I was asked by Gary Taubes for an interview for his new book in December. At that point I was still open to being collegial with the low carb community. Earlier, for instance, I had corresponded quite a bit with Nina Teicholz. Gary wrote this is why he contacted me.

Thread. 1/21
Before responding to Gary, I re-read Good Calories Bad Calories. I had been contacted by important people before (David Ludwig for instance, who seems to be a great guy and super smart), but I still thought of Gary as THE leader of low carb. 2/21
So I was shocked, flattered and a little confused. Gary wrote that he wanted to interview me about why I become WFPB after being low carb. But what could I offer him that he did not already know? So before responding, I started reading GCBC again, wanting to understand this. 3/21
By that point, I had become familiar with some of the literature Gary was citing in GCBC. And when I was reading GCBC, I was struck with two facts: first, Gary's unparalleled grasp of facts and events, and second, his seamless, systematic misrepresentation of these. 4/21
I never responded to Gary, because my reaction to GCBC was visceral and terrible, and I didn't want to answer ANY questions. In fact, *I* wanted to ask the questions. Most of all, I wanted to know and still want to know: Why? 5/21
Why start a whole big movement out of a misrepresentation of facts? What good does this do anyone? What's more: I caught a hint of sheepishness in Gary's email. It's as if he expects rejection. He sounds like a nice guy! So WHY write a book based on distortions? 6/21
After reading GCBC this winter, I decided I would like to eventually critique GCBC and show the world, source-by-source, what an awful piece of journalism this was. Fortunately, someone beat me to the punch. (What a long project that would be!) 7/21
This guy named Seth, over the course of FOUR years, has systematically gone through Taubes's sources and fact-checked him. Remarkable. If you wanted to know exactly how Taubes got things wrong, check it out here: nutritionsciencefactcheck.com/page/3/ 8/21
After I failed to respond, some of my low carb followers, including Marika Sboros and Nina Teicholz, stopped following me. This may be because I did not respond, or because I became increasingly publicly hostile to the LCHF community. 9/21
Now recently when I criticized some of Nina's tweets, she says that I'm missing the forest for the trees, trying to score points. No, the problem is that the trees in this forest are all plastic. I'm just going to be trying to point that out one tree at a time. 10/21
Is there a lot of interesting low carb research? Sure. Is keto an interesting metabolic state? Super interesting. Do I think that many of keto's most vocal public proponents are being honest? I do not. 11/21
To me, this represents something of a conundrum. If a group of people can promote something that turns out to be positive by misleading others, is the misleading justified? 12/21
My present belief is that while keto is interesting, it hasn't been worth the public confusion, the wasting of resources, and the derailing of any movement toward a more enlightened national nutrition policy--which we desperately need. 13/21
It may turn out someday that Taubes and co's misleading arguments were in the end worth it. Perhaps you need vocal advocates--misleading or not--of something to really get it on the scientific menu to test, and it doesn't matter if these advocates are fact-based. 14/21
Let's address this on a deeper level, though. Can the long-term corrosion of our ability to discuss facts with each other ever be justified by any set of scientific gains? My belief is that what we've learned about ketosis doesn't come close to being that justification. 15/21
Consider that we have on the one hand the health of hundreds of millions of Americans, which if improved, could improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. 16/21
Worldwide that number is of course much greater. If we could put together a reasonable and robust national nutritional policy, it's plausible that we could improve the lives of many of these millions of people. 17/21
But if we've been derailed from doing so by corrosive misrepresentation that is going to sabotage the public discourse for at least another decade, and what we got was just some cool niche science, is this worth it? No way. 18/21
And so to me from a public health view, what has been done is not forgivable. The ends may SOMETIMES justify the means. But I can't see how they do that here. 19/21
Some may say, "but LCHF helped me." The problem with this is that something else that might have been able to help if IT had been the dominant paradigm (as LCHF is online). I know I am not going to convince any LCHF acolytes here, so this message is directed toward others. 20/21
Anyway, that's my take on things, and that's a big reason why I feel so hostile toward LCHF: because I feel I was misled and we are all being misled. Again, if you would like to see exactly how, check out Seth's page here: nutritionsciencefactcheck.com/page/3/ b/t @IKnowNutrition 21/21
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