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[ yoonmin au ]

School’s hard. Paying the bills is harder. Which is why Yoongi joins Jin’s Angels, a pay per minute sex hotline. One day he gets a call from campus angel Park Jimin, with his giggly voice and the sweetest moans Yoongi finds himself wanting more.
Should I write this?
“Yes, right there. You’re doing so well, hyung. Faster, yes yes yes.” Yoongi turned the page in his magazine, eyes glossing over the pictures. The model was cute but the leather jacket he wore was cuter. “Know just how to take care of your dongsasng.”
Yoongi listened to the panting on the other end of the phone as it fell into a drawn out moan. He waited a beat before, “thanks for calling Jin’s Angels. Please keep us in mind when you next need some assistance.”
Once he was sure his phone was off, he leaned back and groaned, tossing his magazine to the side. He needed to finish his essay but his regulars kept phoning. Thursday nights were lonely nights, it seemed.
He dropped his work phone next to his laptop, next to his personal one, and shook his mouse to wake the screen up. "Come on, Yoongi," he mumbled. "Just write something and you can..." he trailed off, not sure what to reward himself with.
With a groan, he stumbled into the kitchen and flicked the switch on his coffee machine. If he had to stay up all night, he was going to need a lot more caffeine in his system.

"Shit," he mumbled, staring at his empty cup then the door to his room, where his phone was ringing.
He jogged back to his room and dived for his phone before it went off. "Hello?" he answered, puffing out his cheeks when the line didn't disconnect.

"Oh! Um. Hello," a soft voice responded. "This is a little... strange but I got your number from Jin-hyung."
Yoongi rolled his eyes but felt his lips twitching. "Of course you did," he muttered, hoping the other person hadn't heard. "What can I help you with, sweetheart?"

"Um, I haven't..." he trailed off, sounding unsure.

"First time?" Yoongi asked, sliding back into his seat.
A soft giggle. Yoongi felt his heart stutter at the sound. “How can you tell?” the boy asked.

“You can just tell,” Yoongi said, looking down at his keyboard, eyes unseeing. His lips twitched. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”
“Oh well, I’m Jimin,” he began slowly. His soft voice was different from the usual gruff ones.

“And what are you interested in, Jimin?”

“Dance?” He hummed, sounding nervous and Yoongi couldn’t stop his smile that time.

“Dance, that’s new. How about we imagine a dance studio?”
"Dance studio," Jimin echoed.

"Mhm." Yoongi leant back in his chair. "You must get really tired after dancing."

There was a slight pause. "Well, yeah. I normally dance for a few hours before taking a break?"

"You must be really sore after."
There was a noise on the other end of the phone, making Yoongi's eyebrows furrow. Was Jimin /stuttering/? "A massage would help with the soreness," he continued, running his fingers through his hair. "Help loosen all those tight muscles..."
"A massage?" Jimin squeaked.

Yoongi grinned. It was cute, how innocent he sounded. "Yeah. Start from your ankles and work up your calves, making sure everything is nice and loose before moving onto your thighs."

A soft breath. "Oh."
Yoongi dropped his head back, wondering whether he would have to push slightly for Jimin to get into it. "Once your legs are thoroughly relaxed, we can move onto your back."


Yoongi hummed. "Not to boast but I do know a few tricks to make someone feel very relaxed."
"You do?"

"Mhm." Yoongi spun in his chair, wondering whether Jimin was too shy for this. "Is the studio big?" Jimin echoed the word, making Yoongi want to groan but also laugh with how cute it was. "Is there enough space for you to lay down?"

"It's... big," Jimin whispered.
Yoongi bit his lip. "How big?" he asked, trying to stop his laugh when Jimin stuttered again. "There's probably plenty of space for you to lay down, to relax completely while I work on your back."

"That sounds..." Jimin trailed off, making Yoongi purse his lips, waiting.

“Nice,” Yoongi echoed.

“Nice,” Jimin repeated and Yoongi wondered if he was nodding. “I... I could always do with the help relaxing.”

Yoongi grinned, satisfied Jimin was now playing along. “Oh, I can definitely help you relax.”
There was a sharp breath on the other end of the line. “What-“ Jimin cut himself off but Yoongi waited. Curious. “What would you do?”

“That would depend,” Yoongi said, glancing at his blank laptop screen. “How tired you are after practice.”
“I- I run on adrenaline for a while after dancing,” Jimin whispered.

“Hmm. Well I would be focusing on making sure you feel good,” Yoongi said, using his foot to slowly spin his chair. “My mouth, like my fingers, work wonders.”
There was a soft noise that Yoongi realised was a sigh - or was it a groan?

“Where would your mouth work wonders?” Jimin asked quietly.

Yoongi felt the smirk spreading across his lips. “Slowly kissing across your neck and marking your skin sounds like a good place to start.”

“Would you like that, Jiminie? For your skin to be marked up? Covered in love bites and bruises?”

Another soft sound - definitely a breathy moan, Yoongi thought in satisfaction. “I’d like that...”
• I’ll continue this tomorrow night, around the same time. Goodnight lovelies •
“What else would you like, Jiminie?” he asked, the nickname rolling off his tongue with ease. “What else would you like hyung to do?” he ventured, hoping the boy was younger like he thought.
“I’d want hyung to mark my neck,” he whispered. “My chest. My... thighs.”

Yoongi felt his eyebrow raised. “Does someone like their thighs touched? Made pretty with bruises?”

Jimin groaned lowly, sending a spark of /something/ through Yoongi.
“Yes,” Jimin said after a moment. “Pretty with bruises,” he breathed.

Yoongi almost groaned. He shot up in his seat, feeling like his sweatpants were too tight. “Hyung can make you feel pretty,” he managed to get out.
“Oh.” Jimin sighed and Yoongi swore it was the best sound he had ever heard. “I bet hyung would make me feel so pretty. Jinnie told me about you,” he added.

“He did?” Yoongi asked in surprise. Jin didn’t normally tell anyone about him..
“Mhm. Said how sweet you are.” Jimin sighed again, distracting Yoongi. “Would you kiss me, hyung?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi said, wanting to hear Jimin again. “Does Jiminie like being kissed?”

“If they know what they’re doing,” he murmured, a breathy laugh following after.
Yoongi shook his head, lips stretching into a grin. This was dangerous. “I know how to use my mouth, don’t worry, baby.”

There was a noticeable pause, making Yoongi wonder whether Jimin was affected. “We need to put your mouth to the test, hyung.”
Yoongi shifted in his seat. It happened sometimes, they would mention real life but Yoongi didn’t mind. He played along. And he really didn’t mind playing along with Jimin, if he got to hear more of his sighs and moans.

“Yeah? Reckon you could handle it, baby?”
“Yeah, I think I could,” Jimin said, rustling following his words. “I think I could take anything, hyung.”

Yoongi smirked. “Is that so,” he murmured. “How about when I move you onto your knees and you have to take care of hyung?”
When there was no response, he continued. “We can see whether your pretty mouth knows how to make hyung feel good.”

“I can,” Jimin whispered. “I can make hyung feel good.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure. What would you do, baby?”
“I know a few tricks to make sure hyung feels good,” he said. “Ways to make sure I swallow your whole length.”

Yoongi was simple man. So was his dick. Hearing Jimin’s soft voice murmur about swallowing his length made his dick twitch in interest. “Y-Yeah?”
Shifting in his chair again, he glanced down at his sweatpants. That had never happened before. "Bet you'd take care of your hyung like a good boy," he said, hesitating slightly but the answering moan made him thump his head back.
Not once had he taken a call and had his dick react. He had witnessed a range of kinks and went along with all of them to get paid but hearing Jimin respond to his words... "Look so pretty on your knees, my cock in your mouth," Yoongi murmured, squeezing his eyes shut.
Another answering moan. "Hyung," Jimin whined.

"Put your fingers in your mouth for me, baby. Imagine it's hyung's cock," Yoongi ordered, resting his hand on his thigh and wondering whether he would be a shitty person for jerking off.
There was a groan but it sounded muffled. "Suck," Yoongi said, wanting to hear the noises Jimin would make. It didn't matter that he couldn't even imagine what the boy looked like, his voice alone was enough to get him hard.
Jimin did as he was told, the sounds of him slowly sucking on his fingers making Yoongi's dick twitch again. He rubbed his hand across his crotch, brushing against the bulge in the material. "Are you imagining hyung's cock, Jiminie? Imagining what it would be like to suck?"
There was a muffled "Mhm" before a small pop. "Am I allowed to touch myself, hyung?" he whispered.

Yoongi's dick definitely needed attention after that. "Yes, Jiminie, you can touch yourself."
The rustling sound masked Yoongi's chair squeaking as he tugged on his sweatpants, unable to stop himself. He didn't want to think about how this was the first time someone had made him touch himself during a call but no one would blame him if they heard Jimin's voice.
Slipping his phone between his ear and his shoulder, he quickly leaned forward and found the bottle of lube he kept in his desk draw. He gently squeezed some out onto his hand. "Are you touching yourself, baby? Did imagining yourself on your knees for hyung turn you on?"
"Yes," Jimin breathed. "Wish it was hyung, wish I got to feel hyung's mouth around me. Marking my skin and showing everyone what a good boy I was."

Yoongi felt his mouth open then shut, completely dry. "I want you to stroke yourself, baby. Hyung wants to hear you come."
Jimin whined quietly then Yoongi could hear it, the soft sound of Jimin doing as he was told. Yoongi shut his eyes, stroking along his dick in time with Jimin. “Doing so well, baby,” he murmured. “Being such a good boy for hyung.”
Every so often Jimin whined but was mostly reduced to breathless moans, making Yoongi’s hand speed up. He was becoming desperate. “Come on, Jiminie,” he murmured, “Come for hyung.”

A brief pause before a drawn out moan had Yoongi biting his lip to stop his own from slipping out.
As Jimin panted, Yoongi felt his own release painting his stomach. He tried to even his breathing out, not wanting to give away what he had just done. “Baby did so well for hyung,” he said, listening to the soft laugh on the other end of the phone.
“When Jinnie-hyung gave me your number I wasn’t expecting that,” Jimin said after a stretch of silence. “Oh, there’s someone at the door. I’ll phone you back in a sec, Yoongi-hyung.”

“Yoongi-hyung,” he repeated then turned, eyes latching onto his work phone sitting on his desk.
• oops time to pause. Let me know what you think so far! I’ll continue tomorrow night, same time •
Yoongi felt like he was going to be sick. His hyung had given someone his number and he had turned their conversation into /phone sex/. "Jin's going to kill me," he murmured, leaning down to pick up his dropped phone.
He wiped his hands on his sweatpants, nose wrinkling when he felt the dampness of his sweat and come sticking to him. The clock flashed eleven, meaning he had plenty of time to shower and fit in some work before he attempted sleep - he would need it to face Jin tomorrow.
After a quick shower and his first cup of coffee since, what he was now dubbing, the incident, he settled back into his chair but felt every muscle in his body freeze when a knock echoed around his apartment. "Oh god," he mumbled, staring at the black door in horror.
Slowly, he opened the door and stared at the tall man stood on the other side. "I didn't know who he was!" he blurted out, making Jin look at him in confusion. "He just said he got my number from you!"

Jin's eyebrows furrowed as he looked over his shoulder then back at Yoongi.
"What?" he finally asked, pushing Yoongi over so he could walk inside. He slipped his shoes off and headed into the living area. "Who are you talking about?"

Yoongi pressed his lips together, not sure whether he should mention it now. Was Jimin a friend of Jin's?
Jin stretched his legs out so he could pull out a envelope from his pocket. "This is the extra I promised you, I forgot to give it to you earlier. What's wrong? You look like you're going to pass out."

Yoongi couldn't even focus on the extra money. "I, uh, spoke to Jimin."
“Oh!” Jin grinned widely. “My little Jimmie. Well? What did you say?”

“To what?” Yoongi asked, momentarily distracted.

“He was phoning to ask you out. Why, what did he say instead?”

“I might have... accidentally... jerked off with him instead?”
Jin stared. And stared. And stared before he shot up. “You /what/?”

“I didn’t realise he was phoning on my personal phone!”

“Jimmie is the sweetest boy ever and you /jerked off to him/.”

“He was into it as well,” Yoongi mumbled.
“He was into it as well,” Jin repeated, shaking his head. “Jimmie is the sweetest, most innocent boy I know.”

“Why did you give him my number anyway?” Yoongi asked, deciding to let the comment about Jimin’s innocence slip by.
Jin let out a frustrated sigh. "He asked for your number, I gave it to him. Apparently he thought you were cute when he saw you last week."

"You make it sound like you don't think I'm cute," Yoongi said, lips dropping into a pout. He almost grinned at Jin's flustered expression
"I'll give you an eight out of ten," he mumbled before snapping his fingers. "Don't distract me. I can't believe you jerked off to Jimmie! Do you normally do that on your calls? Is that why everyone requests you?"

Yoongi narrowed his eyes. "What? No way."
"Don't look at me like that. I don't know what you do to get all these people requesting you, the man with the raspy voice." Jin frowned and sat back down. "Jimmie went along with it?" Yoongi nodded. "So innocent," he mumbled then sighed - he sighed a lot more than Yoongi did.
"Where did he see me?" Yoongi asked once he sat down. He could see Jin eyeing his desk chair, nose wrinkling. "Hyung, I haven't jerked off on the sofa, stop looking around like that."

"He saw you with Joon," he said finally. "Outside the music building. He's a dancer."
“Yeah, I know he’s a dancer.” Yoongi leaned back and groaned. “He said he’d phone me back.”

Jin glanced over, eyebrows raising. “You didn’t scare him away?”

“Apparently not.” Yoongi rubbed his hand across his jaw to hide his smile.
It took Yoongi a moment to realise but, after quick look at the clock, he realised how late it was and Jin was in his flat. "What are you doing here, hyung?"

Jin avoided his eye as he sighed. "Joon brought someone back to the flat."

Yoongi's eyebrows almost touched his hair.
"Really?" Jin nodded. "Well, you can sleep on the sofa if you want. I'm not sharing the bed with you again."

"I told you it wouldn't happen again," the older boy grumbled as Yoongi found his spare blankets. "I was dreaming of Joonie."

"With your dick against my backside."
• sorry guys, I'm not sure what happened with the thread. I'm going to tweet everything again so the thread isn't ruined. I hope, if you liked it, you will again •
Jin pouted but it didn't last long as he leant over to Yoongi's bed and stole a pillow. "You better phone Jimmie back tomorrow."

"I told him he was a good boy," Yoongi grumbled, "I don't think I can ever speak to him again."
"He went along with it, it's meant to be," Jin said, shrugging. "Now, turn off your phone and go to sleep. I don't to wake up to you telling someone to get on their knees."

"I help you pay your rent, shut up."
He was settled back against his pillows but decided to do as Jin said, just in case someone decided to phone in the middle of the night - it happened often and he wasn't in the mood now, not after Jimin. "Night, hyung," Yoongi mumbled, turning off his lamp.
"Night, Yoongi," came a muffled response.

Yoongi sighed, staring up at his ceiling, wondering whether he would give in and phone Jimin - or have Jin nagging him until he did.
Jimin /had/ gone along with him, someone wouldn't do that unless they liked it... He'd also seen what Yoongi looked like.

"Oh my god," Yoongi muttered, sitting up in bed and groaning. "He knows what I look like! He could easily picture me while I was saying all of that stuff!"
"Yes, he saw you. Yes, he must have liked what he saw if he stayed on the phone while you jerked off. Can you complain about this in the morning?"

"It is morning." Yoongi covered his face. "I can never go back to uni again."
Jin groaned loudly and sat up as well. "Yes you can. Jimmie is a sweetheart, he wanted to meet you. He wanted to go on a date with you. You just... jumped a few steps. Ask him out for dinner and try to keep your dick in your pants when you talk over milkshakes."
If he didn't want to keep his pillows so much, he would have whipped it at Jin. "I'll ask him on a date the same time you ask Joon out," he said, grinning smugly when he was met with silence.

"I hate you," Jin finally mumbled.
They both laid back down, Yoongi's lips twitching until he remembered why he had been freaking out. He groaned lowly and covered his face, hoping to fall asleep before he located his phone and dialled Jimin's number, wanting to hear the boy's soft voice again.
"I am so screwed," he whispered, turning over and burying his face in his pillows, the sound of Jimin's breathy moans echoing around his mind until he fell asleep.

The one good thing about Jin staying over was the breakfast. Somehow Yoongi’s normally empty fridge supplied enough ingredients for pancakes and a range of extra sides.

“Smells good,” Yoongi mumbled, edging around Jin to get to his coffee machine.
“What are your plans for today?” Jin asked, almost inhaling a whole pancake as he looked at Yoongi.

“Essay,” Yoongi grunted, resting his elbow on the table as he turned his phone on. It vibrated a few times before he glanced at it, realising someone was ringing him.
“Who is it?” Jin asked when Yoongi stared. He leaned over the table and frowned. “That looks familiar...”

“Jimin,” he murmured, wide eyes lifting to meet Jin’s. “Why’s he phoning me?!”

“Normal people answer the phone to find that out.”
If he wasn’t so nervous, he would’ve thumped Jin. He lifted his phone to his ear and breathed out slowly. “Hello?”

“Hyung! Sorry, I fell asleep last night after I ate. I was super tired after well...” Jimin cleared his throat. “I did have a reason for calling you though.”
Yoongi could just about concentrate on Jimin’s words with Jin’s wide as fuck eyes staring at him. “Oh, yeah, it wasn’t to have phone sex with me?” he mumbled then regretted it instantly when Jin choked on his own breath.
The silence that stretched on made Yoongi pull his phone away to check the call was still connected. “I shouldn’t have-“

“I wasn’t expecting it but I didn’t hate it,” Jimin said quickly. “I was phoning to... to ask you to go on a date. With me. Uh, if that wasn’t clear.”
• sorry it’s short but it’s almost one am and I need sleep. I’ll continue as usual tomorrow evening. Let me know what you think so far! •
“You still want to go on a date with me?” Yoongi asked, making Jin’s eyebrows raise.


“Don’t ask questions, say yes,” Jin hissed, hitting Yoongi’s arm.

“Uh, Jin told me about you. Just a little late, I guess. But sure, we can go on a date.”
“But sure, we can go on a date,” Jin mimicked, avoiding the pancake Yoongi threw at him.

Jimin giggled. “Well, how about this weekend? There’s a little sushi place I know that’s got really good... sushi.” Yoongi smiled, unable to help himself. “Text me times you’re free. Bye!”
Yoongi stared at the empty plate in front of him before blinking and looking up at Jin. “He wants to go on a date with me.”

“He must be weirder than I thought,” Jin said then grinned. “You’ll like him. He heard your stuff and wanted to dance to it.”
As they cleaned up, Jin only told him bits and pieces about Jimin because he didn’t want to ‘spoil the surprise’. Yoongi rolled his eyes but didn’t bother pressing.

“Wait,” he grumbled before Jin could leave. “You just got out of asking Joon on a date.”

Jin grinned. “Bye!”
Huffing, Yoongi walked back into the living room and flopped down on his bed. It wasn’t long before his phone was ringing, a familiar number lighting up the screen. He stared for a moment before sighing. “Hyung, have you been a good boy today?”

“Did you hear Yoongi’s got a date with our little Jimmie?”

Yoongi glanced over at Joon as he spoke to Jungkook, both of them leaning on their books and ignoring the essays that needed to be done. “Why have I never met him before?”

“You scare people away, hyung.”
A part of him wanted to disagree but since half of his friendship group was currently sitting with him... “Shut up, brat. What’s he like anyway? Hyung wouldn’t tell me anything about him.”

“He’s a dancer.”

Yoongi wanted to scream. “I know,” he grumbled, ignoring their smirks.
Of course the first thing Jin had done was tell the others what had happened with him and Jimin. He would be embarrassed if being a sex line worker wasn’t his career. “It’s easy to get them confused, okay?” he said when they both exchanged a look. “I was tired and needed coffee.”
He forced himself to stop pouting and looked at the two boys opposite him. “I’m changing the number of your booty calls and I’m stealing your plushies,” he threatened, pointing between them.

“Bold of you to assume I save their numbers,” Jungkook said, leaning back in his chair.
Joon rolled his eyes before pointing at Yoongi, smacking his hand away. “Don’t touch my plushies.”

“If anyone touches his plushies he’s going to send Jin after them,” Jungkook said, wiggling his eyebrows. “Anyway,” he continued before Joon could say anything. “Jimin.”
“You’ve really never seen him around?”

“I don’t know what he looks like,” Yoongi pointed out, dragging his eyes back to his notepad. A few lines for almost two hours in the library with two idiots. “Hyung wouldn’t show me a photo.”
“I have a photo,” Jungkook offered happily. Joon glanced over as Yoongi eyed him. The youngest pulled his phone out and scrolled before grinning widely. “Ready?”

A slow nod. Yoongi felt his eyes widen as he looked at Jimin - well, Jimin’s abs. “You aren’t showing me his face?”
“I never said it was a full photo.” Jungkook’s grin was pissing him off but he didn’t comment.

“Why do you have that anyway?” Joon asked, leaning to the side to see the screen.

“From his showcase a few months back. Some girl sent it to me.”
“Jimin has fans,” Joon said when he spotted Yoongi’s face. “A lot of fans.”

The eldest hummed and tapped his pen. “With abs like that I’m not surprised.”

“His face is better,” Jungkook said, eyebrows on the move again. “Hobi! Over here!”
The red head slipped into the seat next to Yoongi and grinned widely before his eyes landed on Yoongi. "So, you took Jimin's phone sex virginity."

The sigh came from deep in his chest, loud enough a girl looked over at him in annoyance. "Why does Jin have such a big mouth?"
"Jin didn't tell me," he said, leaning over to steal a sweet from Joon's pile. He ignored his cry of /that's my reward!/ and popped it in his mouth. "Jimin told me this morning. Once he stopped blushing and started dancing."

"Wait, you're in the same dance team?"
Hobi nodded and rested his head on his hand. "Why have you been keeping him away from me if everyone thinks we're a match?"

They looked at each other, eyebrows furrowing. "There wasn't a reason. It just never happened. You rarely leave the house, he rarely leaves the studio."
"Jin mentioned you to Jimin a few times I think," Jungkook added, shrugging.

Yoongi sighed and looked around the library, wondering whether his date was going to be successful. It was a lot of pressure now, knowing they were all going to be waiting expectantly after.
He stared towards the door, watching people roam in and out. A small boy caught his eye as he walked in, fluffy pink hair making him stand out. Yoongi felt like he recognised him but the boy smiled widely at the librarian before disappearing between the stacks.
None of them said anything and Yoongi didn't try to ease the tension, instead he focused on looking around again. Hoping he would spot the pink haired boy with the soft cheeks and wide smile.
• time to hit pause. I hope you enjoyed! See you all tomorrow •
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