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What we've gotta do is sell a lifestyle.
That's what the GOP sold: a lifestyle. They didn't talk about programs or policies.
They sold this Ronald Reagan Rawhide Rugged Individual, the Traditional American (whiteiwishihadsmallerprint) Manly Man.
That's why they're all swaggering down the street with their guns on. They think it's 21st Century Gunsmoke.
Rugged Individual. Hold that thought.
There's another American tradition. We're all in this together.
Ben Franklin said, "We must all hang together or we will surely hang separately."
The Mayflower wasn't a very big boat. The strongest helped the weaker. Or they'd have all died. It took everybody.
Our curse of slavery just literally fucks up all useful tradition ideals: these fuckers had slaves. We have to acknowledge that. We have to figure out some way to build one usable society out of what's here now.
Nobody is going anywhere. We're stuck with each other.
But this is about lifestyles. Worldviews. The Rugged Individuals have Jeeps and Harleys and 21st century war guns.
We talk about being all in this together like the Glorious America of Yesteryear, but you show the picture that has us all in it together.
All. Of. Us.
When we were hippies we proudly talked about love and peace. We glorified helping one another. It was a point of pride to treat black people as equals. We couldn't make white privilege go away but we tried.
Peace and brotherhood, helping one another - the whole thing is a legitimate American story. The thread runs through our entire mythology.
We need to sell a lifestyle.
The Republicans aren't winning because they are offering people a better deal. And this hate, this rage, these people yelling like lunatic giulianis at black people or Muslims -
They. Didn't. Used. To. Be. Here.
Somebody sold them that lifestyle. They bought it.
Americans have always been racists. Granted.
I've lived in rural Ray County, MO, for about 35 or so years.
In the first 25 I never heard a white person say the n word. They might have thought it, but they couldn't say it in public.
They do now.
Something sold them a lifestyle.
We've got to set aside talking with the outside world about specific issues, free college medicare for all reparations institutional racism poverty - we talk about those among ourselves. Us political junkies.
We sell the outside world Peace Love and Brotherhood.
We make movies where the town saves the kid who fell down the well. The retarded kid finds him first and gets the townspeople.
We're not chickens, we're proud human beings and we know we've got to stand together!
I'm serious here, y'all. I think about this political stuff from a repairman's perspective. What broke it? What's it supposed to do? What can we change so it does that?
OK, so I've told you what I think broke it: we lost control of the story. We let the rich people buy up all the media, with radio the very most critical, and take our story off it, and put theirs on. That's what broke it.
OK, so what's it supposed to do? And what is "it"?
What it is, is, it's society, government, and the economy.
They are three distinct parts of one thing. There is never, anywhere on Earth, one of those things without the other two.
What it's supposed to do is (in my opinion)
Society, government, and the economy are supposed to provide that every human being alive at any moment is reasonably comfortable by hers standards: warm, well fed, safe (again, as desired), and as unhassled as possible.
Longer definition here:…
Picture of my ideal (real, not impossible) theoretically attainable America:…
Punch line:
We've got to sell a lifestyle, an American, traditional, conservative lifestyle where we're all Americans, we're all in this together.
What made the Greatest Generation great?
They helped each other. Americans from all classes and groups landed together on D-Day.
If we don't get some concentrated, as averse to distributed, media, preferably radio, we're doomed.
Some phone app that took off like Facebook would work, but: Concentrated. Focused. Selling a lifestyle.
Did I ever show you the this picture? This was on some godforsaken hilltop firebase in Vietnam. I'm at my hooch. See that road-sign looking thing?
It's made out of C-Ration case cardboard.
The signs say
Haight Street
Asbury Ave
My call name was sgt. flower.
We need to sell a lifestyle
--jeff out.
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