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Every planetary placement in your chart can be excessive, deficient, or balanced. Fleshing this out is the difference between knowing your chart and knowing yourSELF. Let's chat. [THREAD]
On a base level, the essential dignity (sign placement) and accidental dignity (house placement) of a planet determines the excesses/deficiencies. Your lifestyle, circumstances, and conditioning fill in the blanks, and determine the rest.

A balanced Sun looks like someone who is comfortable with who they are. You can be in front of people and talk about yourself. You need neither validation nor commiseration. You understand your role in your own life, and you're chill with it.

You're insecure. You do not want to be seen, and you lack vitality and decisiveness. You don't know what role you play, and you shrink. You don't like to make the decisions because you don't trust yourself.

You don't know when to stop. You're decisive to a fault. You wear yourself out because you *know* you can keep going, and you ignore the needs of your body. You burn out. Your ego drives everything, and you burn so brightly you can barely see the world around u

You know how to care for yourself. You're in touch with your physical body, you get enough rest and know when to stop. You ride the waves of emotion, honoring their fluidity. You have routines that support you.

You think your feelings are useless, an obstacle and annoyance. You treat your body like trash because you're upset that it won't obey you. You ignore your emotions and needs, and you think nurturing yourself and others makes you weak.

You overindulge as a coping mechanism. You love your sleep, food, booze, and anything that reinforces your comfort zone. You fear what's on the outside, because you can KNOW whats on the inside. You're protective of your comfort to a fault.
This is a preview of what you can get out of each planet when you dig deep. How do you know what the predispositions are? What's the baseline you're starting from?
First, does the planet in question have essential dignity? Is it in a sign it rules, or where its exalted? Is it in its detriment or fall?
The Sun in Leo or Aries has all the tools to be balanced, but depending on circumstances, could lean excessive. The Sun in Aquarius or Libra could lean toward deficiency.
The Moon in Cancer or Taurus could know its own needs, tending toward balance. The Moon in Capricorn or Scorpio could condemn its own nature, feeling abandoned by circumstances and doomed to unrest.
Would you guys like more on planetary deficiency, balance, and excess? I'm really passionate about this topic, and I think it's really helpful to explore. Let me know and I'll do more threads for the other planets.
I was first introduced to this simple but powerful concept by @AustinRCoppock, through his Proper Care and Feeding of a Birth Chart class 2 years ago. I'm simply purveying what he graciously taught me, for the good of astrotwitter. Check it:…

You have clarity. You can stay organized and be reasonable about your pacing. You can communicate your experience and find the right words to express yourself. Your mind is a tool and an ally.

Analysis paralysis. Extremely critical of the self and everyone. Thinks so much you start thinking about the thinking. You have to put it into words or it's NOT REAL. Excessive skepticism. Curiosity gets you into a million things, but you never go deep.

You can't seem to find the right words. You're disorganized. You don't see the point of analysis and reason, they're exhausting. "It's all just words. It doesn't even matter." Trouble translating what you feel into language. Brain fog.

Socially competent. You know how to give a compliment, and how to receive one. You can appreciate beauty and loveliness, and you make time to so. You can moderate between extremes.

You ignore conflict. You're overly positive. You want to believe you are TRULY everyone's friend. "We're so close already!" You care way too much about what others think. You're obsessed with how things look. Addicted to charming people. Indulgent.

You don't see the point of beautiful things. You don't really care about how others feel. Stereotypical bachelor pad. You struggle to see the value in seeking out joy and beauty. "I shouldn't have to do that."

You know how to pick your battles. You can push your physical limits in a healthy way. You use competition to push yourself to be better. You don't freak out during conflicts.

EVERYTHING is a contest. Always seeing yourself relative to others, sizing them up. You don't want to rest. You push yourself to burnout. Anger issues. You relate to people by being in competition with them. "I wonder if I could kick that guy's ass"

You avoid conflict at all costs. You don't want to put much effort into things. You don't stand up for yourself. You avoid physical discomfort like the plague. You make excuses for why you don't need to try hard for things.

You're generous and optimistic. You can see the bigger picture. You believe you can learn anything. You are able to transform information into wisdom. You create coherence. You're spiritual but grounded. Things make sense in the ecosystem of your life.

Preach af. Speaking to others as students instead of peers. Everything is a teachable moment, even when it's definitely not. Arrogance. "They're on the wrong path. They don't see what I see." So zoomed out you're blind to what's in front of you.

You don't have the faith. Skeptical towards positive outcomes. You kind of just don't want to be uplifted, thanks. Lack of belief in your ability to learn and grow. "Spiritual stuff is a waste of time."

You can be ok when things aren't super fun and happy. You know how to delay gratification. You keep your word. Peace with how things are right now. You can let go of pleasure for a short time to ensure a long term benefit or gain. Patience. Discipline.

You are overly disciplined. You do not cut yourself or others any slack. You lack compassion with yourself and others. Cold and detached. Literally cannot see the bright side, the bright side does not exist for you.

It's difficult for you to be on time. You're not very organized. You prioritize pleasure over your long term goals. You lack discipline and foresight. Lazy, low energy, immature.
One important thing to note here is that these excesses and deficiencies often come in pairs or polarities. For example, an excessive Sun often pushed the Moon to deficiency. An deficient Venus is often found with an excessive Mars. Same with Jupiter and Saturn.
For this reason, remediation can work the same way. Have a Moon problem? Stimulate Sun things. Saturn problems? Apply some Jupiter. Mars problems? Bring Venus into the picture.
ALL of this can be tailored very specifically to your placements by sign and house to create an incredibly detailed and personal remediation program that fits into YOUR life. This is not one sized fits all, it's completely customized.
There's a lot more to say on how exactly all this works, and it's much too much for a twitter thread. That's why people teach classes! I picked up this technique a couple years ago in just such a class, and I loved it and benefited from it so much I'm LITERALLY taking it again.
It's with @AustinRCoppock, and it starts this Sunday, June 10th. Sign up and we can be study buddies!!…
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