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"Josep.."-On PDF 11, pg 108, a Mandalay Bay security guard recounts "15-20" people being evacuated from Paddock's hall… #LasVegasShooting
That began shortly after 10:41, and took less than 10 minutes. They didn't evacuate all the way down to Paddock's room. For example, the room right next to 32-134 didn't get evacuated until after they breached the suite, because they didn't want to get too close to Paddock's door
It's unclear how many names they wrote down, and if those names were even real names. When they interviewed the security guard who was supposed to be writing down names, he said "Well I got some of 'em." (PDF 9, pg 29) #LasVegasShooting
This is the guard who was taking names. He left the 32nd floor at 10:54 and was down at room 31-135 with SWAT by 10:57pm. #LasVegasShooting
According to the electronic door logs, there was a lot of activity in and out of both of Paddock's rooms from 2:23-7:40pm the day of the shooting. To me this suggests that accomplices might have had rooms nearby and were moving stuff in preparation.
So anyone on Paddock's hallway should at least be a person of interest until cleared. We know who at least 8 of the 15-20 were, because they spoke to the media.
Room 129 is suspicious to me, because it was propped open for more than an hour during all that in and out activity at Paddock's suite. I wish I knew who was in that room. But right now I want to share what I found suspicious about room 132.
Room 132 shares a wall with 134, the room where a window was broken out and at least 8 high-powered .308 caliber shots were fired out the window. There was someone in room 132 during the whole shooting, and here's what he did…
When the shooting began (earlier than planned, IMO), he called 9-1-1. That's not suspicious, but what he told the 9-1-1 operator is.
He told her the shooting sounded close, but he told her he was on 30, not 32, and he gave a confusing description of which direction the shooting sounded like it was coming from. (PDF 17, pg 14)
Later he was interviewed by a different officer. This time he gave the correct floor and his room number, and he gave the same description of the direction the shots sounded like they were coming from (PDF 15, pg 36)
I find this whole "doors to the left" thing a little suspicious. As you'll see in a later statement, he hedges by saying he thought he heard shots coming from both directions. Remember, there was only a wall between him and room 32-134…
Tia Williams Newman was two rooms further away, and she said it was so loud that her husband could hear the shooting through the phone. She also knew right where it was, because she looked out her window in that direction and could see the muzzle flashes…
When he first called 9-1-1, they were still trying to locate the shooter, so his precise location and proximity to the shooter would have been of paramount concern, yet he gave confusing and wrong information.
Later, after being evacuated to the Thomas & Mack Center, he gave a third statement at 3:30am, this one hand-written. (Pdf 24, pg 148-149)
His writing is a little sloppy, so here's what it says: "I was in room 132, 32nd floor of Mandalay. I heard the shots - very loud - @ 10PM. Almost sounded like the room where the shooter was could have been the room next door...
"It seemed a few minutes later that the next shots I heard could have been in a room down the hall, in the opposite direction. Not sure of that. By that point - @ 10:30pm or so - I had the TV on, watching the early reports of the active shooter...
"Eventually I could hear the Las Vegas police/SWAT team running down the hallway. They broke into my room and got me out of there. But shortly before they broke in, there was a very loud bang. Explosion? Perhaps? ...
Shortly after that the Mandalay alarms went off. Then they broke the door down and got me out of there." [End of statement]
That's it. This guy never spoke to the media as far as I know. He was in the room right next door, one wall between him and the broken window. So think about whether his statements are consistent with him being an accomplice.
Maybe not, but if he was an accomplice, then he got shut out when they started firing at Campos down the hallway. He was trapped in that room, but he needed to get a 9-1-1 call on the record. If he didn't call 9-1-1, that would've been suspicious.
Also, if he was an accomplice, staying in the room next door (which he would have requested because he'd stayed there "on his wedding night" or whatever), he would have probably registered using a false identity. Think about it.
Now look at the top of his written statement:
Someone started writing Joseph and stopped, crossed it out, and wrote a different name instead. Isn't that odd? And they didn't redact that part. Almost seems intentional to me, because if you were told to redact names, wouldn't you redact that whole name line regardless?
The more I think about this guy, the more suspicious it seems. He was the closest person to the shooting, yet he gave sketchy information. He avoided the media even though he's a "writer-editor". And did he actually start giving his real name at first? Hmm…
So when you're going through the 9-1-1 calls, let me know if you come across Josep's. And also Marilou's ex-brother-in-law. I'd like to hear that one too. Thanks. The end.
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