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Thread by @hanqsanq: "Yoonmin ABO au Omega Jimin finds a hoodie left in the locker room and couldn't help but take it home because it smelled so good. The next da […]"

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Yoonmin ABO au 🍑

Omega Jimin finds a hoodie left in the locker room and couldn't help but take it home because it smelled so good.
The next day, word spread out about how the omega had started smelling like the most popular alpha on campus, alpha Min Yoongi.
i'm starting this

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- if there are any similarities with other works, it is by pure coincidence as i'm not a bitch who steals the fruit of other's hard work.
- forgive typos i may commit.

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Taehyung and Jimin yelling at each other in the omega locker rooms isn't a fresh sight for the other omegas.


Taehyung packed up his bag, pushing through the door and out to the hall.

It was a couple minutes later that Jimin finally came out of the shower, clothed with a towel wrapped around his hair. He looked around the empty locker room,
if he wasn't used to this, he would find the room eerie.

Him and Tae were fortunate enough that gym became their last class. They both hated having to take brisk showers.

Especially Jimin. The omega would purposely shower last so that he could take his time.
"Tae?" The orange haired omega called out as he put clothes back in his bag.


"That fucker really left." He said to no one as he dried his hair with a towel.

The omega took his jam-packed bag, not even bothering to fold the towel as he forcibly shoved it in.
Once the boy finally managed to fit everything in his bag, he lifted it, not knowing that a front zipper had been left open, the pocket where he kept his pens. A dozen pens spilled out, dropping onto the floor, rolling in various directions.

The omega huffed,
placing his bag down on the bench again. "life's a bitch."

He bent down, scooting to grap each pen to where they ended up.

"- eight, nine, ten, eleven." He counted once he had a handful.

Jimin walked around the room, eyes on the floor to search for the one missing.
He ended up in front of the lockers. "there!" He rushed to the pen once he saw it, bending down to pick it up.

His eyes drifted to where the pen had been. It rolled right in front of the unused lockers, extra lockers that didn't belong to any student.
Usually the school kept those lockers sealed, but this particular one was ajar.

Jimin took the pen in his hand, his eyes never leaving the unsealed locker.

Out of curiosity, the omega pulls the door open, peering down to take a look inside.
Once the door was open, there was a certain scent that wafted through the air, making Jimin even more curious.

Having trouble seeing what was inside because of the dim light of that side of the room, the omega reached inside, feeling around for contents.
His fingers drifted to something soft, bunching it in his hand, he confirmed that it was fabric.

The omega pulled the object out, standing up as he did, his eyes widened once he saw what it was and it's scent making it's was to his nostrils.
It was a hoodie. His legs struggled holding up as he shamelessly nuzzled into the object, lavishing in it's scent.

Jimin looked around the room, there was no way the clothing belonged to an omega since it had no traces of omega scent.

There was no one.
Whoever it belonged to had just left it there. The boy didnt think twice before rushing to his bag, putting his pens and the hoodie in, zipping up all the zippers.

How an alpha's heavenly smelling clothing ended up in the omega lockers was a thought he decided on
pondering about later on as he slipped the straps of his bag on his shoulders.

When he reached the door, he took one last look at the room, to be certain that nobody was there.

After shaking his head, the omega pushed through the door, walking out.
Taehyung's smile faded from his face and his nose scrunched up once Jimin drew nearer, standing beside him.

"You took ages."

The shorter omega just shrugged. "What's new?"

Tae knew there was something odd about Jimin's scent. "why do you sme-"
"Taehyung!" a voice rang through the almost empty hallway.

A young alpha was striding their way, eyes bright and a smile on his face.

"Jungkookie!" Taehyung, completely forgetting what he aimed to say had the same excited expression when he saw the alpha.
When the two finally met, the two were too busy scenting each other to notice Jimin who was making audible barfing noises.

"Can you guys save this for later?" Jimin almost pleaded.

The alpha suddenly looked up, his nose catching a certain scent.
Taehyung was confused when the alpha pulled away. "what's wrong?"

The alpha's eyes gazed around the hall until they finally made their way on the other omega's form.

"He smells... odd."

Jimin was too preoccupied with watching students walk out the main door
to hear what the boy said.

"He doesn't usually smell like that, i noticed too." Taehyung responded.

A roar of thunder emitted, making every student jump in surprise. Jimin held into the wall for support.

"I think we should get going, the skies are getting darker."
The couple left the topic, both just nodding and letting Jimin lead the way to the main door.

Both omegas always walk out of school together since freshman year, and the fact that Jungkook and Taehyung started dating didn't change that. It was a tradition they intended to keep.
Once at the gates the omegas went in for their mandarory good-bye hug.

"should i call later?" Taehyung asked.

"no chit chat tonight, the teachers were unforgiving today. i have too much work."

After a few more words, the three parted ways, Jimin humming as he walked home.
It was quite late, the sun was minutes away from setting and Jimin took his time as he walked home.

His heavy bag was weighing him down greatly, an the mere thought of the amount of homework he still had to do was painful.

His thoughts were shaken when a drop of water
fell on his nose.

Jimin subconsciously picked up his pace, walking along a turn.

Another drop, another drop, more.

When another roar of thunder made it's way to Jimin's ears that he started brisk-walking. He would run, but his bag forbid.
The rain gave too little warning and in seconds the drizzle turned into a heavy pour.

"shit, shit, shit." The omega who forgot to bring his umbrella hated himself right now.

Once he reached the street where his house was, he broke into a run, putting mind over matter.
Jimin banged his fists against the door as soon as he arrived. "MOOOOOM-"

Seconds later the door was pulled open.

"I told you to bring that umbrella today." His omega mother said as she shut the door when Jimin stepped in.

"I forgot." He said, taking off his shoes
and hauling his bag upstairs.

His mom watched him at the foot of the stairs. "Take a bath so you won't get sick. Come down for dinner in 15!"

"Yes, mom." Jimin yelled back before he shut his door, putting his bag against it as he flopped down on his bed.
"Was that Jimin?" Alpha Park asked when he passed by his mate at the foot of the stairs.

"It is. He was drenched, he forgot his umbrella again."

The alpha just nodded. "I was just making sure. I could have sworn i smelled someone else."
Jimin fought the invitation of the warmth of his bed to stay and stood to go to his bag, opening the zipper.

He almost forgot about it, but as soon as he opened his bag, there it was. The black hoodie.

Pulling it out, Jimin nuzzled into it, inhaling it scent.
The omega stood, placing the hoodie on his pillow and stripping out of his damp clothes and changing into his house clothes, a shirt and shorts.

He took another towel to dry his hair. Showering was the least of his priorites right now.
Before he could even think of procrastinating, Jimin sat himself on his desk chair, taking papers and notebooks with things he had to do out of his bag, the papers, unlike him, were dry. He should thank his father for forcing him to pick the waterproof bag.
There was a knock on his door exactly when Jimin was working on question number 11 of 50.

"it's open."

His mother opened the door just enough to peek through. "Dinner is ready."

Jimin sent her a apologetic smile. "i ate at school, so i'm not hungry."
Her mother's nose scrunched up after a few seconds. "You remember what me and your father told you?"

Jimin was getting frustrated, he was wasting time. "What's that?"

"Tell us if you have your eye on an alpha."

Jimin glaced at his bed, realizing what his mother saw.
"i don-"

His mother cut him off. "I know, i know. Sorry to bother you." She was about to shut the door but then she peered in again. "I won't tell your father." She winked before shutting Jimin's door.

The omega's face was flushed red when his mother let herself out.
Jimin shook his head, stretching his arms and groaning as he put the pen down on the desk.

He glaced at his clock, he's been studying for more or less 20 minutes now.

"i deserve a motherfucking break." The omega returned to his bed, landing on the black hoodie.
He inhaled it's scent again before putting it on. It was a couple sizes too big for him, but that made it warmer and more comfy.

The sensation of smelling the hoodie was completely different from being completely engulfed in the scent.
Jimin sighed in content, wrapping his arms around himself as he laid his head on the pillow.

The sound of the rain outside was enough to calm his senses and the scent of the hoodie was a huge addition to that.

Soon enough his body went numb, his eyes closing.
The unfinished work left on his desk was the last thing the omega saw before he fell asleep.

Wondering which alpha the hoodie belonged to and his mounds of homework were two tasks that he'd probably take care of later.
It was still cold when Jimin woke up. His feet were freezing, he opened his eyes slowly, his vision blurry but not blurry enough for him not to see that he slept without his blanket on, with the lights on, and with the pile of work he was supposed to be doing still on his desk.
He rubbed his eyes, his vision soon adjusting to his surroundings.

Suddenly, his nose started to itch he sneezed twice, thankfully not sneezing on the hoodie.

He stood from the bed, wincing at how cold the floor was beneath his feet.
The omega stood in front of the window, drawing the curtains back.

"WHAT THE FU-" Instead of seeing a dark, barely-lit street, rays of sunlight entered his room through the window. He was cut off from his mini-heart attack when his phone started ringing.
'Annoying Hoe' The caller ID said, Jimin answered it immediately, pressing it against his ear.

"i've been waiting for you for ages, class is gonna start in twenty minutes. thought you died or something." Taehyung's voice said from the other line.

Jimin's eyes went wide,
glancing at his clock, and realizing that Taehyung wasn't kidding.


He ended the call, tossing his phone aside as he scrambled to take off his clothes.

He obviously had no time to shower anymore
so he just slipped on the first pair of ripped jeans he saw, and a black and white striped long sleeved top.

The boy put all of his multitasking skills to the test as he tried brushing his teeth, putting his things back in his bag and putting on shoes at the same time.
Even in the moment of panic he was in, he managed to unleash his inner hoe and grab one of his chokers and put in on.

After the whole fiasco of getting ready, Jimin was sure he had a cold by the amount of times he sneezed and how he could barely breathe or smell through his nose
He made a special effort to bring a box of tissues with him.

With his bag hanging on his shoulders, Jimin took one last look arou his room, to make sure he didn't forget anything.

His gaze was caught by the black hoodie on his bed.

The omega made a move to take it,
but stopped his own steps. He had too much of a load already anyways, so he decided against taking it.

In the fastest way he could, Jimin was in and out of his house with a pen and his unfinished homework in each hand.

The sniffling omega brisk walked his way to school,
paying most attention to his homework.

"Why did- i dont fucking know, i'll skip that." He said, turning the paper, "What year did- I have no fucking idea-"

He bumped into people and almost walked into wet cement, but he would rather have that than an a shitty grade.
Taehyung has been stood next to the school gates, arms crossed in front of his chest, eyes wandering at the streets, hoping Jimin would come soon.

a bored alpha Jungkook was sat on the bench next to where the omega was stood. "Four minutes 'til class starts."
Taehyung scoffed. "Since when did we care about being late?"

The alpha just shrugged. "I'm just bored."

"And i'm a paranoid best friend."

Jungkook just opted for kicking the grass beneath his feet. "He's taking ages."
"And he's my best friend, since you claim to love me, you better deal with it."

Jungkook just chuckled, "why so feisty today?"

Just then, the orange haired omega walked through the gate, alerting the couple.


The boy didn't even bother to meet their gaze,
walking straight past them as he scribbled answer number 32. He kept his fast pace, walking into the building and to his first class, never taking his eyes off the paper.

The fact that he kept sneezing didn't help the situation at all and when he sat down on his desk
the bunch of tissues in his other hand fell onto the floor.

Taehyung was still rooted to the ground, eyes still on the spot where Jimin disappeared into the building.

Jungkook stood beside him, as soon as he did, the bell rang. "I think there's something he's hiding from you."
After the first period, Taehyung found Jimin leaning against his own locker, leafing through a new wad of papers he seemed to be skimming through.

"Jimi-" There it was again, as soon as he came close to the omega. It was there, evident and undeniable.
Jimin just took one look at Taehyung and began speaking as his eyes were still scanning the papers. "I fell asleep. That explains why i was late and why why i'm cramming right now."

Taehyung didn't say anything, his train of thought was cut off whenever he would smell it.
"- forgot my umbrella." Jimin continued what seemed to be a monologue after a small sneeze. "So now i'm sick and stressed, what a perfect combo."

People kept turning their way. It was impossible for Taehyung not to notice considering that every single omega who
passed by turned their eyes at them.

"-then i just shoved things in my-" The boy's words were caught off by the bell ringing.

Both omegas went into motion, climbing uo the nearby stairs to their next class.

For the first time that day, Jimin lowered the papers.
"You don't know, do you?" Tae asked once the other omega finally gave him a chance to talk.

"what do you mean?"

Just then, Kim Jiyeon (deliberately) bumped into Jimin, making all of his papers fly out from his grasp.

"oops." She put a face of mock apology.
Taehyung and Jimin cocked an eyebrow while some other students helped gather Jimin's papers.

"you should be more careful." There was a sting to her words that the two couldn't miss. She looked at Jimin from head to toe before resuming her walk up the stairs.
The two omegas' eyes followed her form until she disappeared at the top of the staircase.

Taehyung's gaze went to Jimin. The shorter omega is absolutely terrifying when angered, contrary to what people assume because of the omega's soft and gentle appearance.
Jimin was taking deep breaths, Taehyung knew him long enough to know that that was his attempt to calm himself down.

Jimin only snapped out of the glare he kept giving the spot where she disappeared when a beta handed him his papers.

He even managed to utter a
small "thank you"

"Let it go, she doesn't deserve your outburst." The way Taehyung's brows were furrowed showed that it wasn't really something both of them were just going to disregard.

Jimin was now just arranging the papers he had in his hand.
"She should be thankful that i have shit to do-"

Taehyung wrapped his arm around Jimin's shoulder, steering the boy into motion up the stairs again. "Exactly, you have stuff to do, let's just forget it."

Jimin didn't answer as he went back to skimming the papers.
Jimin and Taehyung had the same class for that period, history and all throughout the lecture, Jimin had been working on his homework for the next period.

They were sat in their usual seats next to each other, a row from the back.
Taehyung was only paying half his attention to the discussion. Jimin had always been te studios one between the two of them. Taehyung didn't care much of his grades.

In the middle of the lesson, Taehyung felt something hit his right shoulder, he looked back
and saw an omega looking back at him, she gestured to the floor, where Taehyung saw a crumpled up piece of paper.

The boy picked it up, and being the bumbass he was, threw it back in her direction.

"No!" She said, tossing it back at the floor near Tae.
"oh." Taehyung muttered as he picked it up, sitting back up on his chair.

It was odd, him and Suyeon, the girl who threw the note, barely spoke with him. She was one of the popular omegas, they were all in a big clique.

Taehyung and Jimin hated them.
Their clique basically specialized in doing everything in their power to gain attention from the most popular alpha clique, comprising of Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Jungkook himself, and of course, Min Yoongi.

"Pathetic" Jimin would say when they catch the omega clique
would 'accidentally' drop their books whenever the alphas would walk past, hoping they would pick it up.

Most of the alphas do, just out of kindness. But not Min Yoongi.

Never in his life would Yoongi lean down to pick some omega's books. He would just stand and watch.
That's what made Yoongi stand out from other alphas. Not only did he have the looks, perfect alpha demeanor, and was basically every omega's ideal alpha,

Min Yoongi never showed interest on any omega before.

Making the most omegas in school take it as a personal challenge.
Taehyung opened the crumpled paper in his hand, not knowing what to expect.

it contained 5 sentences, all written in different colors of pens and in different handwriting- meaning it was written by different people.

'what's up with your friend and Min Yoongi?'
Taehyung tilted the paper, reading the other sentences written in different angles.

'we can smell it off him'

'yoongi would never settle for him'

Taehyung glances at Jimin from the corner of his eye, the omega was still burried in his homework.
'he's brave, walking around smelling like him.'

The last sentence, that was right smack in the center of the paper was familiar. He knew that handwriting. Everyone knew that handwriting.

'Alpha Min is mine. Tell your friend to be more careful, xoxo.'
Jimin hit the wad of papers on his desk, alerting the attention of Taehyung together with a few other students near them. The piece of paper flew from Tae's hand, landing on the floor in between them.

"i'm done-" He cut himself off with a sneeze.

"with everything?"
Taehyung asked as he eyed the paper

"no, I still have one for trigonometry and an essay analysis for-"

Taehyung flailed his hand, "stop, stop- it's making my head ache."

Jimin just giggled, moving to reach down under his desk for his bag,
Taehyung was quick to react when he realized what Jimin was going to do, knowing that the paper wasn't so far from the bag.

"Hey, Jimin!"

The other paused his motions, eyes looking back at Tae.

"um... what are we going to eat for lunch today?" He tried.
"Ma'am!" Lee Yujin, an omega from the popular clique's hand shot up in the air, catching the attention of everyone in the room. "Omega Kim Taehyung and Omega Park Jimin have been babbling for ages and it's distracting." She said as she flicked her hair.
The teacher's eyes drifted to the said omegas. Jimin sat up immediately and Taehyung's posture became more alert.

"Omega Park and Omega Kim," She called out, "If you two have no plans to listen to the discussion then you both are free to leave the class anytime."
Oh, it wasn't the first time they had heard a line like that from a teacher.

Their eyes met, a smirk spreading on both of their faces.

They didn't have to be told twice.

The two simultaneously stood, Taehyung made an extra move to step on the paper when he did,
so that Jimin wouldn't see it.

They grabbed their bags, Taehyung had to take the paper from under his foot and put it in his pocket in a swift motion.

"and where do you boys think you're going?" the teacher had her arms crossed in front of her chest.
Jimin started walking first, his notebook and pen in one hand and a bunch of tissues in the other

The shorter omega waited by the door until Taehyung was stood behind him.

"i have never witnessed this amount of disrespect-"

"Hey," Taehyung spoke "You gave us the invitation."
Then they both left the room, Jimin even made an effort to shut it softly before they walled through the empty hallway.

Jimin complained, "What a bitch. Why are so many people after me today?"

Taehyung kept walking and didn't answer, fumbling with the paper in his pocket.
They headed where they always did whenever they did this, to the library.

"Goodmorning, Minseo how are you?" Jimin greeted as soon as they shut the library doors that they just went through.

Minseo, an elderly beta who worked there smiled.

"Hello to my two favorite omegas."
The two boys smiled at her, "We're here to do some last minute research, we won't bother that long." Jimin sat himself down on their usual table and Tae sat next to him.

"That's not a problem at all, go ahead." She said, oblivious to why the two were realy there.
"We're staying 'til next period, i have too much to do." Jimin declared as he put down the notebook, opening it up on the page he had it on earlier.

Taehyung thought for moment, taking his hand out of his pocket and leaving the paper in there.

"Can't. Have a test next period"
But Jimin was too busy highlighting a sentence while he blew his nose as quietly as he possibly could (which wasn't very quiet at all) to bother responding.

"whatever," Taehyung muttered, thankful that at least he wasn't drowning in homework unlike somebody.
After around fifteen minutes, they saw a class approaching the library, following the literature teacher.

When the library started filling up with students, Jimin spoke, without even looking up from what he was writing.
"what class is that?"

Taehyung looked up from his phone, looking around for people he could be familiar with, he then saw Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, and Jung Hoseok.

"A grade above us, Omega Seokjin's. probably lit class." He whispered back.
Tae gasped a little too loudly, once he realized he time "fuck- i forgot the bell can hardly be heard here" He stood up, quickly grabbing his things. "I'm late for class, i'll catch you at lunch."

Jimin didn't even have the chance to say bye before Tae was running out the door.
In the split second that he looked up from his work, He saw eyes drawn to him, so many of them. Majority of the class where looking, some even whispering.

Jimin diverted his gaze back to his notebook, deciding not to think about it as he continued reading while sniffling.
Omega Seokjin smelled it meters away. Being Alpha Namjoon's boyfriend kind of forced him to hang out with the alpha clique most of the time.

He knew that scent, considering that he's exposed to a lot,

but he was surpised when the certain scent came from a different person.
Seokjin nudged Alpha Namjoon who was stood next to him.

"I know what you're going to say." The alpha said, not turning away from the bookshelf where he searched for a textbook. "Jungkook told me earlier."

"Park Jimin, of all omegas?" Seokjin asked, eyes never leaving Jimin.
Alpha Hoseok who was stood nearby had been eavesdropping the conversation and decided to join in. "Kook said there was a whiff of it since yesterday."

"Does Yoongi know?" The omega asked.

Hoseok shrugged, grabbing a book. "If he did, would he care? Probably not."
"Oh- it's so high, i can't reach it."

All three pairs of eyes went to the owner of the voice, Kim Jiyeon, who was on the side of Namjoon where Seokjin wasn't.

She was reaching for a book on the top shelf, or at least pretending to.
The audible fake struggling noises caught Namjoon's attention.

And being the kind alpha he was raised as, he spoke up. "Which one?" He offered, half wanting to help and half just wanting her to leave them alone.

"The red one." She said, batting her eyelashes.
Seokjin's gaze turned into a glare.

Namjoon effortlessly extended an arm, getting the book and handing it to her.

She put on the widest smile and took it. "Thank you alpha." She said in the most flirtatious tone, looking up at Namjoon.
"Hey," Seokjin called out, hands on his hips. "You shouldn't wear those ugly-ass heels then of they don't do you any good." He snapped. "And you shouldn't fucking go around calling someone else's alpha your own, you're just proving that you are, in fact, a bitch."
Namjoon just stood, trying to hold back his laughter but letting Jin go on, the omega wouldn't be stopped anyway.

Jiyeon had her own argued. "He offered to get it for me."

"That's because you're pathetic." Seokjin countered. "Besides, my Alpha doesn't settle for
anyone who doesn't have a face this good looking." He said, gesturing to his own features. "You make me fucking sick." It was Seokjin's last remark before dragging Namjoon and Hoseok away to the far part of the library.

"That was hot." Namjoon remarked.
"yes, i know i'm hot."

Hoseok had just finished laughing spoke, changing the topic. "Isn't Omega Park your friend?"

Seokjin nodded. "Yeah, but he seems busy."

"Would it kill you to say hi?"

"Good point," The omega stood up, walking to the orange haired omega.
The orange haired omega eventually forgot about the stares and whispers once he began stressing out about the essay analysis due next period, although at the back of his mind, he knew they were looking.

He's been avoiding sniffling too loudly and blowing his nose in
case he drags in more attention.


The said omega looked up at the owner of the voice for a second and immediately went back to his notebook.

"Hi." He said blankly.

Seokjin pulled out the chair next to Jimin, his nose scrunching up as he did.
The scent on Jimin was even stronger as soon as he sat down, it completely devoured Jimin's own scent to the point that he may be mistaken as an alpha.

"How are you? What are you doing?" Seokjin tried coming up with a conversation, even if he really wanted to just
directly ask Jimin why the heck he smells like an alpha, and not just any alpha.

"ah- so many questions, have you missed us that much?" There was the tiniest hint of bitterness in Jimin's voice.

That bitterness had been there for quite a while,
Jimin wasn't all that pleased when Seokjin started hanging out with the alpha clique to be with Namjoon.

They used to be the closest. Him, Tae and Seokjin, until feelings got involved with other alphas and relationships took place.
Jimin was even more pained when Taehyung and Jungkook started courting, thinking it would end up the exact same way.

Jimin healed eventually, but the tiny hint of bitterness was the scar that was left.
"i did." Seokjin said.

Jimin still had his eyes on his notebook "Why aren't you with Alpha Namjoon?"

Seokjin shrugged. "I just wanted to say hi."

The orange haired omega didn't respond anymore, pretending to read something when in reality he just waited for the other to speak
"Are you sick?" Seokjin asked after seeing the was of used tissues next to Jimin's bag on the floor.

"Yeah-" Jimin said with a sniffle. "I got rained on yesterday."

"Your stupid ass forgot your umbrella again?"

Jimin laughed softly at that. "yeah, my stupid ass."
They fell into a silence, Jimin reading for real now and Seokjin letting his eyes wander about.

He noticed the bunch of used tissues Jimin had, that were contantly increasing as Jimin sniffles more often.

His eyes narrowed when he noticed something else near the tissues.
He eyed the object, a crumpled piece of paper.

And out of curiosity, he picked it up, carefully avoiding Jimin's tissues.

He brought it in front of his eyes, starting to open it up.

"Class!" The literature teacher called out, making everyone look
"Research time is over, please return the books and we'll proceed back to the classroom." She instructed. Her class got up, placing books back in shelves, pushing back chairs.

Seokjin stood up as well, putting the paper in his pocket. "I'll see you around,"
He told the orange haired omega. Without waiting for a response he walked away, catching up with Namjoon and Hoseok who were on their way out.

Jimin sighed, watching Seokjin's form disappear through the door. "Or not."
The bell for lunch rang and Taehyung was already stood outside of the class Jimin was in. They met outside and started walking with the crowd towards the cafeteria.

Tae's nose was aware of it as they walked, it's already been half a day yet the scent's still as strong as ever.
"I have good news and bad news." Jimin exclaimed as they walked.


"I'm done with everything i have to do, but i skipped a class so i missed it."

Taehyung laughed. "At least you're not running around with your face shoved in paperwork."
Jimin sneezed, making Taehyung laugh, Jimin always had the cutest sneeze, a high pitched short one.

Tae put his hands in his pockets as they walked, but then he noticed something. His eyes widened, "what the-" He fumbled in his pockets,

but the paper was gone.
The taller omega looked around the floor, stopping his pace, Jimin immediately noticed, so he stopped as well.

"Wha-" Jimin was cut off when a tall alpha and a beta who were caught up in conversation accidentally bumped into them because they stopped.
"Woah, i'm sorry, i'm sorry." The beta boy who bumped into Taehyung said, making sure the omega was unharmed.

Jimin almost lost his balance since the collision came with such force, he reflexively pushed the alpha off him, making the alpha stumble back.
He gained his balance after almost hitting the floor. "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" He said, hands forming fists as he crossed the distance between him and the orange haired omega.

Jimin gulped from where he stood, mind not knowing what to do.
Taehyung, who noticed the scene was ready to throw hands until the kind beta pulled the alpha away. "Don't touch him you dickhead!" He warned. "He's Alpha Min's."

The Alpha sniffed the air near Jimin and his eyes widened in realization.
"Sorry to bother, sorry to bother." The beta bowed in apology, pulling the alpha with him as he walked away.

Jimin was rooted to the spot, looking like he still hasn't realized what events happened. Taehyung shook Jimin out of his stance, shaking him by his shoulder.
"Are you okay, are you hurt?"

Jimin went back to sniffling, and in a matter of seconds his breaths began getting deeper.

Taehyung knew him long enough to know what was coming.

"What no, no, you're a bad bitch, you don't cry."
He whispered into the omega's ear.

Jimin nodded repeatedly, reaching for a tissue to blow his nose.

"You okay?"

"I feel like utter shit but it's nothing food can't fix." The smile was back on Jimin's lips, to Taehyung's relief.

"That's the spirit."
They resumed their walk to the cafeteria, Taehyung keeping an arm securedly wrapped around Jimin's shoulders.

"You know," Jimin spoke. "I didn't quite here what the beta said, what did he say?"

Taehyung took a breath, licking his lips, unsure of what to say.
"hm?" Jimin looked up expectedly.

"I didn't hear it, too." Lie.

They pushed trough the cafeteria door, walking through to get to their usual table. Taehyung knew that the other omega could feel the stares, the looks, but his expression was blank.
"They keep looking at me, is there something on my face?" Jimin tried joking once they sat down, but the tone of his voice wasn't cheerful.

Taehyung just shook his head and sat down.

Jimin kept his haze down on his own lap, not wanting to face the looks.
"Do you know why they keep doing that?"

"doing what?"

"The looks." Jimin said in a small voice before he sniffled. "The whispering."

"i don't know, just don't think about them." Lie.

Taehyung always hated lying, but he had to.
"There they are." Hoseok announced as soon as he saw Seokjin and Namjoon.

The two sat down next to each other on the table, joining Hoseok, Jungkook and Yoongi who already had food but aren't eating yet.

"Seokjin told me he was going to show us something." Hoseok informed
"i've been dying to know what."

All eyes went to the omega, anticipating what he had to show. "Actually, it's only relevant to Yoongi, but since we're all here i might as well tell you guys too."

By the mention of Yoongi, everyone already had a guess.
"Don't tell me this has something to do with Omega Park." Jungkook spoke up.

"That's what i think." Seokjin said. "Although i'm not a hundred percent sure."

Namjoon's eyes caught Yoongi's and a teasing grin made it's way to the younger alpha's face.
"Shut the fuck up," Yoongi mouthed to the other alpha.

"-When hoseok told me say hi to Jimin, i found this near him." Seokjin explained, reaching into his pocket. "Also, he's so sick, he keeps sniffling, it's so cute."

Namjoon looked back at Yoongi,
catching the other's eyes. He scrunched his face up and widened his smile, then imitating someone cooing and blushing.

Yoongi was about to tell Namjoon to shut up once again but Seokjin slammed his hand on the table, demanding everyone's attention.
"Pay attention!" The omega demanded as he pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket.

Jungkook leaned over and snached it from Seokjin before the omega had a chance to open it.

The youngest alpha sat back down, Hoseok who was next to him scooted closer as he opened the paper
The three watched as the two alpha's eyes scanned through everything written on the paper, their eyes going wide.

"Who wrote this?" Jungkook asked.

"Multiple people." Namjoon answered, "Based on the handwriting and the color of pens."

"Show it to Yoongi, idiots!"
Jungkook handed the paper to Yoongi, who took it, reading it all but he remained unfazed as he placed it back in the middle of the table.

"You're not even going to day anything?" Seokjin complained when Yoongi remained silent.

"Who is all of that directed to?"
"Omega Park Jimin." Jungkook answered Yoongi.

Namjoon wiggled his brows at Yoongi at the mention of the name.

When Yoongi just nodded and reached for a bottle of water, Seokjin was getting frustrated.
The omega pushed the bottle of water away. "What the literal fuck, Yoongi?" Seokjin snapped. "Can't you even tell us the truth? You know your reputation here and you just scent that omega and let him roam the halls alone like some piece of meat in a lion's den?"
Namjoon reached to wrap an arm around Seokjin's waist, a failed attempt in calming him down.

"The kid is getting bullied, Yoongi." The omega hit his fist against the table again. "This paper is a proof of that. You fucking scented him, you take care of him."
Yoongi wasn't looking at Seokjin, but everyone knew he was listening.

"You wouldn't know how vulnerable that omega may feel right now, and if they're already sending him shit like this." he said, pointing at the paper "who knows what they could do to him? What if they hurt him?"
"You know they can."

The table went silent, Jungkook in particular kept licking his lips out of nervousness.

Finally, Yoongi spoke. "I didn't scent him."

Seokjin was about to start babbling again about how the fuck that occured.

"But i'll sort this out." The alpha said.
Lunch consisted of Taehyung hyping Jimin up, his eyes have been immune to the stares and his ears immune to the whispers.

and his nose, well, immune to everything since he can't breathe or smell anything through it.

The two omegas had the same class for the next period
so minutes before the bell would ring, signaling the end of lunch, Taehyung opened Jimin's bag to help the omega put his notebooks in.

When he opened it, his brows furrowed when he smelled it in there.
The bag had the same scent Jimin had been carrying around all day.
Why im the world would Yoongi scent a bag?

Shaking the thought off, Taehyung put the notebook in together with Jimin's box of tissues and zipped it up.

"What are you?" Taehyung asked.

"A bad bitch."

"And what are they?"

"Much lesser bitches who'll never get on my level."
"That's the spirit." Taehyung laughed as stood, waiting for Jimin to do the same, helping Jimin to put his bag on.

On their way to their next class, they passed Kim Jiyeon by the stairs and Jimin's mind hatched an idea.

When they passed her, he 'accidentally'
stuck his foot out, making her stumble down to the landing of the stairs, she fell on her butt, her things flying everywhere.

"oops." Jimin even covered his mouth with his hand.

"you little bitch-" Jiyeon was glaring daggers at him from the floor, her little cronies
buzzing around to get her things and helping her up.

Jimin just giggled. "I guess you should be more careful. Take care, honey." He winked before turning, dragging Taehyung with him as they walked up the stairs.

Taehyung couldn't help his laughter as they took a turn.
"what an unfortunate accident."

Jimin kept laughing as well, clutching his stomach and holding on to Taehyung for support. "Did you see her face? oh my god- her face."

And just like that, Jimin forgot about the stares the whole duration of the class.
It may slip his mind once and a while but being the bad bitch he was, just shook it off.

The class went by well for everyone even if Jimin's sneezes interrupted every once and a while.

When the bell rang, the teacher left the class immediately while the students were
still gathering their things.

They were just starting to stand up when someone stood at the open doorway, hands in his pockets, leaning against the doorway.

The room went silent, the person's mere presence greatly affecting and catching the attention of everyone.
All eyes went to the person, everyone's actions seemed to pause.

Jimin was stood beside Tae the whole time.

"His scent is so strong, i've never been this close to him." Taehyung whispered in Jimin's ear.

"Well i wouldn't know." Jimin sniffled. "Can't even smell myself."
The alpha at the door opened his mouth to speak. "Omega Park." The deep voice boomed through the room.

An omega girl by the name Park Minjeo stood, but as soon as the alpha at the door looked up, his eyes met Jimin's

A chill ran down Jimin's spine and he leaned on Taehyung
for support because he was pretty sure his legs would give in.

"Omega Park Jimin. You." He spoke again before facing back and waiting outside the room.

All eyes went to Jimin now and the whispers were back.
Jimin met Taehyung's eyes, not knowing what to say.

The taller omega just patted Jimin's shoulder. "Good luck being a bad bitch."

Jimin gulped, slowly turning on his heels, reluctantly walking to the door.

"i'm a bad bitch." He mumbled to himself before stepping out.
Of all the events of the day that Jimin thought would happen to him,

standing between a wall and the most popular alpha in school was not something he expected.

Alpha Min wasn't meeting his eyes but he was still looking at him.

"They weren't kidding," The alpha
finally spoke after a while of Jimin biting his own lip, not quite knowing what to do.

"You do reek."

Jimin's haw dropped, his hands going on his hips. "excuse me you li-"

The alpha chuckled, the chills were back on Jimin's spine. Fuck that's a pretty smile.
"i meant of me. you reek of me." He clarified, meeting Jimin's eyes now.

Jimin looked down, breaking the contact, until he felt his nose itch again, he fumbled in his pocket for a tissue and sneezed into it, making Yoongi lean back a little.

"Cute." The alpha said.
Seeing the tissue in his hand and hearing Jimin sniffling made Yoongi's eyes widen in realization.

"Oh. You're sick?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

"Can you smell anything?"

"I can't even breathe through my nose."

Jimin, after finding the proper amount of courage
finally looked back up to meet Yoongi's eyes. ( It would be weird if the alpha notices that he's been staring at his lips the whole time. )

Yoongi's hand went to his own nape.

Jimin didn't fail to notice the cute gesture.

"I hate to break it to you, darling." Yoongi started
"But there are things this-" Yoongi's index finger tapped on the tip of Jimin's nose "- this little fucker has been hiding from you."

Jimin just sniffled, brows furrowed in confusion.

"I'll be straight forward." The alpha announced. "You smell like me."
"what the fu-"

The alpha held his palm up and the omega cut himself off. "You smell so much like me as if I scented you."

Jimin cocked a brow.

"I don't know how or why you're going around with my scent but we both know it's not my doing."
Jimin put piece and piece together in his head. "is that why..."

"They've been gossiping about you, yeah."

Jimin tried inhaling deeply, but it just turned out as a sniffle again.

"And I believe this belongs to you, but i want you to burn it after you read it."
Yoongi reached into his pocket, taking out the crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, holding it out in the space in between them.

Jimin took the paper, electricity pumping through his veins as soon as their fingers touched lighly.

Yoongi almost cooed at how
delicate Jimin's hand was next to his.

The omega opened it, fully aware that Yoongi's eyes never left his form as he read everything.

Jimin looked up, fisting the paper in his hands. "What a bitch."

Yoongi's throaty laugh made it's way to Jimin's ears, making the omega smile
"You're feisty for your size."

Jimin made an offended face, even putting a hand in front of his chest for dramatic effect. "Are you calling me short?"

"tiny is a better word, i don't like exaggerating."

The omega had no idea how he was able to joke around
when such information was just presented to him, but they haven't quite settled in his mind.

"Anyways." Yoongi spoke after the laughter died down. "I have solution that would quench your bloodthrist for those 'bitches'"

"I love your choice of words." Jimin giggled.
"are you up for it?"

"i'm up for anything, as long as it leaves a scar somewhere on them."

"good, and while we're at it we can figure out why you ended up smelling like me."

Jimin was all ears, eager to know what the alpha had in mind.

"spend the day with me tomorrow."
"You thought nobody noticed, but i did." Jungkook said, nudging Namjoon's side.
Classes were over and the two were waiting by the school gates for Taehyung and Seokjin, who still haven't come out of the building.

Namjoon held on his pained side. "Why is everybody nudging me?"
Jungkook just laughed

"Also," Namjoon spoke "What are you talking about?"

"At the lunch table." Jungkook answered. "When you were teasing Alpha Min."

"Why do you still call him alpha Min? You know him well enough." Namjoon pointed out
"Stop changing the topic. and well, Yoongi just seems like the alpha of the alphas."

"What the heck are you on about?"

"His identity screams alpha." Jungkook explained further.

Namjoon, finally understanding, just nodded.

"You're avoiding my topic!" Jungkook complained.
The older alpha finally gave in. "Promise me you won't tell anyone especially Yoongi."

Jungkook's face lit up. "I literally have no other friends, who the heck would i tattle this to?"

"good point."

Jungkook nodded, urging Namjoon to continue.
"Contrary to the popular belief-" Namjoon started. "-that Alpha Min has never shown or even had interest in an omega, he has."

Jungkook jumped from where he was sat, at the revelation but the other alpha pulled him back down.

Jungkook hit his thigh with his palm before nodding. "Okay, okay, okay! I just got excited, go on."

Namjoon was already regretting telling him but the way the younger stared at him expectantly made him give in.

"He's liked them for a year now, maybe more."
"spare me the boring parts." Jungkook huffed. "I just want to know who it is!"

"Well i don't want to tell you, let's have some fun."

Jungkook sighed. "You're no fun."

"I'll give you a hint to who the omega is and i won't deny it if you guess right."
Jungkook brightened up again. "Okay, that doesn't seem too hard what's my hint though?"

"two words."

"go on.."

"Carrot head."

Jungkook laughed, harder than he had the whole time, clutching his stomach. "I was expecting a challenge, not a no-fun dead giveaway."
"No way-" Taehyung said for the seventh time.

"i'm not kidding!" Jimin defended.

"No way."

Jimin shut his locker, folding his arms in front of his chest. "Are you implying that i'm not that a bad enough bitch to achieve something like that?"
Taehyung grinned. "So you're considering it an achievement?"


"oh my god, you're turning red!" Taehyung teased, pointing at Jimin's face as he bounced on his feet, laughing.

"Shut uuuuup." Jimin pleaded, covering his hot cheeks with his hands.
"Did you feel it? The jitters, the chills? the magic in your veins?" Taehyung asked, making wild exaggerated gestures.

"Everything, Tae." Jimin sighed, his eyes fluttering shut as he relished the memory. "Everything omega elders ever said about meeting your perfect alpha."
When the orange haired omega opened his eyes again, he found Taehyung staring at him with a blank expression.

"If it was everything you've ever dreamed of, why'd you say no?"

The butterflies and the blood rush were gone.
All replaced by a menacing grin.

"Well, i told him i wanted to plot my revenge first because seeing the bitch fall down the stairs ain't enough." Jimin said, rubbing his palms together like evil villains would do in movies.

Taehyung didn't even laugh.
Jimin dropped the act, and just smiled sheepishly, opening his mouth to tell Tae what happened.


"So?" Yoongi said, biting his lip as he waited for a response from the omega.

Jimin was sure he was a dark shade of red up to his ears, he opened his mouth to speak
but he didn't know the proper words to say.

"I mean- it's okay if you don't want to." The alpha's shoulders lowered as he dropped his gaze with Jimin, his voice coming out a lot less powerful.

The omega internally panicked seeing Yoongi's reaction. "Well-"
He was cut off by another sneeze.

"Still the cutest sneeze i'll ever hear." The aloha whispered to the space in between them, just loud enough for Jimin to hear.

The alpha tilted his head as he looked at Jimin, his confidence coming back by the second.
"The weather is cold, you shouldn't wear such thin outfits, you're bound to get sick."

Jimin's legs felt like jelly again, protective and caring alpha behavior was a huge turn on for him.

"I'd offer you my hoodie but i left it in the locker rooms." Yoongi grinned.
Jimin hated himself. He hated himself for not bringing an umbrella, for letting himself get rained on.
He hated himself for depriving him a chance to smell Alpha Min Yoongi's scent when he's so so so close to him.

He hopes he smells as good as he makes Jimin feel.
"No need, i'll just keep it in mind to wear warm clothes tomorrow." Jimin ran a hand through his own hair.

Yoongi nodded, finally meeting Jimin's eyes. "Is that a yes to tomorrow?"

Jimin's expression went blank again. "....there's an alpha that i really like-"
Taehyung had his hands on his hips and a brow raised. "You really think you can fool me?"

"It's true." Jimin said in a serious tone, serious enough to make Taehyung a tiny bit convinced.

"I can't believe i'm friends with not just the baddest bitch in school,
but also the only omega who would turn down /the/ Alpha Min."

Jimin was about to smack Tae's arm until he realized something. "Are you saying that you wouldn't turn him down?" Jimin wiggled his brows.

Tae shrugged, "Well-"

Jimin started brisk walking away "i'm telling Kook!"
"You stupid idiot!" Jiyeon hissed, pulling open two locker doors at once and looking inside both before groaning and shutting them.

"i swear! i left it there!" Suyeon said, watching Jiyeon kick the locker door close.

The ruckus going on in the omega lockers fortunately
couldn't be hears anywhere else because of the soundproof walls.

It was a quarter after the final bell rang, and Jiyeon insisted that the clique accompany her on her 'treasure hunt'

Yujin, who was leaning against the lockers spoke up. "Tough shit, you know Suyeon sucks."
Jiyeon finally gave up after rummaging through all the lockers thrice, he sat down on the bench, pressing her fingers against her forehead.

"I fucking paid a fortune for that thing." She hissed at the two. "I knew it would come in handy someday."
She suddenly screamed, taking one of her heels and throwing it at the lockers. "FUCK YOU BOTH."

Jiyeon stood, gritting her teeth as she spoke. "I COULD HAVE BEEN THE QUEEN OF THIS SCHOOL." she took a deep breath, exhaling loudly through her nose.
"Imagine me, walking around reeking of Alpha Min Yoongi's scent." She daydreamed.

Yujin slapped her across the face to snap her out of the daydream. "You could be finding that thing instead of screaming at your faces."

Suyeon, who had been muttering apologies for the past
minute started babbling. "It's not my fault, it's not my fault, i left it there. only there-" She too, earned a slap from Yujin.

When Suyeon and Jiyeon calmed down, Yujin sighed.

"So what's the plan?"
As soon as Jimin walked through the door looking as sick as he was, his mother forced him to take a warm shower, and he did. He was thankful that he didn't have any homework tonight as he let himself enjoy the feeling of the hot water on his cold skin.
After two hours of being at home, Jimin was already feeling a million times better after being babied by his father, bringing him extra pillows, making sure the heater was on in his room, and even giving him the leeway of going to school or not tomorrow.
He had to tolerate the tons of 'i-told-you-so's from his mother as she gave him medicine and made him his favorite noodle soup.

when he woke up from his hour-long nap, the omega was partially able to breathe through his nose and he no longer had to sneeze every now and then.
A knock on his door made him prop himself up on his elbows. "Come in."

His mother pushed through the door, holding a mug of what looked like hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

"hi." She said as she shut the door, she walked over to place the mug on Jimin's bedside table.
"are you feeling better?" she asked, sitting at the foot of his bed.

"i am, actually. i'm glad i can breathe normally again." He laughed softly.

"You should get well soon, the forecast says it's going to snow in two days. Your dad wouldn't let you go out if you're still sick."
She informed with a smile.

Jimin nodded. "i'm sure i'll be well by then." Jimin sat against the headboard, taking the warm mug in his hand, he held it close, inhaling deeply the smell of rich chocolate. As he took a sip, realizing his sense of smell was back,
he put the mug back down, his eyes roaming his bed.

"I was waiting for you to look for it." His mother said with a laugh, walking to Jimin's wardrobe. She took a paper bag out of it, then walking back to give it to Jimin. "You left it on your bed. I knew if i
didn't keep it, your whole room would smell of it."

Jimin looked at the bag, opening at and taking the contents out. It was exactly what he was looking for.

As soon as he held it, it's scent wafted through the air. Chills went down Jimin's spine, he didn't know
how much he missed the scent until now.

It was while he was nuzzling into the hoodie that his mother stood up.

"i'll come back with your medicine in two hours. rest well, darling." And she left.

Jimin perked up at the nickname. Darling. Yoongi had called him that.
If his heart aching for an alpha he rejected was illegal, then Jimin would be willing to have the title of a criminal.

He though of Yoongi while he put the black hoodie on, letting himself fantasize this scent on the alpha.

could the alpha of alphas smell this euphoric?
Jimin woke up the next day to his alarm, unlike yesterday.

He groaned but sat up and turned off his alarm anyways.

He stood up, stretched then took a deep breath, realizing his nostrils were clear and his flu was gone, he ran to the door, silently thanking his immune system
for not being a weak-ass bitch.

Opening the door, he yelled through the house. "MAMAAAA, IM ALL WELL NOW."

He bounced on his feet, going to his wardrobe to get one of the tightest black pants he had and a long sleeved white button up, he put the clothes on his bed
and grabbed his towel and went into the bath to shower.

The omega made sure the water was warm before hopping in to bathe.

As soon as he was dressed, Jimin ran downstairs to grab breakfast, his parents were already sat on the table.
"You seem awfully jumpy today." Alpha Park remarked as Jimin downed his plate.

"i'm glad i can breathe and smell through my nose again" He said.

His father laughed, "You know, i can smell too."

Jimin started eating twice as fast.
"And recently i've been smelling something odd, i think my nose might be broken, huh?"

Jimin jumped back to his feet after swallowing the last bite. "The meal was great, thank you." he said, running up the stairs as fast as he could.
When he got to his room, he leaned against his door to catch his breath. He surely dodged a bullet.

After brushing his teeth, he was stood in the middle of his room ready to go until he saw it on his bed at the corner of his eye.

He did promise to wear warm clothes anyway.
"BYE MAMA, BYE DAD." Jimin said before speeding out of the front door.


"HAVE A NICE DAY." Alpha Park called out before chuckling and taking a sip from his coffee. "I don't think my nose is broken after all."
The butterflies in Jimin's tummy got wilder and wilder the closer he got to school. The hoodie he had on greatly contributing to that.

All he could imagine was meeting the alpha the hoodie belonged to.

The omega had his anxieties, from worrying that the alpha was an asshole
to worrying that it might actually belong to that 45 year old crusty janitor.

it was a risk, but the hoodie made him feel euphoric and it was a risk Jimin was willing to take.
Weirdly, Jimin didn't see Taehyung all morning as he waited by the lockers where they usually met up.

Five minutes before the bell rang, Jimin took out his phone, calling the other omega.

"Where the fuck you at, bitch?" Jimin said as soon as Taehyung answered.
"I fucking hate you." The boy as the other line coughed before he sniffled. "I have a cold thanks to you, parents didn't let me go."

"SO I'M LEFT HERE ALONE?" The orange haired omega screamed into the phone, at a volume so loud that would make people turn their heads
if they weren't already looking and taking about him.

"you drama queen. you can handle yourself." Taehyung laughed through the line. "anyway this is your fault."

Jimin was about to argue until the bell rang, and people started moving to get to class.
"i'm so gonna kill you when i see you tomorrow." He hung up and rushed to his first class.

it's scent was slowly fading.

That's what Jimin noticed in the middle of the lesson as he fumbled with the sleeves that easily covered his hands because of the hoodie's size.
Nobody approached him yet, no alpha claiming to be the owner of the hoodie that could swoop him off his feet.

The scent was slowly being engulfed in Jimin's own scent, he even pondered on wearing it less just so it wouldn't end up completely smelling like him.
"Omega Park Jimin!" The teacher yelled, snapping Jimin out of his daydream

The omega almost fell out of his chair, standing up. "Yes- no, i mean-"

"Just because you have the highest grades doesn't mean you have the choice not to listen. Now please read question one."
Namjoon was late for the first period, a whole 30 minutes had gone past before the alpha showed up, all sweaty and his chest heaving.

Yoongi looked up when he saw Namjoon, the alpha had never come this late before, making Yoongi think he wasn't coming at all.
Afrer a scolding from the teacher, Namjoon was sent to his seat, the one next to Yoongi at the very back row.

"What happened?" Yoongi whispered as the other sat down.

"I had to take Jungkook to his omega's house then my car ran out of gas but-"
"but?" The older asked.

There was a smirk spreading on Namjoon's face. "while you were busy being a heartbroken dickhead, news is spreading."

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

"remember the hoodie you lost a fee days ago?"

that caught the older's attention again. "yea?"
Namjoon clapped a hand on Yoongims shoulder. "I think i've just found it."

The bell rang and Jimin huffed, following the flock of students as they shoved themselves out the door.

But something caught the omega's attention, the closer he got to the door,
the stronger it got. Jimin's eyes went wide and his heart started pounding.

There was no way he could be mistaken.

"CAN'T YALL HURRY UP?" he complained.

once outside, his eyes wandered wildly.

but before he could find them, a hand on his arm pulled him aside.
Of all the events that could occur in his life twice, being sandwiched between Alpha Min Yoongi and a wall was not one he expected.

The omega stood there.

He just stood their with his eyes wide his mouth agape and the butterflies in his stomach turning into eagles.
It was everywhere, he could smell it everywhere, it hugged him and caressed him like a long lost treasure.

"Hey-" The alpha started. He tried speaking through his smile. His hand went back to his neck, a habit he did when he felt nervous or shy.
"i'd ask for my hoodie back since missed wearing it, but i wouldn't want you to be cold."

Jimin didn't know what to say. The scent was intoxicating.

"well i-"

The omega couldn't help himself, reaching out and fisting the material of the alpha's shirt,
nuzzling himself into his neck, trying to get as much of the scent as he could as he kept breathing in.

Yoongi was bright red when he chuckled and let himself wrap his arms around the omega's waist.

Jimin reluctantly pulled back after a few seconds.
"why didn't you tell me that it's you?" Jimin finally spoke, not letting go of Yoongi's shirt in his hands.

"i've been trying tell you yesterday but you wouldn't listen." Yoongi's hands remained on Jimin's waist.
Jimin bit his lips to hold back the smile that couldn't help growing on his face. "yoongi.."
Jimin still didn't know how to say it.

But Yoongi could read his mind. "do you want me to ask you out again?"

The omega lit up. "You don't even have to ask, it's already a yes."
So they spent the day together.

Well, not that much of the day since they had no classes together since Yoongi was a whole year above Jimin.

But after every class, Jimin would be surprised to see none other than Alpha Min, leaning against a wall beaming at him.
"don't you have other friends?" Jimin wasn't complaining as his pinky finger was wrapped around yoongi's as they walked. ( jimin claimed that hand holding can come another day )

"my friends have omegas they have to take care of." Yoongi chuckled and swung their hands lightly.
"and now i have my own too." Yoongi turned to see Jimin coughing. "are you alright?" he asked, voice laced with concern.

"don't you go around saying shit like that if you don't want my bitchass to fall in love."
"how the heck did you even know my schedule?" Jimin asked after the fourth time he found Yoongi outside the classroom he was in.

Yoongi just laughed, holding out his pinky, he tapped on Jimin's nose again when the omega took it. "I bring you to your room, dumbo."
Lunch was a whole fiasco.

At first Jimin didn't even agree to sitting with the alpha clique.

"no i mean-"

"seokjin will be there, you guys were close right?"

Jimin shook his head "Still i- wait, how do you know that?" he cocked a brow.
The alpha just laughed sheepishly, his hand going on his nape again. "i've liked you long enough."

Jimin looked down at his toes, not saying anything for a moment, face burning red.


"okay fine. i'm sitting on that damn table with your freaky friends."
"Stop staring at him, you're making him feel weird." Yoongi scolded his friends after a whole minute of all the alphas just staring at Jimin.

Hoseok spoke. "He's a lot prettier up close."

Yoongi glared. "That's my line." An arm went around Jimin's waist pulling him
closer til he was flush against Yoongi's side. He took the chance to inhale deeply, relishing the scent he was surrounded with.

Seokjin spoke to chance the topic, a bit pissed that Namjoon, too had been staring at Jimin.

"So i assume Taehyung is also gonna sit here?"
Jungkook slammed his waterbottle on the table. "So what, you all can bring your omegas over and i can't?"

"shut up over dramatic baby." Namjoon said, shutting Kook up.

"i'm just relieved that i'm not the only omega on the 'supreme alpha' table anymore."
Just like that, the table was lost in conversation, everyone except Jimin who was just currently enjoying the feeling of being held close and Yoongi enjoying the close proximity since he can smell ( the smallest whiff ) of Jimin's own scent.
"they're talking about me, aren't they?" jimin said in the smallest whisper.

"let them. they're just jealous that they can't be in your place."

If Jimin had a dollar for everytime the alpha made him flush red,

he'd have one dollar because the blush never left his face.
The only person who didn't recieve the memo that Alpha Min and Omega Park were now an impenetrable t h i n g was Kim Jiyeon.

It was the sixth period, two periods after lunch when she happened to be walking on the same hallway as Jimin himself.
The moment she saw the omega from afar, walking towards the opposite direction as her, her eyes flared.

The hoodie she spent an hour looking for in the locker room was worn by none other than Park Jimin.

She sped up her pace, her chin in the air, bitch mode : on.
Jimin knew he shouldn't be that upset about it, but he was.

Yoongi wasn't in front of the classroom when the bell rang, leaving him to walk by himself to his next class, he had his notebooks and books in his arms that he hugged to his chest as he walked.
As he walked, someone caught his eye, none other than Kim Jiyeon strutting down the hallway, staring right at him.

They collided right smack in the middle of the hallway, Jiyeon 'accidentally' bumping into him, making both their books scatter on the floor.
Jiyeon had her mouth wide open and a hand on her chest. "excuse me?! can you please look where you're going you theif?!"

Jimin was about to just walk away and let her be until he heard it. "What did you call me?" He hissed.
"Thief." She said, with mo hesitation. "That jacket isn't even yours, you wore it because you're a thirsty bitch."

The whispers of the students watching the scene died down and all their heads snapped to someone at the back of the crowd.
Subconsciously, they made an aisle for the person to go through, and he did, not saying a word.

In a second, Jimin found none other than Yoongi, beside him not saying a thing.

Jiyeon was beaming, feeling as if she finally had Yoongi's attention.
People held their breaths as they watched the scene, waiting for someone to speak.

Without a single word, Yoongi leaned down, grabbing each and every one of Jimin's notebooks and books avoiding the ones that we're Jiyeon's

He collected them into a pile,
not even bothering to give it back to the omega and held it against his side.

"First of all, he's my omega. What's mine is his." The alpha growled.

Jimin just watched Yoongi speak in awe, a bit mesmerized til he felt something touching his hand and saw that it
was Yoongi's pinky that then wrapped around his own.

"You have to fucking know that no one can call him a bitch except for himself." With one last glare, Yoongi dragged Jimin out of the scene and to his next class.
Leaving an overly embarrassed Jiyeon with her books scattered all over the floor.

Jimin relished his victory over that bitch by looking back and sending her a wink before turning to the next hall with Yoongi.
After the next period was over, Jiyeon went to her locker only to find a piece of paper inside.

'Alpha Min is mine. You should be more careful, bitch.

xoxo, baddest bitch'
Of course Yoongi was outside the classroom after the final period, leading them both to sit on one of the benches outside school as he waited for the others.

Jimin, as usual, had a rosy tint in his cheeks. "a year and you never told me?"
Yoongi's hand went to his nape as always when he turned shy. "I didn't know how, but that doesn't mean that i didn't adore you even back then."

Jimin bit his lip to keep his giggle back. "even if i'm a bitch?"

"you know that i wouldn't like just any bitch." Yoongi chuckled
Jimin tilted head curiously.

"So i chose to fall for the baddest bitch of all."

Before Jimin could react, his phone rang with a call from Taehyung and he answered it.

"Hey bad bitch, i'm going to school tomorrow. What did i miss?"
[ E N D ]

Thank you for all the love throughout the making of this au. <3

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