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I've started planning for my #totalmunisummer Every line, end to end. 74 days from end of school year to beginning. @peterhartlaub @hknightsf
Tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation, and also the first day of #totalmunisummer. We will ride from Dogpatch to the Marina on the 22 Fillmore, hit the Marina branch of @SFPublicLibrary and come back to 4th and King on the 30 Stockton. @sfmta_muni will the ride be smooth?
#totalmunisummer is kicking off! Our first stop id is 13410 and our first coach is number 5476. Destination: Bay St.
It’s been standing room from Mission&16th to Hayes&Fillmore
Terminal! Less than an hour end to end. 22 is the first route we can check off the list! Thank you for the pleasant ride @sfmta_muni Now to the Marina Branch @SFPublicLibrary cc @hknightsf @peterhartlaub #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer is also #everylibrarysummer and we are visiting the Marina branch of @SFPublicLibrary today.
Back on the bus! We’ve boarded coach 5493 at Fillmore and Chestnut, headed for Jefferson Loop. From there, it’s all the way to 4th and King.
Whoops forgot the line number and the hashtag. 30 Stockton #totalmunisummer
Everyone got off at Powell. The 30 went from packed to vacant at one stop. #totalmunisummer @sfmta_muni
At the end of the 30 line. Again, less than an hour end to end. Great first day of our #totalmunisummer
My youngest asked to ride the 28 to Fort Point. So tomorrow we will go to Daly City on the 14X, transfer to the 28, stop at Sunset Branch Library, and get back to Potrero Hill on the 19. IF all goes well. #totalmunisummer
CORRECTION: we will take the 14R to Daly City.
Tentative route map for #totalmunisummer today. Our #everylibrarysummer stop will be Sunset Branch.
For most of our rides this summer we will be riding Muni to get to Muni. T to Embarcadero Station this morning.
We are on the T on coach(?) 1538B. Passing Mission Bay Library, which we will visit another day. #totalmunisummer
Now at Embarcadero Station and it’s time for a very important step in our #totalmunisummer: Get Clipper! We need youth Clipper cards for our monthly passes.
#totalmunisummer At Stop ID 15603 boarding coach 6552, our bendy chariot for the 14R, destination Daly City BART, where we will transfer to the 28. @sfmta_muni
Passing the @sfchronicle building now, hi @hknightsf & @peterhartlaub 👋 🚎
#totalmunisummer the 14R is crossing into the La Lengua Autonomous Region. @burritojustice please grant us passage?
Sutro Tower hasn’t showed up in this thread yet and it’s time to fix that.
This dude on the 14R has an @SFGiants Juan Marichal replica statue, which is awesome! #totalmunisummer
The Voice of Muni pronounces Goethe as “Go-Eeth” how do others say it? I’d say it “Gerr-tha”
Already at Daly City BART. 14R is indeed Rapid! We are at stop ID 14341 waiting for a 28 19th Ave to carry us to Sunset Branch @SFPublicLibrary #totalmunisummer
On coach 8711 for our first leg on the 28. @KarlTheFog is hanging heavy over Daly City, as one would expect. #totalmunisummer
Off at Judah by accident! And @sfmta_muni is too efficient, we arrived at Sunset Branch before it opened! We will have lunch in Golden Gate Park while we wait.
#everylibrarysummer resumes normal service at Sunset Branch @SFPublicLibrary. After that it’s back to the 28 and Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.
Back to the Bus! #totalmunisummer and the 28 continue with coach 8772 from stop ID 13360.
Excellent bridge flavor at the Golden Gate Welcome Center. We will Board one more 28 to complete the third leg of the route.
Phone out of battery, updates to come
Back at home, 7 hours and 25 minutes after we left. We walked to midspan if the GG bridge, and back to the 28. Boarded coach 9748 at 3:12, and got off at the terminal at Van Ness & North Point at 3:31 #totalmunisummer
From there to Ghirardelli Square to pass some time collecting free chocolates and playing arcade racing games while waiting for the 19. Coach 8145 of the 19 Polk left stop ID 13093 at 4:05, six minutes after nextbus predicted-first time we had to wait longer than expected.
The 19 crawled up Polk at just over a jogging pace, and we didn’t arrive at our transfer point until 4:50. But we did share the ride with a pair of wonderful women in coordinated outfits! #totalmunisummer
Finally left waiting again for our 22 Fillmore bus at 17th & De Haro. One last 7 minute hop on coach 5467 and we were back in Dogpatch. #totalmunisummer Day 2 in the books. Check off 14R and 28, + half of 19.
Tomorrow’s @sfmta_muni #totalmunisummer lines will be the 24 - Divisadero and the 10 Townsend. Our #everylibrarysummer stop will be Bernal Branch of @SFPublicLibrary. What should we look out for along the way?
#totalmunisummer intended route for today. We'll also do segments of the T and the 48, not shown here.
T was quick as a wink from 3rd and 20th to 3rd and Oakdale, and two 24 buses were at the terminal stop waiting for us. Boarded coach 5553 and headed to Bernal Branch @SFPublicLibrary #totalmunisummer
A very short hop to Cortland and Andover and our first ride is over. Found a type of parking meter I’d never encountered before. It’s library time! #totalmunisummer #everylibrarysummer
Bernal Branch is so great. The @SFPublicLibrary children’s librarians were amazing, and found a theme appropriate title for our next trip on the 24. We all got great books, the only problem now is how heavy my bag is getting. #everylibrarysummer
At Cortland and Andover boarding coach 5501 on the 24 Divisadero, bound for Jackson and Fillmore. Almost immediately spotted this rad red truck. #totalmunisummer
A guy boarded our bus at 24th (carrying a copy of @sfchronicle sporting green) laughing hysterically at full volume about the his dislike for the golden state title and his love for King James. Then 12 kids boarded and he made quick frenemies with them all. #totalmunisummer
Actually the @sfchronicle Sporting Green is making a pretty good showing on the 24. #totalmunisummer
Off of the 24 at stop ID 16931, we are walking to Alta Plaza for a picnic lunch. #totalmunisummer
The view from the playground is Not Terrible.
There’s a sleeping guy with his pants 40% off in the shelter at Jackson and Fillmore, so we’re giving him some privacy and not lingering by the shelter. Our coach for the 10 Townsend is 8745, destination, 24th and Potrero. #totalmunisummer
We read “The Bus Ride” by Marianne Dubuc on this ride, and it’s wonderful. Highly recommended. #totalmunisummer
Looks like fresh pavement is being laid down at Broadway and Stockton. It’s a bit of a traffic snarl, but my fellow travelers know how to handle it. #totalmunisummer
We’re all a little fatigued, and there’s no sense in pushing ourselves too hard, so we’re off at 20th and Connecticut. We will complete the 10 another day. Still we can strike another route from the list, the 24! #totalmunisummer
Today’s #totalmunisummer: We’ll walk up to the Potrero Branch @SFPublicLibrary to return some books, and then complete the last leg of 10 Townsend. From there we’ll do part of the 9/9R to the Main Branch to pick up a hold and snag a second #everylibrarysummer visit.
If we put this sign in front of our house and write in our desired line, the bus pretty much has to detour and make the stop, right @sfmta_muni?
(This could dramatically simplify logistics for #totalmunisummer if it works 🤞)
Quick in and out at Potrero branch, which is closest to our home. Onward to the 10!
Did not have long to wait, time seems to fly by on summer vacation.
We boarded coach 8724, headed to the end of the 10 line on Potrero Ave. #totalmunisummer
And off the 10, turned the corner at 24th and Potrero, and there was a 9 San Bruno just about to pull away. Our first time running to catch a bus, but we managed and are already underway on coach 8858. #totalmunisummer
Next Stop, Main Library. @SFPublicLibrary Main Library is magnificent. Not the last time we’ll be here for #everylibrarysummer!
Now carrying a significantly heavier load than we started out with, but got some great books. The main branch children’s librarian dug up this thematically appropriate gem for us! #everylibrarysummer. Plotting our next move now.
We’re going to try to complete the 19 Polk next. We’ll board at Hyde and Grove and ride all the way to the Shipyard, then back the same way to 3rd St, and get the T from there. #totalmunisummer
The 19 Polk seems to hate us, the Nextbus predictions seem to indicate the bus isn’t getting any closer. It’s been 23 minutes out for about 15 minutes so far. Would not be a Muni adventure without the occasional inexplicable delay. #totalmunisummer
While the 19 travels back in time, we are leaving the Shipyard terminal for another day, again. We’re getting on a T and going home. #totalmunisummer
We have completed the 22, 30, 14R, 28, 24 & 10. We've made respectable dents in the 9, 19, and T. We've travelled about 62 miles on @sfmta_muni for #totalmunisummer so far. 68 days of summer vacation remain. @peterhartlaub @hknightsf do you want to join up for a route? Which?
#totalmunisummer is on break today and tomorrow for a grandparent visit. We’ll still be riding @sfmta_muni but not likely to complete any new routes today. Maybe the E?
#totalmunisummer is back in action. We’ve boarded the gorgeous green and cream Car No. 1006 on the historic E line at 2nd and King, bound for Jones and Jackson.
And back off at the end of the line. Two other classy streetcars are hanging out look beautiful here. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer continues as we take our place in the World Famous Queue for the Cable Car, at Hyde and Beach. We will patiently wait to find out which car is ours.
Gripman to his colleague, when asked how hard to push the car off the turntable: “Gently. As gentle as your first kiss.” Then he put his back to it and heaved. Classic.
The thrill of standing in line has come to an end, only 41 minutes after we joined. Now aboard Cable Car 18, bound for Powell and Market. #totalmunisummer
The gripman on our cable car has a hat that says “Gripman” and I want one. @sfmta_muni is that a thing I can buy? #totalmunisummer
At the Powerhouse and Barn. Hi, @lmc
Off the Cable Car, two lettered lines checked off today. The Powell Hyde Cable Car was by far the longest leg so far, if you count the time waiting in line at the turnaround. In line at 1:37, off the car at 3:08! #totalmunisummer
Today our #totalmunisummer plan is to ride all of the 18-46th Avenue and the 1-California. We'll visit the Merced Branch Library for #everylibrarysummer and the stomp around the grounds of the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
#totalmunisummer is underway today with a quick trip on (what else?) the T. We’ve boarded coach 1452A headed to Embarcadero Station to transfer to an M.
We’ve emerged at West Portal on the M. We won’t see the Forest Hill Station platform many more times for #totalmunisummer, @sfmta_muni will have the tunnel closed for upgrades for two months beginning 6/25/18
We are off the M at Stonestown to visit Merced Branch @SFPublicLibrary for our #everylibrarysummer stop. We’ll hang out by the fire for a bit before we get back underway on the 18 bus. #totalmunisummer
We’ve boarded the 18-46th Avenue (coach 8879) at 19th and Buckingham, bound for the Legion of Honor. #totalmunisummer
Wonderful ride on the 18, and an excellent visit to @legionofhonor Next #totalmunisummer trip: 1-California.
We’ve walked out of Lincoln Park and boarded coach 5580 for our trip on the 1-California. Looks like @sfmta_muni is bringing service improvements to this route. Next stop: Clay and Drumm. #totalmunisummer
Two more complete routes in the book! We finished the 18 and the 1 today. #totalmunisummer
I’m belatedly reporting this, but instead of riding the T yet again, we were treated to a capital S surprise: an S 23rd and 3rd special, in the futuristic brand spanking new Siemens light rail cars. First time for all three of us riding in one of these. Wow! #totalmunisummer
Today for #totalmunisummer we will ride the 45-Union/Stockton from 4th and Townsend to Lyon and Greenwich, and then walk Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line…
Return trip is still an open question, but we may return on the 33-Ashbury. Also possible that we will ride the PresidiGo today. #totalmunisummer
We’re underway, boarded coach 5504 headed to Lyon and Greenwich.
An 8-Bayshore bendy bus is right behind us on Stockton. @sfmta_muni is this one of the new improvements for the line?
Finished the 45. 55 minutes end to end, 30 of which were on Stockton. North Beach festival may have had an impact? #totalmunisummer
Goldsworthy’s Wood Line has been walked. We’re leaving the Presidio and the neatly appointed manicured mansions on the 33-Ashbury from Sacramento and Cherry. Destination: 25th and Potrero. Coach 5637 is our conveyance. #totalmunisummer
Sliding right past the shuttered McDonalds at Haight and Stanyan. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the thought of an 8 story apartment building on that site. Don’t you think, @suldrew? #totalmunisummer
Almost exactly an hour on the 33. This line has my favorite turn of all the turns on @sfmta_muni: from Clayton into Market. It doesn’t look like it will work, but it does!
Today for #totalmunisummer we will ride the entire L - Taraval, stopping along the way to visit Parkside Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. Our return trip will be the 23 - Monterey. We may also stop in at the Bayview Branch library.
We’ve had a late start. Just missed a T so we’re riding the 22 to Church and Market, we will catch the L -Taraval from there. The Market St subway section is easy to mop up anytime and pretty redundant to boot. #totalmunisummer
Down we go!
#totalmunisummer continues! We’ve boarded car 1434A on the L - Taraval. Next stop will be Taraval and 22nd Ave to visit Parkside Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer
The outbound platform is actually at 23rd Ave, and *Surprise!* it’s colder and overcasty-ier out here in the Sunset. #totalmunisummer
Parkside Branch is so cozy inside. #everylibrarysummer
Back on the L, destination Zoo.
Off the L, ready to transfer to the 23 - Monterey. If the nextbus prediction is correct, we will be at this desolate bus stop for a while. #totalmunisummer
It came! We are on coach 8805 headed to Third and Palou. Ocean Beach, smell ya later. #totalmunisummer
Okay so a “safety team leader” is calling the cops on a guy who is eating on the bus. There’s no safety issue here. Don’t do that.
“Safety Team Leader” has gotten off the bus. Folks, there are rules, and there are hazards. Everyone who sees a hazard should say something. Fellow travelers should not involve police over rules violations. Come now, this is how BBQ Becky acts. We don’t need a Muni Nanny Manny.
The 23 is the bus of choice for visiting Scrap. Top tip for today’s #totalmunisummer
We have completeled the 23. There’s something wacky with the T, with a 30 minute interval between trains, so we are getting two @SFPublicLibrary visits today. Bayview Branch is a beautiful place to while away half an hour. #totalmunisummer #everylibrarysummer
We're racing the calendar to finish the Forest Hill tunnel routes before @sfmta_muni closes them for the remainder of #totalmunisummer. We will ride the K to Balboa Park, transfer to the J and stop at Glen Park Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer, and complete the J.
Waiting for a T with a Snowy Egret. This time we aren’t taking the T to our intended route, it IS our route. We will count the K as complete today. #totalmunisummer
Don’t know what the story with the T is, we had to wait at the platform for 22 minutes. I estimate it was 30+ minutes between northbound trains. No matter, we are on 1421A and under way! Destination: Balboa Park. #totalmunisummer
Would you look at that!
We can strike the K from the list. #totalmunisummer is on pace. We just missed a J, pulling away as we walked up. Transferring between trains at Balboa Park is extremely non-obvious, @sfmta_muni this could definitely be improved with better signage.
Aboard the J! Car 1485B will take us to Glen Park, lunch and library. #totalmunisummer
Or not! I was writing an email and failed to pull the stop request, so we sailed right past Glen Park. New Destination: Embarcadero Station. Glen Park Library, we will return!
This is the best part of the J. We can check off 2 lettered lines today! #totalmunisummer
We added a quick trip on the N - Judah from Embarcadero to 4th and King. We have hit a @SFPublicLibrary after all-Mission Bay Branch. #totalmunisummer #everylibrarysummer
Today for #totalmunisummer we will ride the T to Forest Hill Station to catch a 52 - Excelsior bus. We'll ride to the end and then back to Mission St, for a visit to Excelsior Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. What should we look for on the 52 route?
We’re riding through the Twin Peaks Tunnel every day this week. It will be closed for the summer because @sfmta_muni is replacing the rails and ties for the first time in 43 years, which will allow Muni to raise the 25mph speed limit in the tunnel.…
Forest Hill Station (our anchor point for the 52 and 36 buses) is the oldest subway station on the west coast. Here it is under construction in 1916/1917, images from
Forest Hill Station was also featured in Dirty Harry. ……
We’re aboard a T (1511B) headed to Forest Hill now. We ran to catch this train, because if we missed it, we were in for a 15 minute wait. #totalmunisummer
We are sharing our travels with Gene (79) today. He gets around on muni with a walker since he got his titanium hip. When elevators go out of service in the subway, he has to recruit help to get up the stairs. He says people are always ready to help. ❤️❤️❤️ #totalmunisummer
These rails days are numbered. And this trip will be much faster! #TwinPeaksTunnel #totalmunisummer
I hate to think of Gene or any other mobility impaired person having to confront these stairs alone. #totalmunisummer
We are ready to transfer to the 52. And . . . Welp. #totalmunisummer
We are aboard the 52 Excelsior, destination La Grande and Persia Av. Coach number 8516 #totalmunisummer
The mural by Precita Eyes at Forest Hill is magnificent, btw. #totalmunisummer
Another mural, at Excelsior and Mission, features the 52! #totalmunisummer
52 in the #totalmunisummer books, and now we join the books at Excelsior Branch @SFPublicLibrary for today’s #everylibrarysummer.
We’re headed home on the 14, coach 7214. We already wrapped this line by riding the 14R, so this is purely utilitarian for us. #totalmunisummer
La Lengua Sutro from the 14. Cc @burritojustice
Tomorrow our #totalmunisummer line will be the 36-Teresita. We will ride from Valencia and Cesar Chavez around a very twisty route that crosses itself a bunch. Also a route with a "by request" spur. Should we request it, even though we aren't getting off at Randall and Whitney?
We are on a 48 (coach 8882) headed to 24th and Mission, we will stop in at the Mission Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer and then on to our #totalmunisummer feature, the 36-Teresita.
I have made a mess of this bus. @sfmta_muni I am sorry, my contiguous coffee carafe is spill proof but not idiot proof.
At the Mission Branch of @SFPublicLibrary. Story time is so popular here there is a line for tickets! #everylibrarysummer
11:24 is looking pretty solid as our 36 bus. If anyone wants to join us, feel welcome! #totalmunisummer
The terminus for the 36 is a very special place in our family. It’s at St. Luke’s Hospital, which is the birthplace of both my #totalmunisummer co-conspirators.
Our Limozeeeeen has arrived! Coach 8523 will depart in ~8 minutes. We are going all the way around on this one. 36-Teresita to Forest Hill, and back. #totalmunisummer
We did it! Our 36 operator took us on the Randall to Whitney by request only spur. Our fellow travelers did not seem perturbed. #totalmunisummer
Now at our Forest Hill Station layover, the operator is on his break, it would be our chance to steal the bus, if only I knew how to drive this thing. Anyhow, the 36 has unrivaled Sutro Tower views. #totalmunisummer
Looks like two car pilots collided on Laguna Honda Blvd.
My phone battery isn’t great, so I had to stop live tweeting. We wrapped up another route, the 36, and took in spectacular views while chatting with friendly folks. There’s a house on Teresita that’s painted like a muted Mondrian, of which I heartily approve. #totalmunisummer
For #totalmunisummer today, the 55-16th Street, will be among our shortest trips. This route is one of several that will be rerouted for todays Dyke March, but we will ride before the service change, which begins at 4pm.…
We’re boarding at 4th and Mission Bay Blvd for our short trip to 16th and Mission on the 55. @sfmta_muni 22 Fillmore will eventually shift to this part of the route and serve Mission Bay instead of Dogpatch. 😢 #totalmunisummer
Underway on coach 8606, won’t take us long to get to Mission St. #totalmunisummer
The 55 is finished. Definitely the shortest by time on the bus. ~13 minutes total, a significant percentage spent waiting to pull into the Mission stop. It’s on 20 minute headways, so I suppose there’s just one bus at a time on the line? #totalmunisummer
I wasn’t sure if we would achieve escape velocity today or not but we have. We will complete the T today by finally riding to Sunndale, and from there we will ride the 56-Rutland. #totalmunisummer
T is a wrap. It feels like we’ve been on the T everyday for #totalmunisummer but we could say we total until today!
We are at Leland and Bayshore waiting for our 56-Rutland. The greatest parking meter sculpture I have ever seen is here. #totalmunisummer cc @DonaldShoup
On the 56, coach 8503 headed to Candlestick Point Rec Area. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer continues today with rides on 37-Corbett and the 21-Hayes. We will drop an #everylibrarysummer visit to the Park Branch @SFPublicLibrary right in the middle.
This is what makes @sfmta_muni magical, IMO. #totalmunisummer
This is what the M and L look like now. #twinpeakstunnel #totalmunisummer
We took a Deuce Deuce to Church and Market to transfer to the 37-Corbett (coach 8523) and we will go all the way around and then some. #totalmunisummer
37 Corbett is a kind of nostalgia bus for me. It goes past an apartment I lived in 14 years ago, the bookstore (@Booksmith) I worked at 10 years ago, and the Cafe I’ve read poetry in front of for 13 years. #totalmunisummer
End of Market St. Not Terrible. #totalmunisummer
At Park Branch for #everylibrarysummer. Hard not to love this ceiling.
Having finished loading ourselves down with books #totalmunisummer resumes regular service on the 21-Hayes. We’ve boarded coach 5509 at Shrader. Destination: Transbay terminal.
#totalmunisummer skipped a day, but we are going to be back in action today completing the southern half of the 19-Polk, from 16th St to Shipyard.
Since the bus is basically a destination for us, the kids treat empty buses it a little like a play structure. Most drivers aren’t troubled, but sometimes they make the kids sit down. Just happened on the 22. #totalmunisummer
Onboard the 19-Polk to the shipyard. We are on coach 8371. This bus lumbers up the hill. #totalmunisummer
Arrived at the end of the line. Feels very far from everything out here.
#totalmunisummer will tackle two surprisingly similar routes today. The 12-Folsom and 27-Bryant parallel each other and start and end at more or less the same places. Should be around lunchtime so if you work downtown, look for us!
If you are enjoying following #totalmunisummer on twitter, you may also like to read the series I am writing for @CurbedSF to recap each week as we go: Summer of Muni…
#totalmunisummer got a late start! Our 48 was blocked by a semi truck for a few minutes.
Coach 8610 will be our vessel for the 27-Bryant. We’re riding the whole way to Jackson and Van Ness. #totalmunisummer
We’ve wrapped the 27-Bryant. A 53 minute ride. While we were stepping off, this pickup truck clipped the drivers side rear view mirror. Thankfully didn’t come off. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer will complete two @sfmta_muni routes today, we’re aboard the 12-Folsom on the good ship 8745 outbound to 24th Street.
The 12-Folsom ride was exactly an hour. It was crushingly full through the Financial District, about half full after that. Passed our old favorite cookie spot, Anthony’s, right at the end of the ride. #totalmunisummer
Today #totalmunisummer will ride the 25-Treasure Island bus. I'm told we will have a special guest or two, so long as nothing breaks. I don't know what to do on Treasure Island, any recommendations? (Kid friendly, please!)
Transbay Terminal is a Good Building, and I don’t care if it does strongly resemble a salad spinner. #totalmunisummer
We’ve conquered the 25-Treasure Island. I was thrilled to share our trip with @peterhartlaub of #TotalMuni2018 fame, and also my good friend @throgers. Thank you both for joining our #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer will try to tackle an ambitious itinerary today. We'll try to complete the 49-Van Ness/Mission and the 43-Masonic today, as well as a visit to Ingleside Branch @SFPublicLibrary
We’re aboard the 49, on coach 6671 headed for North Point and Van Ness. The kids know that the best place on the 49 is the accordion section.
Just crossed Market St. A Muni operator walking on the sidewalk recognized our driver, and issued the universal ‘honk your horn’ gesture, and we honked, which is just so pure from my perspective. Big smiles.
Now visiting the stern of the brigantine Galilee. We will stop by the @FriendsSFPL readers bookstore while we’re here. An honorary stop on our #everylibrarysummer don’t you agree @SFPublicLibrary ?
The Readers Bookstore delivers The People’s Railway, and OMG it’s got 20 year old @sfchronicle clippings about the @sfmta_muni acquisition of historic streetcars for the F Line. This is #totalmunisummer jackpot!
We’re back underway on the 43-Masonic coach 8770 sharing our ride with a service dog, Ale. Usually Ale guides his charge to a transfer at Divisadero but today they have a different destination. Ale took some persuading that they were not getting off.
After more than an hour on the 43, we bailed out at Ocean Ave. #totalmunisummer will complete the southern section of the 49, but the end of the 43 will wait for another day. Before we board a 49, we head to Ingleside Branch Library.
Ingleside Branch was a good restful, quiet break. Just jumped on coach 6704 to ride the 49 north to 16th St, completing the circuit for today’s trip. The 43 will be revisited.
#totalmunisummer resumes regular service today, we will ride the F-Market and the 47-Van Ness, with a stop at Eureka Valley Branch Library for #everylibrarysummer
Before we get started riding @sfmta_muni in earnest today we are visiting Eureka Valley @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer
We’re aboard the St. Louis Cardinal, Car 1050. Departing from the west end of the F line. Destination, Fishermen’s Wharf. #totalmunisummer
We’ve completed the Market St segment on the F line. The Embarcadero will (hopefully) be much quicker. #totalmunisummer
57 minutes from Castro to Jones. F line is a wrap. #totalmunisummer
Quote to sum up our trip along the Embarcadero on the F line: “The bell is charming. The horn works.” #totalmunisummer
We are riding the 47-Van Ness bus from Beach to Caltrain. We’re flying in coach 8313 today. #totalmunisummer
Today we ride the 38-Geary. Geary is the original @sfmta_muni line, and we hope to be steeped in Geary streetcar history by Richmond advocate and dear friend @apthornley who will join us on our #totalmunisummer adventure.
Aboard 38R coach 6586 destination 48th Ave.
We had too much to talk about to tweet anything, but we finished the 38 to Veterans Hospital. We tried to visit the Anza Branch Library, but alas, we got there an hour early. #totalmunisummer
Having said farewell to @apthornley at Ocean Beach, the kids dipped toes in the Pacific and we now head back to the Ferry Building on the 5R-Fulton Rapid, coach 7290.
#totalmunisummer rides the 3-Jackson today, with a stop at the Presidio Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer.
Coach 5618 will be ours this afternoon for our 3-Jackson ride. The operator kindly let us take our seats while he takes his break. #totalmunisummer
The 3 is quite swift on a Sunday afternoon, and we are visiting Presidio Branch @SFPublicLibrary for our #everylibrarysummer stop.
Today for #totalmunisummer we ride the 54-Felton. @jachristian @hknightsf @peterhartlaub what do I do if a dog follows us onto the bus?
While we’re waiting for a T to ferry us to Hudson and Innes, #totalmunisummer fans can catch up on last weeks action on @CurbedSF…
We’re aboard the 54-Felton, coach 8893. Yes, there is a dog on the bus with us! Duchess is with her owner, however. #totalmunisummer
Our second Felton hound of the ride is Lizi! The 54 bus is the canine conveyor! #totalmunisummer
We got booted off our bus at the terminal, and it’s lunchtime anyhow, so we stopped in at Huli Huli on 3rd and Hudson. They had shaved ice on the menu. These are the small ones.
I’m looking forward to seeing the sights on *checks map* Thorn-Bridge-Ton Av. View Drive?
Hmmmmm. Is a bus route with occasional hour long service gaps actually useful?
The hour long interval waiting was real, we are finally on another 54, this time coach 8804 headed for Daly City.
#totalmunisummer continues with a ride on the 35-Eureka today. We'll start and finish at Glen Park, where we will also make a stop at the Glen Park Branch @SFPublicLibrary to notch another #everylibrarysummer visit.
We’re headed away from Glen Park BART on the 35, coach 8505. The Clipper readers are busted, and so is this ceiling cover thing. #totalmunisummer
10 minute break at Castro and Market. There’s a neat little parking meter sign here. #totalmunisummer
Round trip on the 35 completed in under an hour. #totalmunisummer is on pace. Now fulfilling our promise to return to Glen Park @SFPublicLibrary #everylibrarysummer
Tomorrow #totalmunisummer will tackle the 44 O'Shaughnessy. Hopefully we'll be joined by another Secret Friday Guest!
Today we are joined by my friend @suldrew for our ride on the 44-O’Shaughnessy, from Bayview to the Richmond. #totalmunisummer is beginning to have a Friday guest tradition.
After a wonderful time with the turtles 🐢 ducks 🦆 heron and pianos 🎹 in the botanical garden, with our new friend @maelig it’s time fir #totalmunisummer to complete the 44 on coach 8878 from Lincoln and 9th to California and 7th.
Today was the 37th of 74 days of #totalmunisummer, which puts us at the halfway point. We've completed 36 of 70 regular routes, partially completed 4, and I have done 0 of 7 Owl routes. We are on pace.
#totalmunisummer is back in action, and we will hopefully catch a 48-Quintara to Ocean Beach and a 7-Haight back. @sfmta_muni how can I tell when the last 48 that goes all the way to Great Highway departs from 3rd?
Well, nextbus indicates that the 48 is already switched to West Portal Station for the day. 🙁 I haven’t figured out where the schedule for switching destinations is published. Can anyone help? @sfmta_muni ?
Yep, onboard a 48, coach 8622, destination West Portal Station. So, perhaps we will transfer to the 57-Parkermerced? It’s all up in the air today, I guess. #totalmunisummer
We share our travel today with a large group of kid in a summer program headed to the zoo. They are extremely quiet as summer program groups go. #totalmunisummer
Whoever double-parked their porsche on Portola Drive, it’s being towed away. Thankfully, you can catch a bus to the impound. #totalmunisummer
We’ll have to try again to complete the 48, but we can notch another #everylibrarysummer visit, this time the West Portal Branch @SFPublicLibrary
Refactoring our plan for the day. Lunch here in West Portal, then we’re going to take the 57 Parkmerced. #totalmunisummer
Now aboard the 57, coach 8862, outbound to Sloat. The bus stop has been moved for the Twin Peaks Tunnel work, and we got to see the old rails stacked on the street. At the temp stop, we found a heartwarming note. #totalmunisummer
Today we ride the 41-Union for #totalmunisummer, and we will be joined by special guest, @sfchronicle reporter and #TotalMuni2018 conqueror @hknightsf. In one day, she rode at least one stop of every @sfmta_muni line, today we ride every stop of one.
Uh, maybe not. The 41-Union is a morning and evening line without midday service. #totalmunisummer is all about flexibility, so we will make a new plan!
We are about to board coach 8519 on the 39 - Coit, destination: Coit Tower. #totalmunisummer
Today we are mopping up with a ride on the last leg of the 43-Masonic, coach 8361, from Phelan to Munich and Geneva. At the bus stop was a lost cat flyer. Keep a lookout or Penny! #totalmunisummer
43 is the next line we’ve officially wrapped up. Enjoying the Crocker Amazon Playground across from the terminal. Great mix of structures, trees and meadow. A+ playground.
We’re on our way to the Golden Gate Branch @SFPublicLibrary for another of our #everylibrarysummer visits, and then it will be onward to the 41-Union, for real this time. #totalmunisummer
Napping on the 22.
We had a ball at the Golden Gate Branch, now aboard a 41-Union. It’s one of the fancy new coaches (5714) and it’s barely broken in. Operator says it’s got just 1086 miles on the odometer! #totalmunisummer
Memory Card Full just as we turn onto Columbus. This is the worst. Camera phone backup isn’t nearly as good. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer is getting an early start this morning, we are headed to 4&King to catch the 82X-Levi’s Plaza. We don’t usually ride with the commuter crowd.
On the 82X, coach 8213, and there’s a larger diversity of passengers than I expected. I thought it would be 100% office workers. #totalmunisummer
And we’ve done our first route of the day. There’s a circular bus shelter here, obviously provided by Levi’s, and my kids and I agree, it’s the best bus shelter we’ve seen by far.
Now we’re waiting for our second bus of the day, at North Point and Embarcadero. The 8-Bayshore will take us all the way to Mission and Geneva. For some reason there are occasionally Muni Shelters which have the glass barrier facing the street. I wonder why?
Now on board the 8, coach 6575. #totalmunisummer
The mail rides the bus! @USPS I am so glad to see this. #totalmunisummer
Every bus ride we take on Stockton convinces me of the value and utility of @Central_Subway #totalmunisummer
An argument broke out between to passengers who felt the other needed to make space, on 101 in a completely packed bus. It’s the first argument we’ve witnessed this summer, and thankfully blew over when both parties had said their piece for their third time. #totalmunisummer
A packed bus on the freeway is pretty lousy place for an argument to escalate into a fight. In such a crowded bus it’s really hard to give everyone the space they need to feel comfortable.
Back out for another commute bus, this time the 81X, coach 8847. People are sprinting from Caltrain to the bus, clearly they’ve been left behind before.
The 81X is the Caltrain to Sutter and Kearny bus, apparently. We’ve yet to turn onto Market and the bus is completely empty. #totalmunisummer
Now on the 2-Clement. Coach 8181. #totalmunisummer
The 2-Clement is done, but this ride ranks in the top three for cranky factor. Big thanks to our guest @daguilarcanabal who was very gracious and understanding about kids sometimes just having a bad day. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer is back in action today. We will ride the 31-Balboa, and make our trip to the Anza Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. Return trip tbd, but likely the 5R, which is done already.
We made it onto the 31, coach 5523, outbound for Ocean Beach. #totalmunisummer
Our trolley poles came off the overhead wires, only time this summer it’s happened. Luckily an E operator behind us was right there to help fix it. #totalmunisummer
We’ve arrived at Playland at the bus terminal. 31 done, our 5th complete route of the week. #totalmunisummer
Finally at Anza Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. This is the sleepiest library we’ve been to this summer.
One of the kids is sick, and staying at home from #totalmunisummer but the healthy half is still making a go at the 76X. Ideally we will try again with the whole family, but the only other date we can do is 8/19, the last day of summer vacation.
Onboard the 76X! @peterhartlaub and @hknightsf weren’t able to include this route for #TotalMuni2018 because it’s weekends only. Marin Headlands, here we come!
We met a fan on the 76X, and now I get to feel like Beyoncé, @peterhartlaub! Was a beautiful if chilly afternoon at Rodeo Beach, where we visited @TMMC and @HeadlandsArts, not to mention a run in with @apthornley! #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer is out late tonight! I’m tackling the first of the Owl lines tonight, riding the 90-San Bruno. First bus departs North Point and Van Ness in about an hour.
Just me and STOP ID 17476
This doesn’t match my timetable at all, @sfmta_muni
On the 90! Coach 8607. Guy just boarded trying to figure out which way to the Tenderloin.
Transferred from the 90 at Arleta, now on a 91, coach 8803, headed for West Portal. #totalmunisummer #owledition.
30% of the passengers on this bus are asleep.
Now at West Portal terminal of the 91, 100% of the people on the bus are asleep, except me.
Owl report: guy sits down right next to me, chats a little, takes off his shoe and sock, and shows me where his foot hurts. Gets off 5 minutes after he boarded. He either wanted to sell me cigarettes or bum a cigarette from me, honestly not sure which. #totalmunisummer
Now at the halfway point of the 91, Van Ness and North Point. I arrived at this stop to catch the 90 more than two and a half hours ago. Really long route tonight. Now I have to figure out how to get from SF State back home at 4:30 am.
Well, it’s either ride the 91 back or get a cab. First M is in 45 minutes. It’s me and five passengers who are fast asleep. Two of them have been sleeping on the bus since at least 2:10.
Phone battery about to give out, will probably arrive back in Dogpatch at ~5:30am.
Back at Van Ness and North Point, for the third time. I feel very ready to get off the bus. #totalmunisummer
Today the whole family is back in action for #totalmunisummer, this time riding the 67-Bernal Heights, which will take us through beautiful, sunny, Bernalwood California.
Our 67 has arrived, Coach 8514. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer rides the owl again tonight. This time it’s the N Owl, from La Playa and Judah all the way to 4th and King.
It’s very quiet out here. And cold.
What are you doing 🦉?
Hoot! On coach 8853, headed east. We are right behind an N train that just went out of service. #totalmunisummer
At Haight and Masonic, and now I have another passenger to ride with. So far, the N owl is pretty much just an empty, quick ride through the city. Not that I want a dramatic event to unfold, exactly, but something worth mentioning would be good. #totalmunisummer
Something went down at 7th and Market. Area in front of CVS is all roped off, at least one person arrested, lots of police.
N Owl finished, I am nearly home. Much easier the the 91.
Today we will head out on the 7-Haight, and possibly another route as well. #totalmunisummer is behind pace after a rough week.
The 7 departs from Bay B of the Transbay Transit Center. Different signage here! Our coach will be 8638 outbound to Great Highway. #totalmunisummer
7 done, Beach fun, now making another #everylibrarysummer visit, this time at Ortega Branch @SFPublicLibrary.
Today #totalmunisummer will take on the 9R-San Bruno Rapid, and make a visit to the Visitacion Valley Branch @SFPublicLibrary for another #everylibrarysummer visit.
Looks like our coach will be 6619. All we need now is an operator. #totalmunisummer
9R is done! Now at Visitacion Valley @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. I award this branch the “Best Ceiling Award” and the competition is stiff!
#totalmunisummer begins it’s final week today. We have a lot of lines to finish and not much time to do it! Today we will ride the 28R, with a stop at the Richmond Branch @SFPublicLibrary for #everylibrarysummer. Then a Cable Car ride on the California Line.
We’ll be in coach 8702 for this trip, inbound to California and 6th Ave.
28R is done. We helped a confused tourist try to get to Ghirardelli Square. She (quite understandably) did not realize the difference between the 28 and 28R. #totalmunisummer
#everylibrarysummer marches on with a visit to the Richmond Branch, a magnificent mix of old and new architecture. It’s exactly what an ideal public library should be. The sculpture maps of the city in front are super interesting!
#totalmunisummer will notch two lines today, when we complete the California Street cable car. Some kind soul has posted Langley’s 1890 Guide Map to SF in the Van Ness shelter. A valuable resource for needy tourists. cc @burritojustice
We get car 54 for our cable car today. And dead batteries on my phone and camera! Oh no! Well, we may not document it photographically, but we are riding the M bus next.
We did not ride the Mbus yesterday (took a J instead) but we are off to an early start for today’s #totalmunisummer adventures. We just boarded an 88X, coach 8815, at Sickles. We’re heading toward Balboa Park BART.
The 88 is full at Lowell, every seat but one occupied. The guy next to me says this bus is reliable and convenient for him. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer has finished the 88! Next we will ride BART to Civic Center to catch an 83X.
Waiting at 8th and Market to catch our 83X. #totalmunisummer is going to make up for lost time today!
Not sure what to make of this baking soda on the bench in the muni shelter.
On board the 83X, in coach 8195 headed toward 4th and King. This will be another short trip. #totalmunisummer
Short trip was right, 9 minutes on the 83X. Now waiting for an N to take us to Embarcadero but, we’ll, 🤔
What just happened? A muni worker herded us all off the N platform to the T, I didn’t hear an explanation. The platform was clear and then an N rolled up and let on a fresh load of passengers right off Caltrain. @sfmta_muni what is going on with that?
I screwed up our planning, the 14X only runs inbound in the morning, outbound in the afternoon. This is frustrating!
Well, we will ride a 14R back to our car, but it’s going to be a challenge to fit the 14X into our schedule now. Arrrg.
Recalculating our trajectories, the #totalmunisummer plan for the second half of today is to ride the Powell/Mason line from the Bay Street turn around to the Chinatown Branch @SFPublicLibrary. From there, we will make our way to Howard and Spear for the first outbound 30X.
On a cable car (No. 15) at Bay St. #totalmunisummer isn’t giving up easy today. Destination: Chinatown.
At the Chinatown Branch @SFPublicLibrary at last! #everylibrarysummer is nearly done. We also get to check off the Bookmobile, which just arrived!
Bookmobile was super neat, even if our tech station was a comedy of errors. Now we have about 40 minutes to get to the 30X Terminal at Howard and Spear.
We made it, with 4 minutes to spare. I owe both the kids special treats for their heroic performance on that trip. (Walk to Stockton>45>14>walk from Transbay Terminal to 30X Terminal.) we went right through the day park without really seeing it, must return. #totalmunisummer
Our coach for the 30X is 6652. On the schedule it’s only 29 minutes, but I don’t believe it.
Passenger across from me says half an hour most of the time. @sfmta_muni please prove her right today. 🙏 #totalmunisummer
Well I’m impressed. 26 minutes end to end. Now we’ve transferred to a 22, which we will ride all the way home. #totalmunisummer completed 4 new routes, and two Libraries. We would not have pushed so hard if we were not staring down the deadline. We are toasted.
Guy with razor scooter and open wine bottle is taking big swigs and asking people what other passengers are looking at. I want so bad to take a picture but will not, unless a fight starts.
Okay now he’s chatting in a friendly way and offering other folks hits on his bottle while also asking if anyone knows where to score weed. Muni!
Right, he’s off now. Actually switched straight from aggressive to chill like a switch. We chatted about retro video games and his project to make a hover board just like the one in BTTF. I wished him luck. #totalmunisummer
With four days left to go, we have seven lines left. They are: 6, 66, 48, 14X, N, 29 & 76X. Today we will certainly complete the 6 and 66, and we will stretch for the 48 as well. Tomorrow, the 14X and the N Judah. Saturday, the 29. Sunday the 76X. #totalmunisummer
I left my route map binder at home, now how will I keep track of the various happenings and encounters throughout the day?
Well, we had a 20 minute wait at Embarcadero, which is a rough start, but with weather so fine, hard to complain! #totalmunisummer is riding coach 5445 for our 6-Parnassus trip.
#totalmunisummer is all about high quality Sutro views today.
6 is done, and we have descended the Quintana St stairs. My kids have decided not to use the steps, however. #totalmunisummer continues today with the 66 bus, and another 15+ minute wait.
20 minute headways are lame.
Now aboard a 66 bus, coach 8517 inbound to 9th and Judah. We’re going to get lunch there, then get back aboard for the complete route. #totalmunisummer is on pace again, finally.
Back on the 66, same coach as before. The operator has a short layover and then we will be underway to Vicente and 30th. #totalmunisummer
Battery critical, no more live updates today. #totalmunisummer
We did successfully complete the 48 yesterday, and we are getting underway to finally bag the 14X, this time we know which way it goes! Inbound in the morning. #totalmunisummer
At the southern terminal. What is the weird boxy thing on top of the signage?
And we are onboard the 14X, at last. Our coach, 6620, smells of lemon. 🍋 🚌 #totalmunisummer
Trundling down Sixth street now. Several of our fellow travelers are squeezing a few more minutes of sleeping time on their way to work. #totalmunisummer
14X finished, now we are on an outbound N to Ocean Beach. #totalmunisummer
There was a trackway equipment issue earlier this morning, and there are severe residual delays. Maybe @sfmta_muni should have some sort of signal beacon that lets people know when walking is twice as fast as the subway? #totalmunisummer
Our operator tried to add some levity by saying we could turn this into a party train “I got some news for you! Everyone on this train must boogie!” Paarrrrtyyy Traiiin”🎼
Just left La Playa. We’re headed home, N to Church, transfer to 22, get home and No More Muni today. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer is about to begin our final line! The 29 Sunset will take us from Bayview to Baker Beach!
And we are underway. Our chariot for the 29 is coach 8814. #totalmunisummer
#totalmunisummer feet-feels
#totalmunisummer accomplished 🍾
Tomorrow, any and all fans of #totalmunisummer are invited to join us on the 76X-Marin Headlands Bus, leaving Sutter and Sansome at 11:30am. Bring a picnic lunch, there is no food available at Rodeo Beach.
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