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Thread by @southernkittyc1: "1/69 EyeTheSpy – *Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn* June 1, 2018 by Neon Revolt… […]" #QAnon #EyeTheSpy #drama #NeonRevolt

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1/69 #Qanon
#EyeTheSpy EyeTheSpy – *Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn* #Drama #NeonRevolt June 1, 2018 by Neon Revolt…
2/69 I’m going to be up-front. While this is a bit entertaining, it’s also kind of just #drama. I’d skip it if you’re as tired of that
3/69 kind of stuff as I am. I’m only writing this because I keep getting asked about it. So here we go, Round 2 with EyeTheSpy. Boy,
4/69 EyeTheSpy really doesn’t like me for “some reason.” He keeps tweeting about me literally every day in the wake of my article from
5/69 4 days ago, warning people about him being fake, spewing lie after lie after lie – not only about me, but about Q as well. And
6/69 I’ll show you exactly what I mean in a minute, but take a look at some of these tweets: So his primary proof that I’m a clown –
7/69 which, let’s be clear, means I’m CIA – is that I’m “monetizing Q intel” (his words) and that this is somehow indicative of me
8/69 being a clown. Despite me being around for about two years now, across other sites and platforms – principally Facebook. True, I
9/69 accept donations now. My site reaches literally millions of people, and server costs are increasing. I also put a LOT of work
10/69 into all this, and I think the worker is worth his wages. But what did Q actually say about all this, and is EyeTheSpy accurately
11/69 representing Q’s words? They all claim to be insiders. Hmm… who does this sound like? As for me, you all know I’ve never claimed
12/69 to be an insider. The only thing I’ve ever claimed is that I’m an Anon who got really tired of being censored and deplatformed by
13/69 the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and that I’m trying to organize and distribute information far and wide, as accurately as I
14/69 can in the moment – giving the masses a sort of play-by-play, to the best of my ability. They all claim to have insider contacts.
15/69 Hmmm… Kind of like how EyeTheSpy talks about allllllll his work for intelligence agencies, boasting about how much intel he has
16/69 access to? They do not. Of course he doesn’t. He’s a really obvious LARP who, frankly, was really easy to spot days ago, but who
17/69 for some reason, has roped in a ton of gullible people. Patriots do NOT reveal classified information. Because that’s illegal.
18/69 Why do we communicate this way? Think for yourself. Because 8ch is a free and open channel – unlike Twitter – which literally has
19/69 #TheCabal’s censorship algorithms built into it. Funny how I’m banned from Twitter, and EyeTheSpy is able to operate freely on a
20/69 Cabal-operated platform… Wonder why? Clickbait. Sensationalism designed to catch people’s attention. An easy way to do this is to
21/69 claim to be an individual with access above and beyond what’s available to the normal person. Catnip for the gullible –
22/69 especially during a time when Q has been silent. Note – this is the opposite of what I do. I’m an Anon, on the boards, organizing
23/69 info that everyone already has access to. I give credit to anons all the time. I basically serve as a navigator for the boards,
24/69 for the masses. I do the work of filtering through everything, to get to the gems of real info that are already there, available
25/69 to everyone. This is my work – I go to the “mines” and “dig” for “gems” every single day. It’s hard work. It’s difficult work.
26/69 But it’s work that many appreciate. We are a threat to profiteering. Information should flow freely w/o costs. Which is why ALL
27/69 my content here on the site is 100% free, and remains so for everyone – despite what EyeTheSpy says. We established a series of
28/69 ‘proofs’ for this specific reason. Undeniable. Unpredictable. Coincidence after Coincidence. Growth due to confirmations. Real
29/69 source(s) communicating w/ the people. Unrestricted. TOGETHER. Q is your source. Simply put, all others claiming inside knowledge
30/69 are charlatans. No, the NSA is not going to allow one rogue guy to start dropping intel on a Cabal-operated platform. Control the
31/69 information (THEY). Harness followers / profiteering (THEY). It’s all about control. Mind control. Define Media. Primary goal of
32/69 the Media? Control and demoralize the masses. To divide with competing narratives, and conquer in the wake of division. To Sell
33/69 (each selling a dif narrative – set of targets). They make you finance you own destruction. Selling makes money. Be careful who
34/69 you follow. Define ‘Patriot’. They want you DIVIDED. Attacks will only get worse. Q I want you to pay attention to that last
35/69 line: Selling makes money. This is the carnal sin EyeTheSpy is accusing me of. But what exactly am I supposedly selling?
36/69 EyeTheSpy says “Premium Content.” But what does my donation page say? In other words – it’s completely voluntary – and no, you
37/69 won’t be getting any special content. All this info has been up for days now, and yet EyeTheSpy keeps lying about me, saying I’m
38/69 offering Premium Content when I’m simply not. And if you still don’t believe me on this – you can check for yourself by donating
39/69 to my Gab for one month. You’ll find exactly 0 posts there [okay, save for one, where I said “Thank You” to my new donors – but
40/69 that’s not exactly premium intel, is it? That’s just basic manners. Here’s the post, so you won’t have to pay: Huuurrrrr how
41/69 horrible of me. But again, because I feel the need to make this exceedingly clear: donations are different from selling. EVERYONE
42/69 gets the same articles and posts – regardless of whether they donate or not. Donations are literally just a way for people to say
43/69 “Thank You” for my work. Seriously guys, I just had to shell out $120 bucks to keep this operation running for three more months.
44/69 Remember how my site went down the other day, because of bandwidth issues? Yeah, I’m not going to lie: I don’t have a lot of
45/69 spare cash. And you already know I’ve been blacklisted from my industry – an industry which I may expose in the very near future,
46/69 as I’ve turned up some very interesting information of late – but yeah, donations literally keep this site running. Yeah, I’m
47/69 dealing with real costs here, and I only expect costs to grow as the site grows in popularity, and more people reach out, looking
48/69 for sources of reliable information on Q. So, in the end, EyeTheSpy is not only lying about me – which, whatever, I don’t care.
49/69 I’m still going to keep moving forward and plowing my proverbial fields, regardless. No, the thing you should really be concerned
50/69 about is this: He’s lying about Q and twisting his words as well. Q isn’t anti-money. Remember #NoNeck Corsi accusing Q of being
51/69 a communist? EyeTheSpy is just taking the inverse approach. Instead of saying “Q is a communist” as an insult, EyeTheSpy is
52/69 basically saying it as a compliment. And it’s amazing to me how many people are falling for it. Of course, the reason he keeps
53/69 tweeting about me every day, sometimes multiple times a day is because he’s dodging the challenge I issued to him when I wrote my
54/69 original article: What was that challenge? Again, EyeTheSpy claims to be Intelligence, with access to “(nearly) unlimited intel.”
55/69 Again, those are his words. So he should know who I am. Those donations I’ve gratefully collected? Yeah, he should have access to
56/69 those financial records and see which bank account it’s going in to. The simple fact is – if he’s really intel – he should know.
57/69 And he can tell me, legally. He wouldn’t be doxxing me. He’d be telling me what I already know. But he can’t. Because he’s not
58/69 real intel. It’s been almost 100 hours since I issued that challenge, and the only thing EyeTheSpy has had to say for days now is
59/69 “Hurrrrrr premium content clown.” Guys, at the end of the day, you don’t have to trust me. You don’t have to read what I write.
60/69 You don’t have to donate. Of course, I think there are a lot of good reasons to do all three, but at the end of the day, you
61/69 don’t have to. But if you claim to be a part of this movement – you do have to listen to Q. And what did Q warn you about? They
62/69 all claim to be insiders. They all claim to have insider contacts. They do not. EyeTheSpy is a charlatan. Or as we like to say on
63/69 the Chans: Hopefully, this will be the last article I write on this subject. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled #QAnon
64/69 broadcasts. Hey, if you liked that post, did you know you can now support Neon Revolt with a Gab Subscription or a Crypto
65/69 donation? Just head to for instructions! And Thank You! This site can’t happen without your continued
66/69 support! But rest assured, together, we are changing the course of history! Oh hey! Hidden white text. Good find! Let’s see if
67/69 EyeTheSpy does something tricky here and tries to photoshop a fake “premium content” post from me, now that he has a screenshot I
68/69 posted of what my “premium posts” looks like. That will be hilarious is my white-text predicts this. Archiving this for an
69/69 objective timestamp, too, so you’ll know I called it.
The End

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