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.@realDonaldTrump has been fighting an unprecedented onslaught of attacks by the Establishment from the moment he announced for president.
@realDonaldTrump The entire “insider class” — the media, the ‘inteligensia’, donors, lobbyists, the deep state within the government, corrupt elements within our top law enforcement + intelligence agencies and corrupt politicians have relentlessly, and thankfully, unsuccessfully fought Trump.
The very same politicians who have bankrupted our country. Stealing from our children + future generations to bribe voters into giving them power. THEIR actions are unethical and in many cases, criminal. As a whole, they amount to treason against our nation. They. Sold. US. Out.
.@realDonaldTrump fought the 16 republican candidates. He fought state efforts to keep him off the ballot, he fought the GOP who sought to turn the delegates at the convention. He fought a media promoted scheme by the RNC to get delegates to switch in the electoral college!
He fought many in the “conservative” media, who revealed themselves to be mouthpieces for globalists and transnational corporate shills.

And, oh yeah, by the way, they also turned out to be WRONG.
The enemies within, i.e., the deep state actors, corrupt politicians and govt officials, HAVE to stop @realDonaldTrump because he can stop them!

And expose them.

They are desperate.
This is why they’ve taken such extraordinary and extralegal efforts to neutralize @realDonaldTrump.

They have nothing to lose, because they’re about to lose everything.
What’s amazing is, the most important and effective weapon in this unprecedented effort to stop a candidate, prevent an inauguration, resist the will of the electorate, and then frame and takedown a President wasn’t the cabal inside the government, but the one outside it.
The media.
I remember the night President Bill Clinton won in 1992.

My heart hurt as much as I could remember to that point.

I felt the country had been fooled.

I asked myself, and friends, how could this happen?

I was just a kid, but I mourned for my country.
Bill Clinton did not win a majority of the votes of the American people. He got less than 43% with Bush receiving 37% and Perot close to 19%.

In fact, a sizable majority voted AGAINST Clinton.
Had the Media been so inclined, they could’ve easily de-legitimized the Clinton presidency to the American public.

(Something I’m glad they didn’t do.)

But there on my TV were @tombrokaw Tim Russert + Bernie Shaw eloquently celebrating the beauty of our process.
There they were again on Jan 20, 1993 with their overcoats and scarves, waxing poetic about the beauty of the American political system and our peaceful transition of power.

I cried with pride.

They didn’t undermine the new president or harp on his loss in the popular vote.
Fast forward to January 2017.
The #Resistance began long before, but even on Inauguration Day the Media continued the effort to delegitimize, undermine and take down a duly elected president of the United States @realDonaldTrump.
On that November night in 1992, as I watched the returns come in and the race was called for Clinton, if I had been exposed to a television commentators who, instead of reinforcing the fundamental underpinnings of our political system and, in fact, country, had instead...
...offered me some sort of false hope that this wasn’t really happening, if they had presented an escape hatch, a rabbit hole I could jump in, by which I would not have to accept the reality that lay before me, I may have been tempted to latch on, like “the resistance” today.
I am grateful that option wasn’t given to me.

The option to delude myself.

Observing the Never Trumpers and Resist-ers wallow in complete delusion has provided me a peek at what I was fortunate to have avoided.
The irresponsible media has worked tirelessly to undermine this president and provide this false hope to a segment of the public that is desperate to avoid having to accept reality.

Regardless of their chronological age, they’re not good at “adulting.”

And while,
this reprieve from reality may feel good, or provide hope in the moment, the media and corrupt opponents of @POTUS have cravenly setup millions of Americans for devastating disappointment eventually.
Just as their assurances that “Trump won’t win” did on election night.
Understand — the Deep State is in total panic.

@realDonaldTrump’s election is an imminent threat to the Establishment’s power.

More importantly, the election of an outsider presents an unprecedented risk to their very survival.

.@realDonaldTrump is not one of “them.”

He’s a patriot who loves America and hates what they’ve done to it.

He is everything they’re not.
@realDonaldTrump is a wildcard they can’t control.

Every day he remains in office leaves an untenable threat that he may expose their corruption, criminality and treachery, at any moment.

THIS explains their relentless attempts to not only de-legitimize but destroy him.
This is why they’ve repeatedly twisted his words to create a despicable caricature of an incompetent, hateful, racist, dangerous, mentally unstable, pathological liar.

They HAVE TO undermine his credibility because they KNOW what’s coming.
They know he has their secrets.

They know they cannot stop him from exposing it all.

Their only play is to preemptively work to destroy his credibility.

In what world is 93% negative coverage considered fair, objective reporting?

A world that’s crumbling around them.
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