE STATE: "Tampa police and state prosecutors would later examine the Hogan case, aided by the FBI’s recordings and other evidence. Matt Smith, a division chief with the State Attorney’s Office, was in favor of prosecuting Davidson and Loyd on conspiracy to commit extortion 85)
And dealing in stolen property charges. But while state investigators believed that a crime had been committed, they were not confident in the likelihood of conviction" 86)
Davidson was now free to shake down more celebrities over sex scandals. Let's take a quick look at some of the other peeps bringing Davidson business over the years. 88)
According to VICE: Blatt became the city's go-to guy when it came to releasing or obtaining an A-lister's sex tape. 89)…
Remember when I said "mini-me had a sex tape?" Yeah he did, and guess who was also named in the lawsuit mini me filed over it? 90)
In this NEWYORKER Exclusive, you get an insight into how BLATT IS IN BED w TMZ.
Kevin Blatt, a source for TMZ who also worked in the pornography industry and who recently gathered details about Lamar Odom’s drug overdose in a Nevada brothel speaks extensively with Schmidle. 91)
He details how, after Whitney Houston was found dead in
a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton, he checked into the hotel, and—after cultivating sources among the staff—acquired photos from the scene of her
death. (THEN SENDS TO TMZ) 92)…
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